2015 America's biggest television awards ended with an Emmy , writing a new history of human rights. From this session of the wonderful Emmy Award we learn from the Taiwan film and television is worth looking forward to the spirit, together to see the four most touching of the winning speech , it is the glorious moment of human forward stride! (You will like: let Aunt Mei stand and applaud the acceptance of the award!) Patrick Sia Aquit: "Woman, it is time for their own struggle!" ")

This year's TV Admiralty shortlisted list, the review criticized variety show quality is low, the original to all from the lack of words caused by the big Guy Boycott, Admiralty 50 has not begun to be vigorously criticized. Is Taiwan's best TV series and variety show missing? I want justice in everyone's heart.

We hope the quality of Taiwan TV will continue to move forward at the same time, we advance the United States Television Awards today, the 2015 United States largest Television awards Emmy Awards (Emmy Award) awards ceremony a person to lead the anticipation! This year's Emmy Awards, whether on the red carpet or the winning theme, are particularly multiple, like a spread of spectrum, more color and sound. Then take you to see the exciting highlights of the Emmy Award, but also look forward to the future of Taiwan's TV Admiralty, will have more color. (Recommended reading: featured!) Emmy Award Five finalists of the strong-profile American drama )

Highlight one, embrace the diversity of the opening! Andy Samberg will be a Hollywood army

Andy Samberg, the Emmy Prize host, started with a consistent sense of humour, mentioning Hollywood's gender and ethnicity: "What a celebration in Hollywood that created the most diverse nominee in the history of the Emmy Award." You did it, the racist thing is over. "(Extended reading: Oscar actress Lupita Nyong ' O true confession: Don't let the appearance determine your value )

Andy Samberg, too. The gender issue that is often brought up on the red carpet

"In Hollywood, men and pay have always been a subject of discussion, and I'm wrong about that, it's written in Hollywood. The age gap between men and women is an important issue. Wait, sorry, I misread it, it says that both of these are big problems. These two problems are really too bad! 」

Andy Samberg Humor presents a small revolution in Hollywood's human rights issues at an Emmy ceremony, even though it has been a lot of evidence without improved sex discrimination. gender, race issues, not only in the opening of the Emmy Award, but also in the winners we see the real TV affirmation and respect, entertainment back to the essence, after all, is a person. Let's go into Hollywood's open doors of human rights and celebrate those glorious moments!

Highlight two, the first African-American Emmy Award for Best Actress--viola Davis

Viola Davis (Vera Lah Davis) won the drama's Best Actress in the " Getting Started " class. A moment on stage, her eyes suffused with tears, deep breath

"In my heart I saw a line, I saw the green fields and the lovely flowers, and a white woman stretched out her arms to me, and I did not know how to go along this line, to arrive there." "This was written by Harriet Tubman in 1800. Let me say something, the past segregation of colored people seems to be the only way for women to get a chance, and you can't see blacks on the Emmy stage because there is no such role. Now we have good playwrights, like Ben Sherwood, Paul Lee, Peter Nowalk, Shonda Rhimes, who redefine what beauty is, what is sexy, what we can be as a woman and a black man. This award is dedicated to Taraji P. Hensons, Kerry Washingtons, Halle Berrys, Nicole beharies, Meagan Goods, Gabrielle Union (all of which are excellent black actresses), Thank you for letting me lead me on this line, thank you for the TV Emmy Award. 」

Tribute to all the efforts in the American film and television circle of Black predecessors, is the EU Lah Davis to tell the gratitude. She thanked these women for defying racial discrimination in the industry side injured side of the run, so she found how to walk in this path to their own, the lead to the quiet fields of the years well. (Recommended: "Sister" is not confused by the blind spot of the Times)

Highlight three, Jeffrey Tambor thanks transgender people

Jeffrey tambor to "Transparent life" to take the best actor comedy, "Transparent life" dismantling the family secret-the father hid for years, one day suddenly told three children of their heart is actually a woman, and decided to degeneration. Three children are also facing their own gender issues and private lives respectively. All the questions about gender are actually the only answers, and that is love. They will eventually find their own expectations of love and what they should be. (Recommended reading: call me Caitlin!) Olympic athletes transgender, the rest of their lives to be their own heroes

Jeffrey Tambor said in the award: "I have a teacher once said:" If your life depends on a certain meaning, you must go there to act. "And now I finally have the opportunity to take my action, because I see what it means to have a lot of people living." I want to thank Director Jill Soloway for giving me this opportunity, she really changed my life. Thank my wife, without you my existence is meaningless. I would like to dedicate my performance to transgender people and thank you for your patience. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for the story. Thank you for your revelation to us. Thank you for making me a part of change. 」

He thanked the existence of all the different individuals with humble heart, thanks to different, let us unique, and thanks to different, let us see the magnificent life.

Bright spots four, Hollywood Open appearance gate! A man of little ambition Gao Kleiger

The "Ice and Fire song: The Game of Power" (Game of Thrones), which has been shortlisted for the 24 awards this year, is notable for not including the technology awards, taking the top 4 prizes of Best drama, best director and supporting actor, and becoming the big winner.

One of the Kleiger (Peter Dinklage) is the song of Ice and Fire: Power Game "won the best supporting actor, he a dwarf shape in the film and television circle has always caused special attention, many people like to make a fuss over his height, but he never want to be his own" different "let him stand here. (same field Gayon: The confession of the handicapped person: Thank you for your admiration, but I do not want to be a motivational object )

Recalling his interview with the Red Bullentin in the United States magazine, he said: "I have done a lot of tasks to live and to pick up the play I want to take." The right to say no is actually very precious, can be proud of the work, only worthy of the people. Good scripts and storytelling are always attractive to me, and I've pushed away a lot of scripts to find the script bad, especially in my body, because this kind of script always lacks the identity of the character, and White is the "little Man". I do not represent all of my height, that is only a part of me, so why do I use height to define the role? 」

He did not want the script to identify him as a little man, but rather to identify with his acting. So Peter Kleiger in Hollywood, where the rate of change is particularly high . Cartilage dysplasia did not make him lose the height of his life, and the Kleiger of his laughter made him see the world more vast.

The four Emmy Awards are touching the moment, sharing with you the value of human rights, allowing the show to return to the topic of people, more concerned about the link of life with people. We are not the same, so the world is so beautiful.

"Winning list"

Drama Class Best Album:
"Song of Ice and Fire: Power Game" (Game of Thrones)

Best Comedy Series:
"The benevolence of the Vice" (Veep)

Best Actor in a drama class:
Choham (Jon Hamm)-"Mad Men in Ads" (Mad Men)

Best Actress in a Drama class:
Vera Ladevis (Viola Davis), "Getting Started with Murder" (How-get-Away with Murder)

Best Actor in the comedy Category:
Jeffretan Burr (Jeffrey tambor), "Transparent family" (transparent)

Best Actress in a Comedy series:
Julia Louise Chove (Julia Louis-dreyfus) "The benevolence of the Vice"

Best Supporting Actor in drama class:
Peter Dinklage-The Song of Ice and Fire: The Game of Power Kleiger

Best Supporting Actress in drama class:
Uzoa do Ba (Uzo Aduba)--"The beauty of the Bars" (Orange is the New black)

Best Supporting Actor in a comedy series:
Tony Hale, "The benevolence of the vice."

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy series:
Ellie Sengennie (Allison Janney), "The Best Mother" (MOM).