"What we fear most is not the death of every minute, but the death of every minute and every second of hatred that has nothing to do with them." "The war is relentless, so many families are broken." Some of the Syrian refugees who left their homes and fled the streets were seen by the world because of the luck of the goddess of Fortune , while others were still in a tug of war with Death . From the story of the two little boys, see the story of the little girl of the refugee little boy. (Forgotten by Justice in the corners of the world: the era of war orphans: Syrian refugees displaced only for rebirth )

Do you remember that little boy in the red dress who was lying on the beach in a shocking world, Alan? In early 2011, the Arab Spring shook Tunisia and the Egyptian regime, and Syrians marched for democratic reform, anti-government demonstrations, and eventually into civil war. The Syrian civil war so far, 250,000 people have died, more than 7 million people have been displaced, have fled their homes only hope for a better life. But this year alone, more than 2600 people have died trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. (a picture of the world's heart: the hidden name of the European refugee tide!) Shore Boy Allen's Warning: "Our dreams are Dead"

A little boy's death, in exchange for a lot of tears in the world. Recently, there was another little boy who was hotly discussed: The Syrian Mawson father and son, who tripped over the border between Serbia and Hungary, were invited to watch the Spanish football match, and his youngest son, Cristiano, became a happy photo of Ronaldo (Ronaldo).

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This is probably the happiest day of Ihde's life, how lucky he was to be the "chosen little Boy" and enjoy becoming the focus of attention. The Luck goddess not only let Izzie complete his dream, for the Mawson in Spain opened a bright gate, let their stories can be seen by the world. But she seems to have forgotten that many of the world's "Izzie's" are waiting for the story to be seen.

In order to escape the flames of war, these Eritrea from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, to flee from death and take great risks to start a new life in the country of their dreams. They don't know that they need to be tested before they are happy. Heaven or hell, only a gleam. (Recommended to you: The living are also experiencing a death: listen to Lin Shuyu X-stone talk about "Hundred Days Farewell")

Who holds the key to the door of destiny?

Life is a gamble, the little boy's fate is not in her own hands, the attitude of the world to refugees will determine their fate.

What do European countries do

The refugees ' first choice-the continent of Europe-is quite bipolar to this group of people who have been forgotten by the goddess of justice. Most countries in the European Union are receptive: Germany has admitted about 800,000 of its refugees to shelters. The Vatican, where the Catholic Pope is located, also hopes that each Catholic parish will host 1 refugee families.

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But as the number of refugees entering Europe has increased, attitudes have shifted from openness to toughness, as Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia have begun to impose varying degrees of restraint. In addition to controlling the border population, Austria and Germany cancelled about 80% trains to carry refugees on September 13, as a result of the influx of refugees. Slovenia and Croatia, the Midway station, also closed the border with Serbia because of the "transiting".

The European Union has proposed a solution to the transfer and resettlement of 160,000 refugees, and the four countries of Eastern Europe (Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) have held objections, and so far there has been no result. The only consensus was to announce that 1 billion euros would be provided to refugee camps in the Middle East, providing the necessities of life for refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

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Although Britain has not signed the Schengen Agreement and reiterated its commitment not to participate in EU refugee allocation, it has also begun to honour its pledge to accommodate 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020.

What does Turkey do?

As a bridge to Eurasia, tens of thousands of refugees will try to move from Turkey to Europe, where Syrian refugees have increased by more than 200,000 since June.

How to do US-Australia

The United States will accept 85,000 refugees next year, including 10,000 Syrian refugees, hoping to raise the total to 100,000 by 2017. Australia is committed to hosting 12,000 refugees.

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Although countries have opened their arms to the extent that they can accept the exodus to escape from the war and flee to death, risking a great deal of risk to start a new life in their dream country, the influx of refugees remains a drop in the bucket. The most fundamental problem: the Syrian civil war, the aggression of the Islamic countries did not resolve, they still can only sing the song of the Wanderer in the world, can not return to a good home. (The victims of War: The common pain of the world: Wars die not of men, but of love )

Whether Alan or Mawson father and son, their stories are always reminding us that in the thousands of miles away, there are still a group of people outside the displaced, suffering from the war. (Love still exists: call the goodness of the world with a kiss!) A world photographic collection that makes you feel warm