When you think of Jin , what adjectives do you think of? A few years ago, people said she was a low pressure "star second-generation", "Strawberry Clan", only because she suffered from depression. Now she, not only out of the melancholy, but also by running to regain the new life, she is Jin, a runner, love to run marathons, but also their lives marathon run wonderful. (Extended reading: for oneself wonderful Wang Liya: Give up not in my option, life this road I only run down )

Landing outside the rain, I watched the " Travel run Japan " book Sealed with eyes glowing Jin, quietly waiting for the protagonist to appear. I have a lot of imagination about Jin, in Taiwan Society, she is so dramatic, can always stir up the sensitive nerves of public opinion, I see in Jin is countless volume label, these labels in her growth process was a post, paste her breathless, but these years, she was running and marathon to shake off a mess, Regain their right to define.

For Jin, I always feel that she encourages people to do something, is very convincing, because once really fell to the bottom of life, she has no slogan of the false yell, only the honest, "even I can run, you must also be able to!" "She always did it herself before inviting everyone to do it," she said. Jin laughs that he is a person who is less able to tutor others, when someone encounters difficulties, to her help, she can not speak too much words. (Recommended reading:6 TED Speeches, let you see your strength )

"There are a lot of people who refuse to change, and now some netizens will come to me for help, and sometimes I don't know what to say to them, but for me, change is a good example." My way is to use my own story to tell others, look, you see my change, I changed after becoming very good, maybe you can also like me. "After the interview, I was still impressed by the firm tone of Jin's statement, and she said that such an example of the attitude, in fact, all from the parents."

"The way my parents took me, I was raised as an orphan."

A color light windbreaker, tied with two short braids, white skin and exquisite eyes like the mother Tan Aijin, this is my first glimpse of Jin himself impression. Of course, Jin and his mother's similarities are definitely not only appearance, chatting about the growth process from small to large, her parents love and gratitude, palpable. "It may be strange, but my parents never" taught "me anything, they are like" stocking "me, my mother is often laughed that she took me as an orphan. Jin laughed while he spoke of his mother's Tan Aijin philosophy of upbringing.

Jin said, since childhood she is her own walk up and down to learn, to go to the classmate's home to go, what things do not need to report with parents. "My parents and I can almost be 0 of the state of communication, they no matter what I do, I find a way to eat, and find ways to write their own homework, I find ways to go to school, I grew up so all along." "These things listen to ordinary people's ears, the first time may be a bit absurd, but this does not mean that Jin parents irresponsible, they just do not like to" say ", but directly" do "to her to see.

"It's like my mom wouldn't tell me to be polite, to see people say hello, and to always thank them, never." But because my mother is very polite, often in front of others say thank you, thank you, even if Sohe go to the market, people recognize her, she will be very generous and cordial. She is an example, she is doing her own, I will watch the performance of parents, to think about their appearance. Jin said that such a parenting style affects her deeply, rather than breaking the mouth to teach others how to do, but also to show the behavior, if others feel that doing well, naturally will follow the start of change.

From an early age to a big label, with a huge inner rage

Just, mother Tan Aijin fame, also let Jin from childhood suffered a lot. "Star second generation" is her earliest label, childhood love to eat she was also called "Euro Luo Fat", because the father died early, "single parent" label also followed the queue row. During the 6 years of depression, she was rendered by the media as a "strawberry tribe" with no pressure, and tattoos were interpreted as "bad kids" and "deviant". The body is full of all kinds of labels, which is also very painful for Jin.

She mentioned in the Jin to girls ' running book , parents in order to help stray dogs spend all the money, this "star second-generation" label and not as everyone wants to bring her rich life, in that's family is hot in the era, a call "Why hate Ouyang" family, there are 800 Several members kept attacking her inside, and someone wrote, "Do you see Tan Aijin doing so many good things and not giving birth to such a child?" "Let Jin Heartache for a long time." (same field Gayon: passing bullying and depression: The first life marathon of Jin Rebirth )

At that time, Jin heart of the world's huge anger proliferation, "why other artists of the children can grow up abroad, I was too poor at home can only be in the media under the magnifying glass to live?" "," Since parents want to keep so many stray dogs to get the family, why did you give birth to me? "Jin in the heart of the confusion is very heavy, hate and disgust the world let her suffer from severe depression, she relies on sedative drugs to control manic depression, anorexia, gluttony and various physical and mental conditions, suicidal thought of course also not absent."

"20 minutes ago, I took apart one pack of tobacco and rolled it up with cigarette paper, one after another, one after another." I put all my attention on the red smoke, but the right index finger and the middle finger but not independent more and more fierce. Does my body tremble at all this? "The words that Jin wrote down during the depression were assembled in a book published a few years ago by us, the survivors of the doom, and they were a stark record of her state of life as hell."

