When it comes to the homestead red, he likes his fans to say "Shy," the eyes will be lit. "It's so funny that you're ashamed."Hsiao Hung, who has never come to the ancients in the Internet, is the first author who does not use a certain category (gender, film, women's life, hitchhive, beauty, beauty, picture) to simply share a life interest, and create a cyclone on the Internet.Before visiting Hong Kong, we should be the only person who came out of his mind to make a joke. But during her visit, she made us feel a particularly clear and transparent one, and she has repeatedly spoken out in unintended places with the philosophy of a Chan-rich Zen.As a result, she was not just a “ funny villa ”. She was more of a philosophical master who had been abandoned by her former boyfriend. She was so relaxed about life, life, and life that she could easily smile.

'm not a villa red, the homegirl red is

She was a beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful, like Zhang Junning, who had taken away the face of the noose.When asked how she felt like she thought she would write an article like this, how did she feel?She said very sincerely: " I really don't think I have to write it myself.And I think I write a lot of messy little things, actually, I'm really embarrassed.Even if there is a blog post, a columnist, a writer, and a writer, he still feels that he is not good enough, even more self-deprecating that he doesn't have a deep, unwritten, or rhetorist thing to write." I think my article actually made a lot of people who lost their lives to find some empathy. We all watched, laughed and laughed, and found out that these unhappy events were all gone through, so they were released together under pressure."

Unlike tribal or other writers who generally embrace the crowd, Hsiao Hong's celebrity and private life are very clear.Ask her why she was not a decent tribal visitor and writer. After all, she was famous enough to have enough food and clothing.But she was really sincere, saying, " Because I love working." It's hard to imagine that she has been working for more than 10 years, and she hasn't changed her work, she hasn't been late.From these small details, you can see the side that Xiao Hong is in strict and self-demanding life.

a blog is an interesting recreational

The business blog is an international event, and writing is still a part of life and leisure, not formal work. It's a very interesting way to share with you a variety of interesting things about life. She doesn't know where to get so much material to play when she quit her job and she doesn't know where she is.

most memorable and memorable mention of her in the broadcast or television media was that the famous international director Tsai Ming-liang wrote a few commentaries on her own program.

She is doing what she likes and enjoys it very much regardless of writing or general work.

'm not funny, I do

Shame-on the word "funny" has its own definition: "The funny thing is that there are things that make a bridge and go through it."

I'm not a funny person, "she laughs." I'm not a funny person, " she laughs. She doesn't even make fun of her. She's just honest with her. She's just an honest expression of her own perceptions about life and events. She's not a deliberate joke.

serious, alternative philosopher

If you look at the Jin Yong's Heroes of the Sculpture Sculpture, you know that there's an old child Chou Pong-tung, who seems naive and natural, but he is in possession of intelligent wisdom.The same is true of Hsiao Hong.Behind the seemingly funny scenes, it is in fact filled with calmness in life.Because she has her own philosophy of life.

[Shy-Philosophy] One: Don't bother

Shy-on is now her first job, and she never left or changed her job in the middle. At the time of her surprise, she said she had never taken the initiative to cancel the work of the column.She said, "If you want to cancel it halfway, you don't have to agree to it in the first place, and once you promise, I will do it."In fact, the reason for doing this is simply because he is ashamed and "doesn't want trouble with others."

"Regardless of whether you leave or cancel your column, even if you say one month in advance, it's still a problem for each other, because they have to spend another time trying to find someone else to replace me.""I am ashamed to say it," he said." Promise you will do well."

[Shy-Philosophy] Two: Do the worst thing for everything, and find that everything is

It seems to be a "pessimistic person" that every move is a "pessimistic person" because it is the worst thing to do about everything, so the results will be better than imagined, but even pessimistic, she says, "If the boat is so natural, it will accept it even if it is not.""

[Shy-Philosophy] 3: One slap clap doesn't sound, it's both sides, so I'm

The disgraced blog initially wrote about the mood after the breakup of the former boyfriend, even though most of the netizens did not know the real identity of the small house, nor did they know who the ex-boyfriend was, but also threatened to sue the ex-boyfriend, who had been upset even by the previous boyfriend.When asked if the incident had caused the two sides to be unpleasant, he said, "Unpleasant is a double-side feeling, and only unilateral anger and I am happy to accept it.""

of Glamour New

asked what women were "new women", she shared an example of a woman who had married and had children without giving up her life and career because of a marriage or a child. She could not only care for a family, but educate her children, but not to lose her original self and love life because of the transition of life.

It's really great to say, "Don't lose your self and be able to have a life of happiness without any loss of life.""For us, we see her who is full of life and philosophy, so she loves her work. She is so witty and she is a beautiful new woman!"

Homegirl Red Diary http://blog.roodo.com/chaiwanjui197

name the villa ", however, is that the" villa "is not a" house "or a family home, and that the" villa "is a" home woman " who is in love with a home.

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