Just over the wonderful human rights moment of the Emmy Awards, we are beginning to look forward to a more mobile Hollywood and a more diverse film and television industry. Listen to the sex manifesto of Hollywood actress Julie Moore , Anne Hathaway, Kate Blanche, Kelly Merigan! (Recommended reading: Emmy Award after the end of the four major human rights highlights: "The right to say no is actually very precious")

Andy Samberg, the host of the Emmy Awards this year, has not denied the status of racial discrimination and gender inequality in Hollywood, and the winners have also opened their mouths to discuss LGBTQ and race issues. Hollywood can be said to be the most mainstream film and television industry, as a pointer reflects not only the current situation in Europe and the United States, but also the contemporary survival of the land in Taiwan we are worth thinking about. (Extended reading: The four major human rights highlights after the end of the Emmy Award: "The right to say no is actually very precious")

A report published by the University of Southern California in August this year shows that from 2007 to 2014, the top 100 films in the United States showed a serious imbalance in the sex phenomenon.

  • Women only account for 30.2% of the formal role
  • There are only 19.9% female roles between 64 and 40 years old.
  • A film directed by a woman is only 1.9%.

The above reflects the film and television circles advocating young, self-creation myth image of the patriarchal structure. Of these, only 19% of the characters are lesbians, gay or bisexual, and no transgender people. shows that the mainstream movie dimension of our world lacks gender mobility and family imagination. We gain a way of perceiving the world from the visual experience, if the story is always only a version, a hero, the imagination of the natural audience become poorer, our cognitive worldview more convergence of quality. (Recommended reading:"They have the mirror, tell their story" Flip the stereotype of the gypsy girl )

The New York Times visited Hollywood actresses on gender issues and asked them to talk about the gender phenomenon in Hollywood today. Julian Moore, who starred in "Seizure of happiness" this year, plays the role of gay script, Anne Hathaway in "Senior Intern" as a successful career woman, Kate Blanchett chess in the "Carol" staged an intriguing lesbian love, Kelly Merigan in the "voice of women" tough debut. (same field Gayon: bravery is not synonymous with comrades!) Allempe: We make ourselves a trend .

Then let's listen to the gender phenomenon in the eyes of the female star.

Julie Ammole (Julianne MOORE)

"I am a particularly fortunate person, working with so many good directors in my career, so I don't want to complain about anything," he said. Whenever people put forward the existence of such a problem in the entertainment industry, I always say: "Wait a minute, this is our whole culture common problems." "But sometimes when I read certain plays, I can see that there are only a few female characters in it." This is not the real world I live in. I can only see my husband and my teenage son for a day, but most days I go to yoga classes, I go to a good sister for lunch, and I talk to my female agent on the phone. So how can we have only one woman in our movie world? 」

Julian Moore directed the film should be more understanding of reality, Hollywood movies like to shape heroes, women are often just the existence of a complete hero. Women are functionally, empowered to play the role of Love in the film, often lose their character, single and flat. In recent years, however, the number of people watching films has changed slightly more than that of men, so we began to have "Black witch", "Hunger Games", "Snow and ice", I think more people are beginning to realize that the story used to serve women is not only love, life is never simple, we need more movies, write a woman's version. (You'll like:"I love my flesh and my body" we love the Jennifer Laurence .)

Kate Blanche (CATE Blanchett)

"I do think that this industry, or even most industries, has the ideology that women have no chance of failure," he said. Look at the number of comeback male directors, and if their films are not filmed, they can make a comeback within 8-12 months, and the market supports them. Although we also have women directing movies, you should celebrate on the one hand, but on the other hand, as a woman must bear "this film can be successful?" "The pressure that everyone has to weigh them in numbers, I think it affects the energy and courage that women create." 」

Kate Blanche point out the plight of the female director in the film and television industry. Both Hollywood and Taiwan may have this gender phenomenon: women are always treated as actors, secretaries, or production assistants in a set, and when an actor or director is particularly good, they say that they can only get on with sleep; Mexican actress Salma Hayek once said: "In this industry, the actor has the right to decide the heroine's choice." "The role of women in the film and television industry is a lot of places to be improved in both the upper and lower floors."

