Are you tired of jogging , swimming or the gym? Can't you find a little time to exercise in your busy life ? Let's try Tabata training! 4 minutes a day, and you have your waist, your abs, your hips! (The most beautiful person who wields sweat: the nude photography: The athlete takes you to see the aesthetics of power )

Modern sports, in addition to losing weight, there are more and more people are in pursuit of health and more perfect posture and efforts. But is it a burden for you to find one hours of exercise in your busy life and reduce your desire to exercise? Then you should try Tabata training!.

What is Tabata training?

Tabata Training is a new type of movement proposed by Professor Izumi Tabata of Tian Okahata Quan, Tokyo Institute of Physical Education, Japan and his team. They divided the athletes into two groups to test:

Group A: Five days a week, six weeks of moderate exercise, each training 1 hours.
Group B: Four days a week, six weeks of high-intensity exercise training, each training 4分钟20秒.

After six weeks, there was an increase in the number of athletes in group B, whether they were cardio-pulmonary endurance or muscle mass. That is, high-intensity, short time exercise can not only burn body fat (aerobic exercise), in the exercise of physical (anaerobic exercise) effect is also excellent. The use of a large amount of muscle and oxygen in a short period of time is suitable for modern people's busy pace, but also more effective than pure aerobic exercise new Choice Oh! (More different fitness options:3 short time to achieve the effect of thin body of high-intensity exercise )

Tabata Training no fixed action, each group of action 20 seconds rest 10 seconds, eight groups for a cycle.

To you as a beginner


Beginner's you fit from the basics of the 5-minute training start: The movement is not very difficult, composed of two groups of action. Suitable for you who have never been in touch with Tabata:)

Do not underestimate the simple open and close jump and squat jump, jumping action will allow you to apply to the whole body of the muscles, especially the gluteus maximus, bone two head muscle and four head muscle, in addition to enhance cardiopulmonary endurance will also sculpture haunt you for a long time thigh line Oh! (Recommended to you: lean down before summer!) Three strokes farewell to the inner thigh fat )

To you who have the usual exercise habit

(film Source:Fitnessblender)

10 minutes to help you solve annoying alvine troubles! By standing action, so you can get up and move in the office!

Most of the use is the abdomen, although the action looks very mild, not intense. But believe me, in three minutes you will begin to feel the belly fever, a little trembling, the abdomen on both sides of the sour, sweat does not know when to start the flow Oh!

Remember! Do not be hasty in any movement, especially the high-intensity Tabata training. Weigh your strength, and remember your own.

This September let's move together!