In his play there are many signs to loneliness , he put the four famous Chinese masterpieces into a vivid modern life. He is Lin Yihua, Taiwan well-known theater director, every ticket is sold fire, each play is abstruse and sweet. If you are curious about who I am, you should go into the Theatre and savor the story of the director. (You would like: to subvert the theater with a comic attitude!) Shu Yiwei, Director of the Taipei Arts Festival: "Life is looking for, creating who you Are")

Is there really a little prince on Earth? I was in the direction of director Lin Yihua as if I saw the young man with the wind and soft hair, the eyes filled with the abstruse mysterious mystery of the universe.

He is Hong Kong well-known theater director, Taiwan play 25, life so far has accumulated 55 plays, the play code to turn over the play, the performance of nearly 800 games, the cumulative audience of more than million. But these figures, for carving his vast and deep, and even the top.

"Adults always love numbers; tell him things other than numbers that they don't understand and don't care about." "The Little Prince"

This day in front of the interview, I went to Lin Yihua, director of the north of a woman's lectures to listen, he overturned the speaker and the audience's right position, put the microphone in the hands of the girl, Lin Yihua director throws an interesting question: "If today to the Desert island, you can only bring a book you will choose?" "A girl answers the little prince," says Lin Yihua, a book that is her spiritual essence.

"We want to take to the island of the book, is our most want to protect the essence." 」

Lin Yihua's maiden dream: I want to have a girl's heart for a lifetime

At the end of the lecture, a girl waited for the crowd to disperse and told Lin Yihua Director: "After hearing your lecture, I would like to cry." "The director listens to the girl so to say also want to cry, when the perplexity is deeply understood, it is a kind of sweet ache from the deep of the body."

Director said he always cherish such a girl heart: "My work is related to young girls, the most important thing in life is the girl feelings, I hope all my life can be in the teenage stage." The girl is the richest and courageous, the girl's physiological and emotional feelings are the most slender, they are in a very rapid change in the environment around the age, such as walking to an empty house of a person's beach, every day there are different waves, to see the tidal changes. 」

Talking about the girl in the face of confusion, Lin Yihua Director said: "Life to maintain a strong inner, but also to face their own vulnerability every day." Girls can both have both things, compared to the boys are not vulnerable to education, our gender is socialized. "(Extended reading:The iphone 6S exposes gender discrimination: men use rose gold as a mother? )

Let the male original sin play the female Destiny: the soul has no absolute sex

The director said that, I think in his "Jia Baoyu" in the whole play female role, "a dream of Red mansions" is the entire use of Nanche, I wonder why in two plays to make the sex wrong.

He said: "Jia Baoyu is He Yi poetry, the sex of the game is in her body, to" a dream of Red mansions "is not the same," a dream of Red mansions, "everyone's mental state is Xifeng. Jia Baoyu itself has a very delicate understanding of women, a dream of red mansions to talk about the male original sin to deduce female destiny. I want the boys to wear the girls ' heels and ask them to experience the pain and confusion that they don't normally experience. 」

The Director also mentioned the row "dream of Red mansions", especially with the male actors have more emotional exchanges, because they want to try to figure out the feelings of women, this is not easy for men. We are accustomed to the gender phenomenon, he said: "We are not only the nature of life is a gender, everyone's emotions are male and female." It's just that you choose to magnify or repress. 」

We see a drama, we see a sense of superiority

Lin Yihua's works, it seems, are always related to women and gender issues, perhaps saying that he is always most concerned about people. Recently moved to the theater of the "Hate married family" to marry to talk about hate, to hate round married. The sweet and disappointed bitterness brought by the family play, the marriage of the woman to the family, the disillusionment to talk about reunion.

The director said that the surface is like a popular eight point party, inside is to use popular mode to talk about a not popular proposition. A woman in the society has the right, a crazy mother, an not caring little daughter, the link between them, is Love is also hate: "We now all the play let people input, are from hate, not love." TV culture in the gossip show, comedy, Evergreen drama, behind the comparison, you see them very miserable, there is a sense of superiority. Because in such a hate, you find that your anxiety can be understood and mitigated. "(same field Gayon: making honest movies, easy wisdom: As creators, I want to speak for society )

I could hear the little girl in the hate marriage family saying garrulous: "I despise them for being confused, and I don't imagine they are shattered, I am a man without history." 」

(Photo source: very Lin Yihua "Hate married Family")

Instead, we look for a more pathetic script of life to balance our resentment and unsatisfied. To seek a more Zhang emotional model, to confirm their life and living superiority, rather than clear face of desolation. I think "hate married family" is such a play, to the most popular means of deception, in-depth we do not want to opposite the core of life.

Accept not perfect: Don't ask the world "Who am I?"

The director said to see his play, see is a kind of not perfect himself, rather than answer, he is more expect the audience to bring their own problems out of the theater. Rather than having a number of public-version scripts to solve, we need more of these questions and learn to comb through the huge structures of our lives.

After talking about the hate marriage family, I wonder how he sees the "marrying" in the proposition. He said the show's mother is not only abandoned by men, but also by the Chinese history of abandonment, abandoned by the culture, this is the world's forgotten female role Revenge of a play.

"We have not left the marriage is to deal with this matter, the feast will be more extravagant, the wedding is more grand." Interest is not just money or face. We care about what others think, live in a "conforming to others" imagination, just feel that we exist is valuable. "The director thinks that any cultural issues will eventually return to the people, when the" ego "by the cultural impact of the qualitative change, why do we do is passive changes? Rather than take the initiative to become the chemical effect of culture, for such a deep solid pillar have shaken influence.

