Magic red in Taiwan today to sing, did not grab the ticket you do not sad, let us for you selected nine albums in the Good songs , relive the magic Red Maroon 5 charm. Let you in the home big screen with the stereo can also have your own magic Red concert Oh! (Recommend you to: write in Jolin Tsai concert: Everyone needs to "calmly face themselves" courage )

Just for tonight! The Maroon 5 Magic Red Taipei Concert 2015 will be sung at the Nangang exhibition Hall. Even if you had a concert, you didn't get the tickets? Never mind! Put away the heart of the scattered, and share with you nine Magic Red Classic song, so you can be at home to the crowd!

The Magic Red Maroon 5 was founded in 1994 and was originally called Kara's Flower, Kara's flowers,2001, renamed Magic Red. Members have lead singer Adam Levine, guitarist James Valentine, bass player Mickey Madden, drummer Matt Flynn, keyboard Jesse Carmichael. Love Magic red You can never just know the lead singer Adam Oh

Left to right respectively, Mickey madden/matt flynn/james valentine/jesse carmichael/adam Levine
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The following inventory of the nine Magic Red Calendar album of the classic song, Ready to call on 35 friends to open the opening of your Magic Red concert it!

When you forever Li Daren ─she will being love

A bold confession filled with lust ─this love

These two songs are included in the 2002 release of the first album, "Jean Love song songs About Jane." Two lyric songs for this album to achieve great success, this love is proud of the 2004 "most often played songs" 3rd!

Lazy morning just want to accompany you ─sunday morning

What would you like to do in the morning of Sunday? The lyrics described Sunday morning do not want to leave the lover, want to get tired of lovers around the mood all day, people listened to the heart are warm up!

Love is to know ─won ' t go home without

Won the Grammy Award nomination, with a brisk rhythm sing let go of love to leave, want to save, but found that everything is too late mood. (as if it were yesterday: the youth that cannot turn back, the old love song that belongs to me and you )

Salute to the classics ─moves like Jagger

With the genie in the bottle Christina Aguilera chorus moves like Jagger full of dynamic, so that your body also want to follow the swing. The Black-and-white footage in front of the MV is a dialogue between Michael Parkinson and the lead singer Mike Jagger of the Rolling Stones (The Rolling Stones). This song is a tribute to Jagger, one of the most popular and influential singers in rock and roll history!

And tomorrow will be a good day ─daylight

Although the lyrics of this song describe a couple's mood to be separated after daybreak, but the MV is interspersed with a lot of people to share different love things, nasty things, with a full of emotion and pop sense of music, people have a kind of no matter how the night, to the day everything will be a new day feeling.

You're the addiction I can't quit ─lucky Strike

Besides being a lucky star, Lucky Strike is also a brand of cigarettes. Is it romantic to use a smoking addiction to represent a lover, a poison you can't quit? (You'll want to know: an addictive marathon wedding )

We're chasing ─lost stars in our dreams and our reality.

The theme song of the movie "The Manhattan Etudes Begin Again" Presumably everybody is not strange! The lyrics reveal a kind of helplessness for life, describing their own insignificance. Whether it's the pursuit of love or life, try to achieve a balance between the ideal and the reality. But are we lost stars, trying to light up the dark?

The Sweetest Poison ─sugar

Speaking of magic Red must not mention this year caused a sensation of this MV: Magic Red as a mystery guest, for the December 16, 2014 in Los Angeles wedding newlyweds sang sweet Sugar as a wedding blessing. The curtain pulls down, the guest from frighten to happy expression is probably the biggest harvest of magic red!

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After reviewing the 9 classics, does it make you want to have all of your albums in the hearing again?

As the iron powder you have found small knitting in the song is according to the small ingenuity of the album arrangement in the past? If your love song has not been written, leave a message telling us which song you like Best, and mark the release year to prove your love for Magic red!