Recall that paragraph past, Jin said, "Can get out of the depression, is because I found behind the cliff, falling stone has been in the fall, if I do not continue to go forward, is dead." "She has gone through two of the same sisters suffering from depression, one after another suicide, and suddenly she clearly saw the road behind her, has been back to no return." she wanted to live every day as if it was the last day, and the sudden death of the cat Tan Dabao her to run and turn her life around.

Tan Dabao's departure: "I want to magnify his life."

Tan Dabao, a companion Jin walked through the melancholy years of Love cat, had cancer 4 years ago, Jin said, she felt that it was her first real face "lost." "Perhaps because of life experience, this loss for me is not a melancholy, but I told myself, I want to live better, I want to enlarge its life, because I thank him." "To magnify his life, to hear such a remark, I almost shed tears, Jin speak easily, but it is so profound."

"Remember that day in the consultation, with the doctor decided to help the great treasure euthanasia, the doctor to help him drugged, I hold him in my arms, he gradually will not move." I just said a word to him, always said that repeated more than 10 times, I cried to say "Thank you, thank you," I have never experienced, a life is so pure gratitude, so then I told myself, I must repay him, I must be better. Jin said she realized that it was something that everyone had to face, but if we could be thankful for what we lost, we could turn that loss into positive energy.

(Jin and Tan Dabao, photos taken from Ginoy Jin (official))

The day after the big treasure was cremated, Jin to Tokyo to work, that night, she read the big treasure, run alone in Tokyo Street, she wanted to prove their strong to the big treasure in the sky to see, in the mind appeared the idea of running a marathon, even if she even the marathon is what is not clear, Even then she ran a kilometer may be breathless, because the body is not good, love to eat do not love to move, sports this matter and Jin is not related, but at this moment, she has the determination to run the whole horse. (Share with you: Jin and running: If you want to experience life, run a marathon )

"It was a run that made me realize that I was stronger than I thought I was."

Nagoya Women's Marathon, is Jin run the first full horse, before this, she went through 1.5 training, at the end of the moment, she was excited and other girls hug and cry, from that day, she was reborn. "20,000 girls run together, that incentive is very big, run together when the eyes will encourage each other, girls generally speaking physical strength than boys, running mixed, very easy to be boys, if all girls, psychological pressure will not be so big." Jin said that for girls without a marathon experience, it would be helpful to choose a women's marathon for the first time in the whole horse race.

"It was a run that made me realize that I was stronger than I thought I was." Girls are often easy to compare with others and lost themselves, than the boyfriend, compared to work, beautiful and ugly, but in the marathon, all the sense of achievement is given, even if you are the last second to run into the finish line, you can tell yourself "great, I did it." Girls have a very different feeling when they run marathons. 」

Jin has run 17 overseas marathons so far, and I'm curious to ask her if she has been particularly impressed. She shook her head and said that every marathon was too special. I listened to her and counted the highlights of every marathon: Tokyo, the runners would dress up as they liked; Okinawa, the road there Valkhof to eat full, Nagano, see all the blooming cherry blossom and peach blossom, each is unique, every game unforgettable. Japan, she says, is the most likely to run a marathon Asian country, closer to Taiwan, this is her choice of Japan, the reason for the country, " travel to Japan ," not only introduced the marathon, but also the peripheral delicious, fun tourist attractions included, she wanted everyone to run happily, also have fun.

Jin said she used to be like many girls, Shu pressure way often only buy things, eat, but this way sometimes not too healthy, because usually will regret their impulses, she said, there are many boys in a bad mood will go to play basketball, but girls are relatively few people have such a habit, therefore, She would like to be able to promote the joy of sports to all girls. I ask her, many people think that long-distance running is very tortured, if not enough willpower, it is difficult to continue to run, she is how to find the motivation to continue?

In fact, the process of running a marathon is very "painful", especially when running to 30 kilometers of time, rhabdomyolysis ah, muscle inflammation ah, foot down on the bottom as if there is a needle in the Thorn, will hurt to cry. But the fun of it is, I went to Australia in July to run Gold Coast Marathon, running, and I have been with friends all the time said, we will not run the marathon for the next few months, too painful, the result of the end of less than 5 minutes, we turned to ask each other "hey you next to report what?" Jin laughed and said that although he had never had a child, it was like many moms who complained about having a baby in pain, but wanted to regenerate.

"Not exhausted, is a waste of talent."

