Hey, I know you are a little stuffy recently, a little irritable, why not come with us to smile lightly? Life is like this, after the sad, must have the joyful strength to come in, the road only then goes far. Select an illustration column to have some fun with your life and share it with people who need to be happy around you. At the end of the article there are recruiting happy activities! (Recommended reading: to cultivate the ability to thank the "ordinary Day", do not miss the life of a good moment )

We haven't really been happy for a long time.

We are in a society where the anger, the difficulty of pulling, tearing, difficulty, "you do not agree with me, so I do not like you." We are increasingly not allowing ourselves to relax or be happy about small things. However, how we miss the people around us and their own smile.

Hey, don't always frown, everything in life is not taken for granted, to understand and appreciate everything in life, in fact, is a great happiness. The fan page, called the Happy page, is a small, but important, way to tidy up the happy moments in your life for 2.5 million of fans. I know you haven't laughed for a long time, let's have fun together?

Happiness is, there are a group of friends like you idiot

Good friends know how to use the same idiotic language. We occasionally relaxed, occasionally serious, we do not often meet, but never forget each other's tacit understanding. (Recommended to you: friends or old good?) Seven reasons that should be contacted with old friends )

Happy is, see you smile

"I think my happiness is because of you," if there is only one person in the world how lonely is that? I smiled because of you. (same field Gayon: My love, make you Happy )

Happiness is, occasional mischief

Occasionally let me tilt to see the world, know that we all have the ability to subvert the world!

Happiness is that others respect "you Are You"

You spend a lot of effort explaining who you are, and there's always someone who respects you, doesn't try to change you or misinterpret you. (Recommended reading:"very perfect" the hottest male guest Xiadonghau: I love you, you are free )

Pleasure is the exchange of good books in the hand

Exchange a good book is private, and exchange good books with you, on behalf of us is also a certain degree of good friends!

Happiness is that there are a group of capable and friendly partners around

Happiness is that there are people around you who are worth studying to let you know that you can be better. (same field Gayon: the way to make yourself happy: Don't say "I'm all for You")

Happiness is discovering that you are in love

Originally, this is a moment, we all have the ability to love.

Happiness is the unconditional love of family

Some people, willing to let you to their wayward. (but do not often capricious let people worry ah ~ ~)

Happy is, walking on the way home

And knowing that there are people waiting for you back home.

Happy is, hard to read the TV show with eyes open

Happiness is to understand their own heart obviously very indifferent to the small and brave.

Happiness is to start a new journey

Start a new journey and know that you have the ability to take risks.

Happiness is knowing that someone in the world understands you

We are all one person, but we are all looking for the same kind. The kind of being touched by understanding, you must understand. (Recommended reading: Do you use empathy or compassion to treat others?) )

Happiness is, smiling at strangers on the street, and he smiles at you.

It's so simple to have a relationship with someone! (Recommended reading: smile to see the world, the world will smile to you )

Happy is, thinking of you

Thinking of a person, the heart of a sour sweet happy.

Happiness is when you find that life is really sweet

You know, we want to be the ones who share the sweetness of your life!

Finally, happiness is to share with you the joy I see in my eyes:)

"Happy raise time: Let the woman draw a picture to you"

Hey, honey, what about you? At the end of the article write down your "happy" definition, let us also draw to you!

Happy time to raise: 09/16-10/01 (We want to spend half a month with you to raise your happiness)
Photo sharing time: 10/10-10/30 (we will make a series of pictures and articles to share with you)