Yes, you're not mistaken. This is a piece of wood made up of a piece of wood.

Yes, you have no misunderstandings, not just a wooden necklace on the neck, but also a number 0 and 1.

THRIVE from Los Angeles, USA, composed of Rob Meadows, Ali Shahriyari, and Cem Cako, combined with the two concepts of technology and design innovation, introduced the spring/summer series made up of wood and numbers in 2011.

Rob Meadows and Ali Shahriyari, an original technology industry, believe that technology concepts and technologies can be integrated with fashion, and thus find the designer Cem Cako, who works together to create a series of new pieces of clothing that are made of the main materials, numbers 0, and 1, and also hope to bring new designs different to fashion industries!

Cutting wood with lasers, creating a number of deluxe patterns and wooden accessories, a design, a new twist in modern fashion industry, and now let us enjoy more of the 2011 spring and summer wood series brought by THRIVE!

Dress Series

Waistband Series

Necklace series


The most innovative fashion
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