Kate Blanche also talked about why women are often excluded from mainstream movies because we don't have a "consensus culture" ":" women-centered films are usually small costs, but if you look at them, you'll find them to be great subjects. We have no confidence in them because the traditional film and television market statistics do not take into account the progress of the film and the pluralistic trend. "(Recommended reading: Why I can't help Falling in love with Kate Blanche )

Anne Hathaway (Anne HATHAWAY)

"I've been telling myself for years that I'm not being treated as a woman. I think maybe I keep saying that, and that's going to come true. I hope it's true, but I know it's not. 」

The Hollywood sweetheart Hathaway, who revealed in the film "senior Intern" that she was slowly becoming an obstacle in Hollywood with her age, did feel a little pressure: "I really hate to admit it, but it's true, there are fewer characters to come in and more competition." 」。 (Recommended reading: Super touching!) Anhesser support brother out of the Ark declaration: I love you, as ever

She said she could not complain, after all, that she had benefited from it. "When I was 20 years old, I received an invitation to play the role of 50, and now I'm 30 years old, and I sometimes wonder," Why is the 24-year-old actor getting a role? "But I have also had 24 years of age, so I don't seem to have the right to be frustrated." 」

Anne Hathaway believes actresses will become less valued and even abandoned by the popular industry after a certain age. So she thinks the best thing to do in a short, irreversible situation is to find her own position:"women who have been in this industry for a long time often end up turning into producers, such as Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie)." Instead of waiting for the character to come to her own head, she will take the initiative and create a job opportunity for herself. Women now have to work hard to embrace power , which is one of the biggest changes in film and television circles. (Extended reading: a war fragment from a feminine perspective!) Angelina Jolie directed "never yield."

Kelly Merigan (CAREY MULLIGAN)

"I love the role of Kate Bland in the Blue Jasmine", how charming! You don't have to like her at all. Sometimes talking to a male director makes me angry, and I can't say the end of such a moment! Once I asked a clip why did I cut my character like this? He said: "Not so cut the audience will not like her." I want to say to him: "Then you just do not like human beings, if you do not show their shortcomings, how to restore them to the real people, please do not cut off the ugly part." 』」

In the past, we have stayed in the sweet image of Kelly Moerigen, "Socialite Education" Jenny, "great biography" in the gorgeous Daisy of jewels. She is in the new film "The Voice of women" ("suffragettes") in the 20th century British women's rights movement , the film broke out the indomitable professional female force, and to fight for women's rights and fire through the strong willpower, with a penetrating ability to interpret the female power. (same field Gayon:"Obadhai book" Reread "Tycoon biography", Want to life this scene )

Kelly Merigan, also in the publicity of the play, said: "This important history, now there is a chance to show on the big screen, I think we should know that our gender awareness is still a mile away." "Even so she is not disappointed, but also optimistic about the future of women in the film and television industry development:" Although the female role is still far less than the male role, but the current Hollywood feeling is indeed in the right direction. Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence created a new feminine image, and we saw that there were really tough women in the film, and no one could take these films as chicks. The audience will progress, and the film industry has not really captured this trend. We are also stuck in an age of sexism. (Recommended reading: Eight classic movie characters, they play more than men!) )

The audience will make progress, and we are also looking forward to the possibility of a more pluralistic conversation in the viewing world. A woman's view of the film should not only have a small audience, we need more perspective, more version of the heroic story, like "Hunger Games", "Snow and Ice" wrote the woman's mainstream narrative.

I hope that in the future there is no need to put women in love Libra, four Hollywood actress women's rights speak, lost criticism and label, together looking for a more friendly workplace culture. Rejected the woman "on the hall, under the kitchen, into the boudoir" of the stereotype, and give women complete empowerment of their own freedom.