Cancer is such a disease, it is said in Tai Zhao Mei's mouth is so optimistic. The first five or six years of the catchy "if", she wore a folk song through 40 years still pure zhi-hot, brave face life to her layers of test. (Recommend you: you deserve a better life: the courage to see a puddle, to go around )

You remember that year everyone catchy Suri "Heartache Feeling", from a bottom interreligious deep folk hand-Tai Zhao Mei. Those years folk songs record The Pain Innocence of youth, hum a fenghuajuedai. Shing and Shibi partner created "if", five or six grade students who is not humming "If you are the morning dew, I would like to be the grass if you are that piece of cloud." "Grow up."

After 40 years of folk songs, the wave of popular music hit the waves, but there is a voice still stubborn to stay there, it is Tai Zhao rose through life and fall behind more intelligent and deep voice. After her popularity, she married a talented woman who had suffered a painful five years of marriage; the first experience of life was fragile in the 2014 before cancer. This day we meet with her woman fan Wonderland, invite her to this desire to embrace all the women look, the endless place, for us to inject more brave and determined strength. (Extended reading: a taste of home!) To you who expect a woman to be in space: from zero to one hard work is necessary.

Even when you're sick, sing it down.

Whether in the face of music or attitude to life, everyone called her sister Mei, Little Mei sister said this disease is like a kind of edge, as early as a few years ago, she began to contact cancer patients, because the singer in Taiwan smoke Introduction to the end of the hospital performance, singing to cancer patient listen, that activity is Cancer Hope Foundation held, Thus opened their fate, Cancer Hope Foundation to witness the Little Mei from sickness to illness and recovery process, but also for her film "Blue Shoulder" documentary left a deep brave mark.

She sang from 2012 to the present, even when she became a cancer patient, still singing to everyone. Sharing is the absolute core of life for Little Mary , singing is the soul of communication, but also the comfort of the soul. Little Mei sister, in addition to singing to the patient strength, also often run the hospital to encourage patients.

The disease came in haste, the doctor announced that after endometrial cancer, she underwent surgery, treatment of hair, weakness, red blood cells insufficiency, at any time the risk of shock, once because the white blood cell count is too low to treat. But she always opens her heart and accepts all the challenges.

Not a natural optimist, but braver than a friend.

Sister Mei even in the period of illness always to the side of "You don't worry, I can live" idea, but the first shave of experience in the film is true to appear fragile. Patients in the beginning to do chemotherapy because of drug influence, hair follicle damaged and hair, small Mei elder sister originally support not shave, but the hair more and more, sometimes get up to catch up is a lot.

Little Rose

Sister said: "Originally barber to shave from the front, I immediately grabbed her hand, ask her to start shaving from the back, give me a little preparation, look at the mirror is too cruel." 」

Now think of that time, her eyes still have a kind of distressed, like the pain of the face at that time, unable to resist the pain of their own. In the "Blue shoulder" record of the last knife down, she sighed, tears in the eye frame around the turn, which is almost the only one she shed tears in the disease. Endure the tears, but accompanied the Cancer Hope Foundation Partners cry, all of them than she also distressed themselves.

I think that tears is the face of naked cruelty, we follow their own skin accompanied by life, one day when this skin no longer belong to you, how not sad.

She is not born optimistic, face her own naked the same pain, but see more vulnerable than their own people, she is always braver than them, not to live like more patients to let relatives and friends in a daze of sickness. Sister Mary , please. This is just a disease, but also a living example of a model, "I bravely came, you can" the idea in her heart deeply rooted. (You will like: brave woman Lin: Face cancer, I choose strong face )

Don't talk about bitterness, just talk about how to be happier in sickness

In addition to a haircut, many of the body's pain is indescribable, the feet because of chemotherapy become very swollen, nails almost to the original flesh apart, just step on the ground feel blood from the meat to collapse out. Little Mei sister did not mention these hard, she said if a mention, the husband will cry. Talking about a tear-like pain, but still indifferent, looking at the little Mei is really real field sitting in front of me, look pretty good, I suddenly feel happy, thank her and life fight, only now in front of her cheerful.

Little Mei said that she was in the end of the stage performances often with the chorus of joy, she will prepare a lot of scarves, hats, to the roommate. I think of a scene in the documentary, in the performance of Little Mei sister with the three separate soldiers, she took off the hat, for a roommate.

"I like to do such a thing, patient care for patients, I comfort myself." 」

Such a picture is very moving, from looking at the head of his head to take off his hat to cheer for others, she said: "I want to tell the patient you have self-confidence to stand out, even if you are a roommate, you can still have the fun of dressing, to keep their lives happy." "She also went to the Cancer Hope Foundation to participate in the Beautiful Guardian class, and we talk about this all the way, do not mention how bitter, but is to teach everyone how to wear a hat good-looking, how to match with the scarf vitality." (Extended reading: as beautiful as shaving hair!) To help cancer patients with chemotherapy to create the most beautiful shape )

Fortunately, I was sick and encouraged more people.

while watching the "Blue Shoulder" documentary, I'm doubt how a person is facing the pain Lotte laughs. She does not struggle, does not resist, is accepts and believes that she will be better. At that time she volunteered with the Cancer Hope Foundation to propose: "You are not in the documentary, to shoot Me, I will be better, can encourage more people." "

Little Mei sister also shared a visit to the hospital to a teenager, the mother of the child at the front of the ward constantly bowed and said: "I beg you to save my son." "She went into the ward and looked at the child's eyes without looking at it, or glancing over the world.

"I took off my scarf and told him about my chemo, and his eyes looked at me slowly." I said you want to cheer for yourself, don't let parents so worried, you are sick is not a person's business, is the whole family. You can do the same for me, you can also encourage others. 」

Little Mei sister jokingly said: "Illness seems to be a good thing, but I was sick to encourage him." 」

Cut through the wound and overcome the courage

I was curious to have such a positive attitude on my sister, she said: "I never inferiority or feel unfair, maybe I read less, but I walk every road is very sure, a lot of big storms are coming, this disease is nothing." 」

She said that she did not give her life, to talk about setbacks instead of talking about the experience of a unhappy marriage, spent a year, but it took five years to come out.

This marriage let her face the challenges in the future are not panic, but also believe that everything can rely on their own strength to come. "In the face of things, the courage to confront their own wounds" is the perseverance I saw in her. (Recommended reading: behind every strong woman, there is an injured story )

When you love yourself, you are loving others.

Little Mei sister always do not treat themselves as patients, Ninze encourage patients to face pain not necessarily to be a patient. She said: "Heaven to find me, there must be a reason, I can not give birth to this disease." 」

I think this reason is to give the patient's family and patients a hope, I asked Little Mei sister to give them encouragement. She said: "You must have someone in the leadership position, the person in the position to guide the family to moderate the release of emotion, together to a better positive place." 」

"When you love yourself, you are loving others." 」

Even if you are a roommate, don't love yourself, it is her experience to the patients. When you really love yourself and know what kind of lifestyle is better, the person beside you is naturally relaxed.

Sister Rose through a period of bloody illness, cancer did not destroy her will and joy of the fountain. She still moved to life, still a rich emotional creator. Even because the disease and the foreign study of the daughter and busy with the work of the husband are closer to a little distance, more willing to live the ordinary as ever. Share such a real and Hard-won story to you, may you enjoy the wonderful life and insipid, and may you have more courage to wait when you meet.