From mainland China to Taiwan, it seems to be very perfect. It seems like looking for love from the show, and watching the show in love. Can you see that Gao's handsome and white-rich are able to find a better place to sleep?

" Perfect confuse, turn around for love!" If you look at the hottest show on the mainland, you're very impressed with the following points:

One, it's hard not to fall into a Jon Yao's story, and the
, the very perfect honored guests are all "very hierarchical", "
," the "honored guest" who has become the " guest of honour —, Xia Dong Hao.

his —, —, the most charming psychological counselor, he couldn't see his face on his face. was replaced by a brilliant smile and a smile.

He has researched the mind and hypnosis, and has created a for love, and a woman's fan has invited Xia Donghao to answer the most difficult questions of our love.He has a lot of views on love, and in the perspective of "male best friend", it is a way of finding a way to break through blind spots for women!Compared to lovers, he seems to be more like a good friend of every woman. In order to understand the pros and cons of love, he listens to the pros and cons of love, and has a chat with us: How do you love and be happy?(sibling of best friend: Victor Liu Weide )

Q1: You are very perfect, but haven't been "successful". Do you believe that the friendship or the relationship can find true love?What is your definition of true love?

I don't believe it, but in fact, whether it is through television or on the Internet or the matchmaker, or matchmaker, the matchmaker can actually find out who wants to get involved, and that's all, and it's far too far to say "true love."What is true love?I believe that there is no real love in the world, and that only people recognize their true love, but even the true love of the people themselves is hard to do, because the core of the human being is selfish.(Extended Read: Will we never exist at all if we love the true love of our true love? )

Q2: You're telling us how to create happiness, love and no injury in . Do you really think people can really get hurt in love?

If you have a book called , but if you believe in the logic of my book, there are things that are not so easy to get hurt, and that some things are going to get hurt, but even if you get hurt, you can get out of the pain very quickly.

Q3: Are you able to tell us why you can tell us why the "people cheat" is just because they don't love each other?

No one would refuse to let him be happy. In other words, the reason for the person's cheating is simple: the man's lover can't make him happy, so he cheated on him.

Even the reason why they don't love each other is because they haven't made him happy, so they don't love each other (as long as they make him feel happy again, he may fall in love with each other again).Of course, whether this person feels that happiness is a subjective factor is not necessarily an objective fact.(Extend reading " Don't talk about who's right again!" Listen to Love Queen Liu L'er, Love-Chat )

(Photo Source: Xia Donghao Weibo)

Q4: How do you view the little three?How can the little three find their own happiness?

I don't think there is a "mistress", only a "lover of the derailment", and the little three is a scapegoat for the behavior of the lover.

Please, how many marrying male celebrity celebrities still have a lot of women who love it? Perhaps some people may take the initiative to show their own initiative. If a man refuses, how can he come to the mistress?If a man does not refuse, why does he have a small three?

How do people make a difference in the haggis?That is, don't be so mean.How can the little three find their happiness?That is, don't be a mistress.If you want to do whatever you want, you need to give up.(Recommended you see: The queen's rhinoceros talking about love, men who love you, who will make you a mistress

Q5: How do we maintain the heat of love when we all say "seven years of itch"?Is there a way to maintain a good relationship?

You want to maintain heat, increase temperature, and reduce friction.

Increasing temperature is written in many books, such as traveling together, making life romantic, adding to the bed of interest, and so on. But if there is a gap between husband and wife, who would be willing to do these things?Therefore, the most important thing is to reduce friction. It is an indisputable fact that it is psychological. It is not a behavior. Some couples are really not fighting, because they don't even care about each other. This is not a matter of calculation.If you want to have no psychological friction, you have to increase the return of love, and how to increase the backer of love can start with a book I write, because I really can't finish it.

Q6: Do you believe in the friendship between men and women as a "male friend"?Can you give the boys some advice, how do you get a girl's "male friend"?

I have a lot of female friends, of course there is a pure friendship between men and women, and no one can say that he can't do it.

