Let's say "turn Down the blues " and work almost 70% of our lives, but for most people it seems like a dismal thing to do, and one of the biggest problems is that "time is never Enough". Compared to the time management of the secret , this time we want to tell you the " Stress management " of the new concept, manage the pressure, time is yours.

You have no time, suddenly the sky is dark, but you still have three project reports that are not done; you're munching on dinner and studying the morning report. You complain that only 24 hours a day, you're still worried about not being able to get off work on time tomorrow, and you find yourself unable to strike a balance between working and living. To live more and more hard. You can't help thinking, do people have to live like this?

Too many people tell you that you don't have time to manage. Of course, also do not forget to tell you endless time management, tomato clock or timing method, time management of the term to you pressure well tired. (Recommended reading: The gentle philosophy of strong women: listening to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

Hey, you're not the only one who's tired of time management. Many foreign enterprises have not talked about time management, rather than "time management","pressure Management" is more suitable for modern work methods, time is always not enough. What you need to do is not to manage time, not to push yourself to the limit every minute, but to learn to be the person who dances with time and works at ease.

  1. The day begins with the difficulty : Do you frown at the beginning of the morning, beginning with the most difficult task? But the truth is, getting the hardest things done can help you ease the stress of the next day. The feeling of being away from stress will give you a greater incentive to get things done well. (Recommended reading: don't do anything for the first hour of work?) )

  2. interspersed with a period of blank time : Do you think the upper limit of brain capacity is impossible to think about? For time management, whitespace may be a luxury, but stress management encourages you to rest moderately. Give yourself a blank walk, and don't come back until you feel like you can embrace your work with a new attitude.

  3. be the person who can master one's day: If your difficult task is concentrated in the afternoon, instead of tightening the whole morning, arrange for yourself in the morning to feel free and master.

  4. eat foods that help you think clearly : take notes, whole grains or oatmeal toast, coarse grains are a good source of nutrients that can help the brain remember, improve attention and think. If you think about one thing thoroughly, you are less stressed.

  5. don't be the one who disturbs your day's work : for example, arrange a bunch of disorganized meetings for yourself. Whether it's a meeting or a conference call, focus on the same time period. Because of the sudden discussion and conflict, will let your pressure index straight up. (Recommended to you: three hours in the morning to complete a day of work, super efficiency work accelerated method )

  6. try to get things done at once : forget what you learned from "Time management" in the "Phased task", you can do things once, why break down into more to let you worry about the small task? A big event is done, your troubles are solved, and the problem of time management that bothers you is gone.

  7. ruthless refusal to distract : Yes, sometimes you just have to face up and tell people "I really can't be distracted right now." "Everyone should have their own time to retreat, build your" Do not Disturb "signal, after all, sometimes your stress source, in fact, because the environment is constantly distracting you things.

  8. Morning run , do yoga, fitness! The need to exercise : You must know that many entrepreneurs have the habit of running in the morning, to be fair, morning runs do take time, but in terms of "stress management", exercise habits can help you to use the next time more in place.

  9. rest with big mouth breathing : When you feel the pressure has flooded to the neck, instead of anxious complaining or anxious to jump, try a big mouth to breathe, exhale, suck, when, between, can let you turn your attention to other things!

  10. give yourself time to relax : don't work with your shoulders all day long, and for a few hours each day, you can talk to your co-workers for a day or look at some interesting websites. (This is a time management technique that forbids you, but stress management strongly encourages you in the way)

Oddly enough, stress management, though somewhat contrary to the "time management" logic, is a "seemingly inefficient" approach that allows you to look at the work at hand in a new way. When you learn to be flexible in time and dance with time instead of being enslaved by time, you will find that the dividing line between life and work that has plagued you in the past is becoming more and more blurred, and you are increasingly enjoying yourself at work. (a secret to your work: good voice, work with you. )

"You think I'm playing, but actually I'm at work, you think I'm working, but I'm playing" the Supreme mystery Ah, try it together!