"Star World X Womany" Loving Me Love Me Series Salon trilogy in a funny and inspirational atmosphere, the final trilogy of our " expression " as a key word, invited to FOX Sports Center, the International Sports Centre anchor tweeted Hunhong appropriate, Share with you how to use your own unique good story!

"Star World X Womany" Love Me Loves my own series of growth salons went to the penultimate, the first two we invited to Star world, "Asia Supermodel Life and Death Bucket," Taiwan contestants Natalie Natalie pickles and Fragrant Moon Ming Mei Akemi, to chat with us Talk about their dream-chasing stories and their little workout tips. Tonight, although the protagonist is not their, they also came to the scene, and readers sit together, serious focus, listen to the FOX Sports console host Chenhongyi, how to bring a wonderful and moving story tonight. (Wonderful review: Super model Natalie: Dream, after the count!) )

Tell the story, it's my DNA.

"JoJo is the most iconic anchor I've ever seen!" "Host Tanya an opening, on the playful provoked the audience's curiosity, one side of the Chenhongyi, after the microphone, also immediately to be outdone to say:" In fact, I have idol characteristics, no idol baggage! "Such a lap to sing, not only will the atmosphere of the whole audience hot up, but also let us find that Chenhongyi really funny."

To prepare for this sharing, Chen Hong should go back to his love to tell the beginning of the story, that is he about 3 or 4 years old in English Cram school when the story, when the teacher to the class to repeat "I told you." This sentence, mischievous he immediately thought of a special homophonic, obstinately repeated the stems ending "you you!" (tweeted) The whole class roared with laughter in an instant!

Because of this experience, let him find the speech can bring the influence of the masses, but also found his own quirky, love to show the characteristics, so laid his love to tell the story of the Prelude.

When I tell a story to someone, it's like electricity passing through my body!

Many times, we always think that find their favorite things difficult, can do so many things, in the end which is their favorite? But think carefully, perhaps hidden in their daily life, has long been their own personality, the habit of every day, but we have not found it!

Know yourself and find your voice

Chenhongyi, an actor, an ad, a theatrical drama, a seemingly full of drama, how could he eventually become a sports anchor? In fact, is to follow their own heart just.

Although there is no sports, media-related background, but with love to tell stories, like to show their own, want to stand on the platform to tell more people to listen to the story of the momentum, Chenhongyi brave challenge not to try the sports anchor Road! He works harder than others and turns his weaknesses into advantages. "I have a performance, film, theater experience that no one else has, and I want to do sports with my own characteristics!" 」

In Chenhongyi sports reports, always not only professional broadcast content, he will also add a lot of life of the story or lines, such as Stephen Chow, Shaolin Kung Fu, the United States teenage warrior and so is his material, make the whole broadcast to listen to more lively and interesting.

Indeed, who says that news broadcasts must be solemn and solemn? A good broadcast, should be from the emotional broadcast, when there are emotional elements in which the host's emotional transition, living words, it will be the key to attract viewers, and then create more links with the audience.

"Find your voice and the story you tell will be charming." You can't do what other people want you to do, because to be someone else, there is definitely someone who will act more like you. So you have to be yourself! 」

With confidence, you can walk a little more.

Chenhongyi smiled and said he was probably a bit overconfident, but such overconfidence, indeed at many important moments, helped him smoothly through.

Like he was interviewing sports anchors, the front part was all right, until the last pass, Chenhongyi was asked a professional question, at that time his head a blank, but only paused for two seconds, he again resume smile, show full confidence smooth answer. Perhaps at that time he was not so familiar with the profession, but self-confidence and the attitude of the chaos, so that he successfully won the review of the favor.

Then there is the audience asked, Chenhongyi such a natural love performance personality, before the stage is how to maintain self-confidence, will not be nervous? Chenhongyi smiled and said, "Of course it will!" "But he has two special tips to help him twist his mind and let himself enjoy it!"

