0 Negative Comment Goddess Ariel this year's only big screen new book, "234 Say Love You" challenge love, novel taboo, superb acting interpretation of the girl next door for love transformation, from girls to women, from Fan Xiaomin to Cheng and green, is her accompany us from ignorant love growth . (Extended reading: from girls to women!) Review of Ariel's 9 classic works )

20,30,40, a woman's life in ten years units were clean cut several pieces, each age as if the society ordered the same confused and sad. We thought that from a girl to a woman, but in a blink of an instant, but still is the desire to eat sugar, envy possession, do not love to play alone little girl.

Sylvia Plath once wrote: " all love and loneliness are self-inflicted. "There is such a movie, The truth is written about the loneliness of love and the difficulty of desire."

From Fan Xiaomin to Green, again breaking the role frame

"234 say Love You" movie about a girl learning to grow up as a grown-up story. Jiang ( Ariel) is a first school graduates, Son, clever appearance is actually eager to adventure, and the same age boyfriend Seung-chul ( Jianhonglin play) talk about ordinary love; As an actress in a small troupe, she was hired to be a "fourth" because she had a dream of learning to play in Paris .

After playing the planet-smoked Jingzhong, Ariel used to perform many sensational Taiwan works, starring Idol drama to create amazing success, to the big screen also successfully promoted to the box office broken billion actress ranks, the role is also uniform beauty girls change to work in the light of the female, each role conversion so that all Taiwanese women from her works to get infinite resonance, More because of the performance of the scene outside the perfect image was sealed as "0 negative evaluation goddess." (Recommended reading: Ariel: "I want to be a book, let people want to turn over the book")

From the girl to the woman, from the Fan Xiaomin to the process and green, she is with us from the ignorant love growth. This time in "234 say love You" further challenge love new taboo, remove Ariel fresh appearance, interpretation because meet love one night grew up contradictions, began to learn in love to find balance and true self.

Little Four, love is like a new sweet

The four is a real existence of the profession, the film actress unexpectedly received temperament expensive woman Wang Danli secret Appointment (Cai), want her to play a role in the common fight against the primary, planet smoked originally thought he can mature performance a love game, but found that the adult world love is not only love, More is business consideration, power struggle, and women's war, and she in this love game also gradually into the play, began to extricate themselves.

What do you think of such a role? Or, you feel like you're the helpless girl who's pacing up and down before the love ferry. There is a warm, addictive breath of body temperature that seems to be unforgettable once you have tasted it once. Some people say that the modern view of love is the four principles: do not hurt, shun its natural, simple, happy for. (Extended reading:"love life" to how small to love you, like my Love law?) )

"A person's life will meet two people, a stunning time, a gentle years." Su "Years "

But as a four-person can really manipulate the game of love? It may be that love controls the lover. Love in the chiropractor oversteps moment stimulation enthusiasts, love vigorous, Zhong, after all, for that he, cautious to maintain a half step distance, afraid to fall whose heart, who also stepped into who's heart.

If such a path is bound to pass, hopefully after a few heartbreak , we leave a deep chisel of time, and continue to look forward to filling the dent in the other one of him. (Recommended reading: withstand the wind and rain, but can not withstand the ordinary Love )

20, 30, 40, Love has only one purpose

Three different generations of women's views of love, 20-Year-old girls think love is lofty, each fall in love with vigour and vigor, worth paying everything for love; women of the age of 30 are no longer simply looking at the nature of love, even as a business transaction, each other, without love and hate; a 40-year-old woman from a family perspective, Do not care about sacrificing dedication, only the family survival. Planet smoked through the "performance of a Love game," the experience of the moment to grow up, see the various aspects of love, so that really start to think about what they are pursuing.

Some injuries, no pain may not understand, some roads, a person's teeth walk through to be steadfast. Remember 20 of innocence, 30 of bravery, 40 of the perplexed, so you want to talk and deterred love can have more real appearance. Zhang ailing said: "I think love can fill the regrets of life." However, the creation of more regrettable. But it is love. "But we are more like a staunch palace two, sigh:" Life if no regrets, it would be a pity. "Once we laugh can die for love, but enough deep love is not fatal, it will only in the most painful place to tie a needle, then we turn sleepless, long illness into medicine, iron gang." (Hey Dear: The best love makes you grow!) Seven love exercises out of the comfort zone

"While I am young, I can give for love without reservation, while I am still ignorant, I can devote myself completely, while I am naïve, I can believe that loving you is a lifetime thing." Please love my youth, Love my Crazy, love my persistence, let us in the age of not learn the sophistication of computing, and talk about a naïve love it! --a few meters.

It may be a pity that there is no silly love. Love is exhausted, when you do not have it, back to look, all have a sense of life at ease.