International breast cancer Prevention and control month, actress also hesitate to share their brave anti-cancer process! Angelina Jolie , Mackinnes, Kelly Milo called for women to face breast cancer, three actress experience let us know that every breath is not easy, every anti-cancer road is like bent into the alley, experience more lost in the deep, out of the dark after the Shia more precious. (Recommended reading: Women's breasts: you must be able to correctly prevent breast cancer Seven steps )

This October is the international Breast Cancer Prevention Month, the annual international Breast Cancer Prevention and treatment month everywhere spreads the pink atmosphere, each book of each big American bookstore has the pink ribbon bookmark to remind everyone to notice breast health. "Early prevention, early detection, early treatment" is the purpose of the Pink Ribbon Breast cancer prevention and control activities.

Taiwan is also a gentle filament for pink ribbons, with many brands leading the way and striving to be the first step towards women's self-contemplation. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie also openly appeals to women to face breast cancer again, then share with you the courageous manifesto of women and defend your rightful body rights! (Recommended reading: Brave woman Lin: In the face of cancer, I choose to be strong face )

Angelina Jolie: I want to grow old and spend the rest of my life with my kids.

"Medication has made me feel like I'm no longer a woman," she said. Slowly cured, I believe I became a better mother, and I can tell my children that they don't have to worry about losing me in the process of growing up. 」

Angelina Jolie in 2013 to remove her breasts, and in 2013 she was again at risk of cancer, so she had ovarian surgery. Because Jolie's mother, grandmother and aunt both died of cancer. Jolie has a 87% risk of breast cancer and 50% of the risk of ovarian cancer, so she is more active in cancer testing. Jolie also promotes women's understanding of their own physical rights, and advocates empowering women to have more ways to avoid cancer deaths.

"I feel that I can make such a strong choice, absolutely without prejudice to my feminine charm," Jolie said during his mastectomy. " after two cancer crises, she frankly said in an interview recently:" I can't wait to grow old, to meet the arrival of the 50-year-old. "Originally Jolie's mother died at the age of more than 40, so she was not young and valuable, and it was more desirable to have the rest of her life with her children."

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Mackinnes: Do not have to face the scars bravely, a little humor!

British actress Mackinnes ( Aniela McGuinness ), at age 25, found herself a high-risk group of breast cancer by BRCA1 genetic tests, and then she recorded her recovery after each half of the test, 30-year-old cancer for breast resection. Mackinnes to look after herself with a humorous look, and she wants people to be happy when they see her picture, not to be full of sympathy or shock.

"I saw a lot of dark chest photography before the surgery and inspired me to be brave, but it made me feel more scared," he said. I want to create a set of photos that we don't have to be ashamed of and sad to see, but to enjoy. 」

from the first picture of the breast removed to the surgery The first time to see their own chest to remove the bandage appearance, she mockery herself to the science of Strange Bride debut; After the chemo, the bald-headed photo shows a bright smile, like the high-tech future of the beautiful robot; the last picture is Mackinnes now, She take the nipple sticker, where the best place to put the chest . Michael Kinnes said the aim of this series of photos is to let everyone know that even if they suffer from pain, they can find the fun and the real taste of life! (Extended reading: the courage to face cancer!) Interview folk singer Shing: "I am not born optimistic")

Mackinnes said: "What you are experiencing this is very difficult, but it will make your heart more open, reborn as a beautiful person." "After the breast of the collection, can also be colorful, childlike, full of imagination."

Kelly Milo: You know yourself better than a doctor.

pop music sounds good, Kelly. Milo ( Kylie Minogue in 2005 for Breast Cancer Suspension concert tour, was once because of misdiagnosis and almost delayed treatment; Kelly Milo insists on a two-degree test before diagnosing an abnormal mass in the left breast, and then underwent a series of mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

She said: "Women should trust their intuition, even if the doctor wearing a white robe, holding high-tech medical equipment, does not mean that he is absolutely correct." 」

compared with doctors, women are the most meticulous and physical people to get along with. In her interview, she talked about cancer-fighting feelings: "I know I am strong, but when you confront the unknown, it will produce a lot of complex emotions and memories." It took me a few years to really know the enemy I was fighting for, and when my hair began to regenerate slowly because of the treatment, I was really excited, like seeing miracles! from the experience of suffering, people will find a lot of really precious things. 」

Kelly Milo, with the will and the encouragement of friends and relatives, repulsed Shang, and since then she has been supporting breast cancer, charitable activities, often called on women to carefully prevent, she also donated a signature bust for charity auction.

It's sexy to live seriously! Let the body be your comfort zone

We often assume that medical terms are far away from us, and therefore neglect the care of our bodies. Three actress experience let us know that every breath is not easy, every anti-cancer road is like curved into the alley, experience more lost in the deep, out of the dark Shia more precious. (Recommended reading: Free rocking comfortzone! Miss Picky: more intimate and gentle possession of oneself )

Kelly Milo and Angelina Jolie Jolie have all been named the sex goddess of the media. In the early days, they became popular with hot images, their rise is undoubtedly in the world of disease risk, breaking the myth of "complete body image", encouraging women to be courageous and independent from fate. Kelly Milo lets women learn to feel more closely about every change in the body, to understand their own masters; Angie Lena says it's better to be alive, to share old age with children than to be sexually important, too much. ; Mackinnes wants us to be humorous about life's demons, as Woody Allen says: "If you want to laugh at God, tell him all your life plans." "Because the plan is not reliable, there is nothing better than to focus on the moment of happiness." (Recommended reading: written in Kangxi walked the life of intelligence: the world is wide enough to let you go )

American feminist poet Lorde published in 1980: "Women to remove breasts after the efforts to cover up, so that they look" normal "is the social culture of the invisible oppression of women, such oppression makes it difficult or unacceptable to women's new body. "Over the past 30 years, women's bodies in the historical structure of reorganization, deformation, turbulence, the process of countless cultural binding or self-inflicted, into a more liberal posture."