" If your life is coming to an end, what would you say?" About death , we often avoid talking about it, but in fact the last words are often the wisdom of a person's attitude to of life , the attitude of death, and the experience.Let's take a look at the last of the nine historical celebrities , their "last words"!(Don't let yourself regret: Prepare a "death notebook" and face up to the end of the smile )

The fascinating thing about life is that every one of us can only live once, die once.

We are going to die whether or not we want it.The last word is the last sentence of a man's life.Some people especially like to read the last words. Perhaps because this is the wisdom of the people of the conglomerant, the most profound and most able sentence of letting go, perhaps because every word before death is the most sincere confession of a person.In any case, I have always believed that the last words were the most bare-white and thoughtful of the people before they entered the other journey.Have you ever thought, at the end of life, what would you say in the last sentence?(Recommended to you: I'm afraid it's too late!)Before I die, I wish I didn't regret it. )

From Akimid, Davenxi to Jane Austen, now let's go back to the nine historic celebrities before they died, the most real moment.

Embrace the lifetime study: Archimedes (Archimedes)

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Stand open!Don't step on my map!Stand away, felllow, from my diagram!

"Give me a pivot and I can lift the entire planet!"As the first of the three great mathematicians in history, Archimedes still embraced his favorite mathematics at the last minute of his death.

212 BC, Suragu was finally captured by the Roman army.When the Roman army entered the city, Archimedes was studying geometry problems before his home.A Roman soldier approached and crushed the graphics of Archimedes on the ground.Archimedes said, " Stand up, don't trample on my diagram!The Romans were so angry after hearing that, and they pulled out the knife and went down to Archimedes, and this great scientist killed himself.(Archimedes' secret: Six celebrities tell you: distraction from creativity )

Leonardo da Vinci is never enough to pursue excellence

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I offended God and humanity, because my work didn't reach the level it should be.I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.

The Italian Renaissance man, in addition to being a painter, was a sculptor, architect, anatomist, engineer.He spent his whole life taking notes and writing it in his own unique mirror image.

Despite the richness of art, anatomy, and engineering, Da Vinci still humbled his work humbly before he died, to be ashamed of God and humanity.Those who have been known as "undetergable curiosity" and "very active creative imagination" are still seeking excellence before they die, perhaps the attitude of Da Vinci to life!

Faced with: Michel de Nostradamus

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When the sun comes up tomorrow, I'm gone.You will not find me alive at sunrise.

The prophecy of Nostrada, a French prophet, has been written in four lines of poetry, and many admirers are still waiting for the prophecy of the prophecy.

In the last sentence before he died, it was natural to compare death to the sun rising with the sun.

In the face of death, stick to self: Voltaire

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Now, I don't have time to make enemies anymore.Now, now, my good man, this is no time for making enemies.

The father of French thought, Voltair, was a champion of the battle of freedom of thought and of speech throughout his life.The defence of civil liberties has spared no effort, in particular the pursuit of freedom of conscience and justice

Voltaur opposed monarchy, advocated the theory of nature, criticized the Catholic Church, and compared the Roman Catholic Church to "Two-foot Beast".Before he died, a pastor asked him to sever his ties with Satan, and he refused the priest's request in a humorous manner.Many people died on the opposite side of the road because of fear of seeking help from religion, but Voltair remained in the face of death without changing his own position.(You would like to know: : Light up the light of the Enlightenment!)The Voltaire's mistress, Emoly )

But please don't do anything: Jane.Jane Asten

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I don't want anything, just death.I want nothing but death.

One of the most influential women of the world in the history of literature in the 19th century was the British literary scholar.Jane Austen has never married and never married, but her literary works have profoundly influenced women's attitudes toward marriage, family, and love.

When she died, her sister Cassandra asked her what she needed, and she said, " I only want to die."

Seize the effort that was made alive: Carl.Karl Marx

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The last words were for those who were not long enough to say.Last words are for fools who haven't said enough.

Marx, an important contemporary philosopher, economist, and sociologist, published a great deal of his life, among which the most famous included the "Communist Manifesto", which advocated the overthrow of the capitalist revolution, and the "Capitalism" for the critical analysis of capitalism.

As Marx is promoting his own ideas, he has worked tirelessly for his entire life, and he has left behind his last words of "rich weight", why don't you just take good care of the hard work that you can make when you're done?

Don't bother me with boredom: Richard.Richard Feynman

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I hate to die twice, which is boring.I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring.

One of ten of the greatest physicists of all time, Foman, who is never more than a physicist with "standard answers", always treats every study in life as "play."Biography < Stop it!Mr. Feynman is well enough to see his humorous personality.

Feynman died on February 15, 1988, at the age of 69, suffering from two rare cancers, fatty sarcoma and macroglobulin blood.Stay by the end: " I hate to die twice, that's boring.How can a child of such a scientific community be able to accept "boring"?

Thank you for your life: Arthur.Kernan.Sr Arthur Conan Doyle

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You are the best.You are wonderful.

British author Arthur.Kernan.Doyle's most popular works, "Holmes", is not known as "Holmes".His deepest impression is that besides literary works, there are also his beliefs about the theory of the spirit.A famous author, physician, and last sentence before the end of the dying, is for the wife, Jen."You're the best," said Jean Leckie." (A song devoted to a loved one: I love you more than a lifetime, 73 years of love songs )

Life is fleeting: Bab.Bob Marley

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Money, no life.Money can't buy.

Poummali is a Jamaican singer-songwriter because of the introduction of the Jamaican pop music and rock and roll music, which has had a huge impact on popular music in the West, and is called the "reggae" of the "Rare Ghost".The poverty of childhood became the source of the later Marley anti-racism and social movement.

age of 32, Marley found himself suffering from melanoma, aged 36.At the last minute of his life, his short life left a note for the fleeting death of his life.

Let's meet in another world: Joe.DiMaggio (Joe DiMaggio)

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I am finally able to see Marilyn Monroe.I finally get to see Marilyn.

The New York Yankeeers have been selected the Most Valuable Player of the Year and three times to enter the All-Star Game, and Demacho is often known as "a perfect" player for the season.In January 1954, Dimacho married the Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, but the marriage ended only 10 months after the marriage.

A brief marriage does not appear to end Demacho's love of Monroe.At the last minute, he said that he could finally see his former wife, Marilyn Monroe.(Charming story: pyrotechnics, floritorous Marilyn Monroe Monroe )

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From the last words of a person, we can not only see his outlook on life, but also see his attitude toward death.Like Archimedes, at the end of life, they still work hard at the end of their life; they also have the same love as Doyle, Demacho, and love the love of life.We can't determine the length of life, but we can decide where to go, how to go.Hopes that the day at the end of my life will be able to smile and go to another journey.

If today, you are going to comment on your own life, what would you say?