One is "imitation". Before taking office, he would imagine himself to be the most admired American talk show star, because likes the idol the characteristic performance, the populace charm, therefore he will desperately in the brain recalls the idol appearance, and after coming on stage oneself, is that appearance! The other is "microphone privileges." Microphone This small design, can make a person's voice, hundreds of people hear, Chenhongyi think it is a privilege. So, when he has the opportunity to speak with the microphone, he will take this opportunity, with a positive attitude to encourage himself: "People will listen to you under the stage, to love this matter, enjoy every moment!" 」

Perhaps, this is the point of overconfidence, so that Chen Hong better than others bright eyes! When we have 100% of the preparation, with 100% ability, then "self-confidence" will be the final key 20%, so that we can show 120% of their own, for their own more points!

Dare to take risks, inspire more story energy

Looking at Chenhongyi such self-confidence is to say their own story, we also unavoidably want to know: what is the most challenging thing in life for Chenhongyi?

"Take a stand-up show in America!" 」

Chenhongyi laments that it is not easy for Taiwanese to tell American jokes in unfamiliar language in America, often difficult to muster up courage, exhausted full performance, the reaction is very poor, once embarrassed, giggle, been scolded, all kinds of the most miserable situation Chenhongyi have experienced, but he will bite the bullet to try , just to win a good echo.

Although very frustrating, but he also learned one thing in frustration: "People have resilience!" "It is worse than bad, like the world's most painful lovelorn general, lying on a lie, rest, will be good." And he also found that when he had the courage to try, to challenge, he was less afraid of the face of different types of people, not only the resilience of a better and faster than once, this story has become a classic story in his life. (Recommended: Enjoy adversity, better taste success )

It was this experience that helped him to become a sports anchor later. In the face of setbacks, he can always quickly accept, and then quickly let himself stand up again.

"Chance, Wuzegamin. "I have the privilege of speaking to you, that is, to have the grace to accept criticism." The wind and rain will be over, but the important thing is to constantly make yourself better.

What should we do in the face of low tide?

Many times, in the face of setbacks in the present, our first instinct is to escape, because failure is uncomfortable, even after the injury, we are not sure whether we have to bear the courage to fail again, it is relatively easy to hide back to the comfort zone. However, if the life of the long view, these setbacks in the vast life may not occupy such a small piece. More importantly, if the life can not be repeated, missed the opportunity is gone, then we will not regret it? If it will, we are not biting the teeth, but also hard for their dreams, their own goals after a good chase, is not counted bewildered life? (Hey, don't be afraid!) accustomed to fall, to enjoy failure )

"Every day I push myself to take a little risk and make it a little bit different every day, 365 days a year," he said. In this way, every little adventure will be nutrients, it will be the next more interesting story! 」

I want to be a Coca-Cola!

Share to the end, Chen Hong show his last PPT, above is big "I want to do Coca-Cola!" "Seven words.

See here everyone laughed, yes! Enjoy McDonald's if only the main meal without Coca-Cola collocation, everything is not taste, and even tired of people eat. Chen Hong to describe their own broadcast is probably the most important, most indispensable Coca-Cola, if the sporting event is the main meal, then he is to make the whole program become more vivid and smooth important supporting role!

Believe in yourself, you will be the most unique!

Looking at the Chenhongyi on the stage, it seems no longer just the beginning of the fun just, from his eyes, we saw a lot of his life story, his fragile, his strong, his never give up, each experience, have made the present he, now so confident and firm appearance.

Recall that the first two weeks Natalie Natalie pickles and Fragrant Moon Akemi salon sharing, they feel that everything is strung up! Natalie Natalie Pickles never speaks English, constantly rejected shy girls, because I believe that they can do, for the dream never give up trying to challenge, and finally in the "Asia Super Supermodel" stand out, now live their dream life; Xiang Yue Ming Mei Akemi is a girl afraid of camera, Because the courage to step out of the comfort zone, coupled with their own rigorous exercise and eating habits, I can see how she is trying to make herself more and more good, become today's bright eyes of her!

The core spirit of all this is that they believe in themselves, believe in their unique, because the heart rich and powerful, life will be more and more wonderful!

This is also love me loves oneself the series growth Salon wants to bring to everybody, when we can love oneself, gives oneself a little more self-confidence, we can accumulate the energy to face more challenges, just like them three, live out belongs to own Wonderful Life!