And what kind of marriage is good? "The ideal marriage in my mind is two people who can help each other grow," director Lin Yihua said. If two people can not accept each other's growth, then how he can in life on the road to support each other. The happiness that many couples consider is not pure. I think people can get divorced as long as they are in a state of maturity and good for each other. The so-called Pure trust, the most comfortable relationship between people. "(Recommended reading:We can have it all!" "Senior intern" suggests to women's five partners )

I said that Lin Yihua director in the eyes of a pure, not purely the word surface so simple, the kind of pure almost transparent, regardless of anything, he returned to the original question: "Who am I?" "Who am I, let him throw the doubt to the world and to himself, and decide how to maintain a comfortable relationship with the world."

Lonely generation without ambiguity: who are you trying to impress?

Lin Yihua's plays are always hard to find, but they are especially unpleasant in the commercial market because it is difficult, slippery and uncomfortable. "My play is uncomfortable, is the most people do not want to face the fragments themselves." "Who am I" why is it so hard? This business community is not encouraging us to have these spaces, because the ego is cut by business, they will say if you do not know who you are now, you come to buy my products, this is a ready-made quick sweetness. When a person is cut to a very small piece, the future is farther away from you. (same field Gayon:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

I seem to have to learn for a while to understand, Lin Yihua director to understand my difficulties, he said: "As now each of us are face book Porter, just want to be seen, because we are very lonely, in other places can not find a sense of existence." We are divided by the face book space, time autonomy, you can not keep up with the crowd, you are lonely. The more afraid you are of loneliness, the more time you become fragmented. 」

Director Lin Yihua that learning who you are is the hardest, and art is like a loose patch for ethical structure and education. If we just follow what other people say "who I am", I will always serve the social standard and become the history of Qui-gon: "When you are busy to meet everyone, there is no time for yourself, even if you have time, do you have the courage to face your own ambiguity with others?" 」

I see this, as if the people who always think more suffer, see Clearly, the heart also sank. The director said, "Is it not painful if I go to a country?" Environmental times, social media these things make people alienated quickly. There is no room for the lake, and there is no room to think, but it is a laborious thing to think about. (Extended reading: Solitude Aesthetics: Learning to be one's own, to enjoy a plural life )

Life, not the trouble is not into the play

In this contemporary independent thinking this is not flattering, the director of the Lin Yihua with a play to summon the masses back to the heart, see his play does not worry is unable to enter the play, not nerve-racking people, the life is not sense.

Lin Yihua director once said that most of the people sitting in the theater were unhappy, and I wondered what the director thought of his relationship with the audience: "There is a lack of talent to go to the theater, to be aware of their lack is lucky." 」

He chatted about the choreography of the Dream of Red mansions: "Just like everyone inside a high profile, everybody has to make up their own hole." "People alive how would not mind, in a senior identity is Lin Yihua director of modern observation, but we are the way different, some people with a swipe card to make up for a guilty conscience, someone face book posted angry with resentment to gather identity."

We are all alone and we want to be seen. This is the Lin Yihua director's endorsement of this generation, so he went into the theater: "Here I communicate with the audience is in the Flash flint moment, our people and the world's most precious wave is not from the truth, but from the real emotional memory, it exists in consciousness." 」

My ideal is to be a good person.

Lin Yihua Director of the theater as the most important strangers in his life, in the power of consumption right now, he constantly thinking "we do cultural and artistic, can not provide the same?" 」

"I took a step in the theater, and I did it with a lot of luck along the way, and I used the faith to use the luck." You ask me what I believe? I recently went to see "gorgeous Office" film adaptation (Lin Yihua director of the original drama "The Life and survival of the gorgeous Office"), which is about the ideal. I also asked myself the ideal, my answer is, my ideal is to be a good person. I hope that we can live in an environment where we believe in each other, rather than always being jealous of the teleology. Ideal back to the original intention, is that we actually still want to put a lot of complex things, slowly let it filter back to pure, its original state. 」

The ideal is a pure world, people will because of desire and lack of the world is constantly deformed, Lin Yihua director said he knew in the life is limited is invisible to realize: "For me, practice is more important than implementation." The future is worth protecting and looking forward to. "(You will like: Theater is the game, life is the stage!") Zhang Xipei: "A good thing in life, Perfect")

In this way, perhaps in the present society seems too naïve, the original matter, in our is so distant, the director said: "I have such a belief, may be related to my childhood happiness, but not everyone is like me happy, so I do theater, these feelings with more people to share." 」

Such a conversation would rest for a while, and I needed to breathe deeply into the calm that shook me, or the thought of being a leper. "My ideal is to be a good person. "At this moment I am very want to cry, thinking of poetess Wislawa Szymborska wrote:" I owe those who/I do not love a lot/others love them more/Let me feel relieved. I pray that one day, the responsibility of loving the world and the right to return to their own empowerment, no longer let us feel indebted.

Less persistence, more persistence.

I ask, since the ideal world will not be realized, what does the director expect? He said it was OK, the artist did not succeed: "I often share with my students, persistence and perseverance is not the same, persistent is" No people want to have ", from the lack of emotion, so hate people are very persistent; insist on is not the same, adhere to is based on" have "above, for example, many people told me to let go it does not make money, I don't want to give up what I have, that is persistence. Now people do not want to insist, it is easy to persistent, persistent I want to get, I want to succeed, this is passive. 」

Insist is always do not care about winning and losing, because the people who know how to insist, real difficult, but he was unwilling to live to lose shape, the lack of sad, but better than not understand integrity.

Lin Yihua director's wayward, is that pair for the theater cover screen soft hand, is that pair in the dark looking up bright clear eyes. Although the world is hurt, his play makes us believe that even if we shed tears, we must know how to be kept gentle, even if the face of how difficult it is to summon up the courage to clean up the staggered monkey bread tree, even the journey of life fantasy, but also thinking of the starting point-pure B612.