"Willpower will never be the enemy of passion. "This is the conclusion of the Jin, alone with willpower, rather than to find the fun of running, she said, full of people and she said, she started running for a while, because I feel bored to give up, she will ask each other whether they have participated in the tournament, and the answer is usually not." Jin said, running a marathon is very tired, but it is too fun, after the game of sweetness, will let people forget the pain of the process, so if you can personally participate in a marathon, taste that sweet taste, it is likely to find the passion to continue to run.

"The best pace is a suicide pace, and today looks like a good day to die." The best pace is "suicide pace", and today, it seems to be the day of your death " this phrase comes from Steve Prefontaine, the legendary runner of the United States , and the latest tattoo of Jin, located on the inside of the right arm, Whenever she can't run or life gets a setback, she can raise her hands to see this sentence. I think, to find a reason for their own not to do, we can find tens of thousands of species, but not for their own retreat, go forward, but we can get happiness is the only way.

Jin also likes Steve Prefontaine's other famous saying: "Not exhausted, is a waste of talent." She said, these two words always let her think of the first to overcome the mood of depression, as long as the determination to move forward, there is no thing. She had the experience of running the Nagano Marathon, and she was too tired to run, feel that I must not run, but she immediately thought that they have tried 41 kilometers, the last 1 kilometers must not give up, "I have seen someone at the end of vomit, fainted, I thought, the big deal is this, I will regret death." "As a result, Jin 1 minutes and 01 seconds before the end of the time. Crash crying is absolutely indispensable, but she exhausted the full, no regrets.

Not in a negative mood, Jin or himself.

To promote running, Jin's writing style is quite different from what it used to be. Many creators will think that to stay in the melancholy atmosphere to help create, and I asked the love of words, does she have such an idea? She said, now she leads to realize a truth, literary creation and running promotion is completely different logic, naturally have different style of writing, want to promote things, must write other people understand the word, this does not mean that she lost the ability to create.

"Look at the village Spring tree, he also likes to run marathons, is a rich and laid-back uncle, I do not think his life will be painful where to go, He said the Norwegian forest was a marathon run, though I didn't believe it, but it didn't have to happen in extreme pain. I grew up watching my mom act, sometimes acting and writing are very similar, rely on "emotional memory", life experience a lot of different emotions, we just need to use to extract them, those who are written out of the emotions are only remembered, does not mean that the current mood. 」

Jin said that a good literary work, not from the beginning to the only one emotion, out of the melancholy of her, still love the word work, she said that now have plans to publish very dark novels. I looked at the Jin, thinking that in fact, life and literature, just like, there can be only one emotion, always have up and down, is really real life. Now the Jin, also is living a real life, her days are not all happy, but she already know how to face, and not afraid of life ups and downs. (Come together: at the end, still care about music Jin )

Watch the MRT randomly kill people and get out of the low life

Jin said that for a while last year, she was in a very low ebb, but did not expect to witness the rapid transit of random killings, let her break through the checkpoint. "I was at home in the middle of the night, and I thought to myself, if I was an event victim, will regret to death, because that period of time my life is doing something not flattering, not long, I and then boyfriend broke up, signed the organ and general donation, I told myself that the next day, I want to help others, to bring others energy, I want to pursue their own life. "I think Jin really did it," he said.

She said she wanted to eat what she wanted every day, to do what she liked, to go where she wanted to go, and to help others, so that if anything happened to her, she would not regret it. Full of Action Jin seriously said that one day will suddenly run to the Middle East to do international volunteer, and never return to Taiwan. After a lot of frustration and darkness, what I see in her is absolute calm and honesty in life, she not only take full responsibility for her life, nor forget to pull others back.

"Do you know that Angelina Jolie's dad is Oscar-winning?" Jin Eyes wide open to ask me this sentence, I shook my head to say do not know. She said, as long as out of their own way, born in what family is not important, label this thing can be affixed, can be torn, or even "change" into what they want. "I used to be the" rebel "," Strawberry Tribe ", and now someone is on the road and I say," Jin, I started running because of you! " "People can change, and everyone can see your change," he said. "The label can be replaced by its own power, Jin's story proves it."

There are times when we are afraid of others ' eyes, afraid to express their ideas, afraid of being labeled, but Jin said she believes that no matter what to say or do, can be misunderstood by 30% of people, even if so, to the 70% people who can understand the courage to do their own things. (Extended recommendation: Don't be afraid!) Written in the Jiang MRT killings, the darkest of times need love most

Jin, who ran on the streets of Tokyo on the eve of his death, Amire Zatobek, the Olympic gold medalist, Emil Zátopek, encouraged him: "If you want to run, run a mile." If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon. "Now, Jin also want to say to everyone," Hey, run a marathon, I get better because of running, you must also be able to. 」

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