After the woman's first 8/26 women's Day Hall invited Tsai to talk about "Taiwan in My Eyes" , we invited the same Hong Xuoju as the presidential candidate to "not compromise on women's strength, Hong Xuoju and your private words "share her as a woman how fearless into the campaign, if you only know little chili, this one night we know together strong and soft and both the Flood show column." (Recommended reading:"exclusive" Flip old politics!) Hong Xuoju: How do we see diversity in the mainstream media monopoly? )

After the woman's first 8/26 women's Day classroom invited Tsai to talk about "Taiwan in my Eyes", we look forward to more meta points of view and dialogue, the same invitation as the presidential candidate of the Hong Xuoju with "Women do not compromise, hung Sau column and your private words" to share her as a woman how fearless into the election campaign, no resources how to ride.

Female Power era: Cai English and Hong Xuoju to create democratic dialogue

in the 8/26 Women's Forum, Cai English had been firmly said: "Politics is not genius, only experience." She thinks she can keep her heart in a sinister environment without forgetting her original appearance. Like with Hong Xuoju tonight : "I will continue to go this way and find the right way for the country." "has created the meaning of dialogue beyond time and space.

Activity Scene Woman Fan founder Zhang Wei Xuan with "A Tale of twins" Foreword: "It was the best of times, the worst of times, the age of intelligence, the age of Folly, the age of faith, the age of doubt, the season of Light, the season of Darkness, the hopeful spring, and the desperate winter. "She thinks everyone who's got a crush on women tonight is out of love for the land."

Politics can create democratic flow in the awe of the classroom uprising and also in Sharon. This is a one-day call to the salon to reflect the enthusiasm of Taiwanese citizens to participate in the dialogue, the scene 140 people not only listen to Hong Xuoju How to say, more please Hong Xuoju listen to them how to say.

"Female uprising" Hong Xuoju: I can lose the election, but must remain sincere

"The glorious History of the Kuomintang, we all know that the most glorious time may not be my share, in the most decline, I as one of the children, I have the responsibility to accompany it through." "Hong Xuoju at the time of women's obsession with the country's consistency. The KMT's Standing Committee proposal to repeal the nomination of KMT presidential nominee Hong Xuoju does not affect her introspection of Taiwan's future. "The young man I met in this election made me feel that this road must go on," she said. What I am going to go on is our philosophy, our vision of the country, the hope of the young, not the choice. (Recommended reading:"exclusive" in the face of failure, frankly do not understand the courage: Hong Xuoju Love Party not blind three questions )

Many people at the scene concerned about the issue of post, she replied: "A party a country can not be without system and integrity." I respect the provisional whole-generation resolution, but I do not agree with its procedures. Because this election gives me a chance to reach out to the young people, whatever the outcome, I will try to take my personal ideals and hear voices through different channels. I can lose the election, but I have to be honest. 」

"Female force Change" Hong Xuoju: People, is the reason to go down

Take part in a women's fan salon, the hung Sau pillar relaxes the legs of the site, just as all the people sitting on the ground have a democratic night. Speaking of walking, she attributed all the way to accompany the people: "When I in order to participate in the primary petition, run several places to tell the idea of the country's future expectations." From the eyes and shaking hands with everyone, I feel that they have deep expectations of me. One day only to earn 200 of scavenging friends, 80-year-old old man riding the dusty bike to the service to donate money to me. I was moved by their love of the country. 」

Zhang Yixuan think this night we know the gentle and perseverance of small chili, scene audience also describe Hong Xuoju girl Heart, originally she not only to the country have love, to stray animals more compassion, she called the cat dog turtle cute, showing the female political elite of the soft and hard properly.

"Female force mobility"--a talk on multiple genders in the first column

Also talk about "contemporary gender phenomenon" that night, Zhang Wei Xuan tells women to be obsessed with entrepreneurial ideas to promote gender mobility and dialogue, Hong Xuoju that we must be respectful of all genders. She also talked about female leadership as: "Women's boldness, courage, leadership." When education is equal, women's power unfolds. Female force not only for the performance of the workplace, the home to cultivate the future pillars of the country is also a female force performance. Women are not necessarily weak, but also flexible and rigid. If a man is a stone, a woman is as soft as water, but don't forget that water will wear stone! "(Extended reading: The gentle philosophy of a strong woman: listen to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

In addition to affirming the ability of women, Hong Xuoju is more optimistic about two female candidates for the presidential election: "The Times are changing, and this election will change the gender inequalities in more societies." 」

"Female dialogue" the world can not have only one voice

Cross-Strait issue: Regardless of the idea of independence is the love of Taiwan

In the on-site question and answer time, the audience and the online watch broadcast the readers warmly spoke, the 34-Year-old scholar from the political department of Suzhou University raised the question of cross-strait policy: "Why is your cross-strait view of the two sides causing conflict?" If you can win votes by saying beautiful words now, why keep your attitude straight? Is it personality, or is it unfamiliar with electoral skills? 」

Hong Xuoju replied: "I can tell you I know the skills of the election, but my personality dictates." Cross-strait policy is a heavy policy in all policies, regardless of the idea that unification is from Love Taiwan. Alone and maintain the status quo, to separate to talk about, the system, the discussion in what kind of systems. What worries me is that people don't want to talk about it with rational thinking, and they wear hats. This is a matter of pride and dry decision, the people who have brought the economic miracle of Taiwan, the behavior of our generation, can bring the future to the next generation of people? We work together. 」

New immigrants and the identity of overseas Chinese

Sitting on the scene, a 18-Year-old student asked: "How to set the right path for the country, correct the conflict and resolve the ethnic conflicts?" Hong Xuoju said: "If we are still talking about ethnic groups, we should be ashamed." Taiwan, there is no arrival problem, whether it is the land and the outside, they are the new son of Taiwan, since come to this land, we are a family. 」

A 27-year-old South Korean fourth generation of overseas Chinese reflects their nationality without household registration, no security, and said that the box is red. Hong Xuoju Response: "I think this is very unfair to the Chinese ethnic groups, they are very patriotic." I think this issue must become a project to deal with, more seriously to be seen. 」

"Female Power Revolution" a group of people go farther! The future road of Taiwan invites you to go with us

The women's salon has a voice from China, Singapore, South Korea, 18-year-old green students, also have 50-year-old loyal members, gathered beyond age, nationality, and gender dialogue; There is no immediate Jie Fang, but conversation is the starting point of the knot. All of this night sitting, without prejudice and color, only ask Taiwan's future. Too many people say this presidential election is the two women's war, but women fans believe that this is the starting point for women's strength. It was they who came forward and brought new spark to Taiwan's politics.

The political dialogue that has a meaning in the times, in the women's fan lectures gradually voice, there is no opposite rational communication, the achievement of our solid forward vein. Finally Zhang Yixuan again: "Regardless of political parties, regardless of color, we have the same expectations of the land." Like a woman who's obsessed with the sex flow and the human intention, any existence needs to be told and listened to. "Women obsessed with the idea of gender, generations and positions of communication platform to create all the right space for the mission, in the 2016 presidential election outpost, put down the prejudices and antagonism, in women's paradise regardless of party to listen to the voters of the ideal world view, a communist night such a democratic evening."