degeneration , no longer is not inflow, difficult to ascend the existence of elegance, but we live this secular need to more understand, see Ethnic groups . Look at Paddy's mother's farewell letter to her: whether you are a son or a daughter, you are my baby. (Extended reading: A teacher's transsexual confession: from Zeng to Zengjia core, I have lived a woman in my heart )

If your child has a transsexual tendency, how would you respond to him?

When Paddy McGuire was five years old, his mother Lorna realized that Paddy wanted to be a girl, so the mother gave his son the first dress and wrote a beautiful poem to "her".

I have a little caterpillar, it's small and blue
He keeps reminding me of you.
I love him, I raise him, I want to meet all his needs.
But he wants to change.
I followed his footsteps.
I like to support him wholeheartedly until one day I have to understand the truth.
Until the boy said good-bye.
You'll weave your spinning and wrap yourself in a cocoon.
You will weave your own web and spell the shape you know
Wrapped in the light that your soul shines
The real you are going to break out of the cocoon
I'm so surprised, I don't have any thought.
It's not the shy boy that's sinking with the Blues
What a beautiful butterfly, it is high, proud, pink
Sometimes, I miss my caterpillar.
Fortunately my butterfly girl, full of my Happy heart

I had a little caterpillar, small, cute and blue
He reminded me so much
I loved him and fed him, tended his every need
But he wanted to change
I had to follow he lead
I loved and supported still wondering why
' Til the day my boy said goodbye
Spun your silk all round your shell
You wove your web and said your spell
The inside of your soul shone out
And the real you came about
I was amazed, what else could I?
No longer a shy boy whose heart would sink
But a beautiful butterfly, loud, proud and pink
Sometimes I miss my caterpillar Boy
But My butterfly girl fills I heart with joy

Hey, this is a beautiful moment, she broke out of the cocoon, the soul is no longer trapped in the shell of doubt.

Paddy's mother said: ""paddy at the age of two, picked up my necklace, with a turban pretending to be her long hair, fortunately I keep up with her growth, at the age of five to see her soul. " At that time I bought a skirt, Paddy wanted to borrow to play with me, I saw her put on, small body in the long skirts appear very happy. Then I shed tears, I have not seen Paddy so happy, I am very happy in my life, can see her such a smiley face. Paddy is still the same for me. (Recommended reading:"to be true to yourself, is a very free thing" the life story of the Australian transsexual Jazz )

Paddy's father in the beginning with Paddy go out, the neighbors always cast a strange eye, at this time he has a deep sense of guilt to Paddy: "paddy is also using the appearance of girls to school classes, children can accept him, we the world's adults why not? 」

Paddy want to be a girl either at school or at home.

Why our world, can not have more beautiful butterflies?

Paddy The family frankly accepted the child's sexual direction, and accompanied him through the gender anxiety. Together they share this story with the world, the soul of the wrong body, the original can also have a happy version.

When the reporter asked how to face the child's transsexual, Paddy mother Lorna's answer is simple: "Just love your child, accept him, hope he is happy." Believe me, the sex ratio of their soul makes him feel happier. 」

Give every little paddy:you in the world ' re beautiful,it ' true.