The way to be a male friend is to listen more and to understand women's ideas and to understand women's ideas, and not necessarily to agree with them, but do not openly oppose it.If you think that girls are wrong, if you think that women are wrong, then you can guide them, and you can't even be able to guide them, anyway, they can't even be their girlfriends.If the male friend is an attractive male, she would have no evil thoughts about women, otherwise it would be easy for women to fall in and become an ambiguous relationship.If a male friend is not an attractive male, he should not have evil thoughts on women, otherwise it will easily lead to female resentment and loss of friendship.(Recommended reading: Make the other half safe!Don't use "Red-Perf" as an excuse for ambiguity )

Q7: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship between a "friend" lover and "love at first sight"?

The benefit of a lover's lover is that both sides understand each other, and can reduce friction with each other.The advantage of love at first sight is that there is a deep sense of love, so it is more willing to pay, and to be more tolerant of each other in the dispute.As for the shortcomings, they are all "people" rather than "love at first sight" from a "friend".(Sibling stands: What is the story about love at first sight?

example, a person who eats a fish will eat a fish after the love of his or her lover, and she will eat the fish after her lover's lover, because she is the one who will eat the fish.A person who eats a fish will not be a friend because he is a friend before being together, because he is a person who likes to talk to the opposite sex, and he does not eat the fish after all.

Q8: Please tell us in a man's perspective how women look at each other, from the details, to see if he's a "right person"?

Is it easy to see who is right? For example, the man needs a woman to serve, and the woman is a man who needs the care of a man, both of which belong to the type of care being taken care of, so these two are not suited to each other.But the problem is, for two people who love each other, they don't think it's a problem, so you say it's useless, and for the people who love it, it's really possible to adjust them to each other. And for those who haven't fallen in love, can you tell them not to fit?What are you? There are many couples who are not looking at the eye, but at the end of the day they go together.

If a couple is not trying to be together because of what you said, but in fact they can be together. Are you going to break up other people's sins?In fact, you do not have to bear the burden, because they have no chance to verify that you are wrong. However, being a human being cannot be such an irresponsible act.(Recommended for you: After 30, choosing the right path is more important to the person you choose )

Q9: Do you believe that maintaining a long range of three key?Why?

1. Mutual trust: The killer with the greatest relationship is suspect, whether it is near or not, but because the distance cannot be regulated, it will make it easier for skeptics to amplify them infinitely, resulting in a breakdown of the relationship.

2. Self-self: self-sufficient means taking care of oneself, boredom oneself to take care of oneself, feel sad and reassure yourself, inflate oneself on oneself, inflate oneself on oneself, and so on.If a person can't be self-sufficient and depends very much on the other side, then even if the other person still loves himself, as far as the distant water is unable to save the fire, then he will have a sense of emptinency, and that may cause complaints or give other objects the chance to get into the void.

3. There is a goal to be together: To be together, there is a goal to be a long distance and a plan to do it.If the two sides have no plans to go to the other side of the business, the two sides have no plan to go to the other side of the business.(Recommended you see: How to sustain a long distance?Ten of the things you don't understand until you're in love )

Q10: Do you have a particularly personal message of love motto?Please share with us and why?

" I love you, you are free."

I like that, because it's saying truth, and in turn, love is uncontrolled.

However, although this sentence sounds very positive, many people agree, but many people do not agree with this statement. In fact, many people who agree with this sentence cannot do it themselves, because "I love you, you are free.""I mean, love one person, the other person is free, the other person can do anything, and someone will say," How could that be?"But my idea is, if you control one person, and you say you love him?I just thought, " How could that be?"

Q11: Can you give women the encouragement and practical ways to "find true love"?

1. You like men.

The man here doesn't mean that you're talking about relationships, that you think that men are good, not men are not good things, otherwise you will only attract a man who is not a good thing.Just as if you like money and rich people, don't have negative ideas that hate the rich or think that money will turn bad, or else you can't attract wealth.

2. You have to believe in love.

Don't believe in love anymore because of past injuries, some people who don't dare to touch men again because of this.Some of them don't believe in love, they are very conservative in their investment in an object of intent, and the problem is that when you don't invest, the other person will be whistleblower because of your little investment.If you want to believe in love, you have to see that in the past, the other party was actually free, what was wrong with it, and its own responsibility.(Hey! Dear: The most beautiful thing is to let you find love from yourself )

3. You want to love yourself.

You love yourself, not on the surface, for your own good, good, good care, and so on. The love of me is the deep inner: I am perfect, I am worth beloved, I love all people, and so on.Because people with the same frequency will produce sparks, that is, if they don't have the quality of true love, then even if they are in love, they will not look at you.