The Arctic and the Antarctic are the furthest distances in the world. Because of global warming, a polar bear who wants to drink the world's finest coffee meets a lone penguin who wants to learn to fly. So they became partners in each other's dreams and formally embarked on their adventures . Every week, we follow their footsteps to know the world. (Classic review:"World Adventures Weekly" Our potential is often much larger than we think )

October 19--Pakistan's first female prime Minister Bannaki. Happy birthday, Miss Bhutto.

Born in a Pakistani political family, Bannaki. Bhutto went to Oxford University, the United States to study at Harvard University, the concept of "democracy" heart, and bring such a belief back to Pakistan.

After her father's Bhutto government was overthrown in 1977, she left the foreign Ministry to join the PPP. After his father was arrested and sentenced to death, Bannaki was placed under house arrest and jailed 8 times, and was eventually forced to flee abroad. She returned to the country in 1986 to challenge the execution of her father's military dictatorship, becoming the first Pakistani female prime minister and the first elected female prime minister of the Muslim state at the age of 35.

Although at the age of 54, Bannaki was shot in the car and died, Bannaki. Bhutto used her life as a sacrifice for democracy. (Recommended to you: Malala, a 17-year-old girl shot for education, received a Nobel Peace Prize speech: "Kill me, Make me Stronger")

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: You can imprison a bear, but you can't imprison him for the heart of a cup of coffee.
Penguin Rice Pulp: ...

October 20 World Cook Day: Asia's best female chef Chen Yu Shu

2014, the award of the best female chef of the triumphant champagne in Asia, in addition to the highly educated and award-winning "Restaurant beauty" aura outside, Chen Yu shu more Yan eyes, is her high self demand, and the persistence of food.

She is fond of cooking since childhood, originally just want to work in dessert, but accidentally in the internship inspired, toward food this road forward.

Someone asked her, why can you be so not hesitate? She said, "I don't know if I fit in, I just know I like it, and I'm willing to do it." In fact, there is no suitable, only is not really like, and is willing to take responsibility for this choice. "(like, do for everyone to see: Asia's best female chef Chen Yu shu:" I want to have "temperature" and "heat" of life )

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: The character of the coffee master determines his style of coffee, not a species!
Penguin Rice Pulp: ...

October 21 French women get the vote for the first time in 1945

In the French Revolution, the concept of "life and freedom and equality" deeply influenced the rise of the feminist movement. Mary, a pioneer in the feminist movement in France. Antoinette, Germany. Gouges, Mary. Jane Roland and her female political activists were taken to the guillotine, and French women lost their voices again.

First World War, French women instead of men in the battlefield, into social labor. Gradually, some negative nouns began to appear, "female teachers" (Les Institutrices), "Female postal Clerk" (Les Postières), "Female employee" (Les Employées), in addition to the right to education and equal pay, women began to " The right to political participation "began to flee.

April 21, 1944, interim government leader Dalegau signed the April 21, 1944 decree, where the 17th article allows women to be elected and elected like men. The April 29, 1945 local elections were the first time that French women exercised their right to vote and to be elected. In the same year, October 21, women first participated in central-level elections, changing the political ecology of France.

Without a struggle, no one will pay attention to women's rights and interests, without the beginning of the people, there will be no follow-up to the positive promotion and efforts.

Let us cheer for the triumph of equality for French women!

"Penguin and Polar Bear's Little Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: France is so scary! It feels very often that people are pushed to the guillotine!
Penguin Rice pulp: It doesn't matter I'm not afraid, I have a mind-trick ~

October 22, sharp wife 隋棠 Happy birthday.

A "Rick, we can not go back", the birth of many Taiwanese audience tears, played Xiean really 隋棠, also formally transformed from the model actor success. (You'll want to know:"Women are obsessed with talking" 隋棠 with life proof, to be their own woman best Life )

Debut 12 years of 隋棠, because the fair face and stature, let her start the actor's road, always be crowned with "vase" title. Try and challenge the various roles from No limits, let 隋棠 from drama and life, accumulate a lot of experience, brewing the day to be seen. The Golden Bell Award is nominated for a Drama program heroine Award, to be affirmed.

Whether it's a bad feeling on the road or a dramatic journey, it's not just accidental, but as 隋棠 says: "When I start to love myself, I realize that I've always been at the right time, where it happened, when it happened." I realized that everything that happened was just right. 」

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Penguin Rice Pulp: You know Hemingway has a famous saying is "Life always makes us black and blue, but later, those injured place will certainly become our strongest place." 」
Polar Bear Alpha: So you have to believe that your little wings will someday help you fly ❤

October 23, Pure Power director Ang Lee Happy Birthday

Dormant for six years, Ang Lee's father trilogy (pushing hands, double happiness feast, diet Men and women), let him begin to be seen by the world, become a rising star in the film industry. (Classics are always worth recalling: ten years sleep movie Dream, 13 Ang Lee Representative Works Review )

Chen Wenxi in "I fear success" in the book describes Ang Lee: "Live to this age, but can always maintain a heart of innocence." 」

Perhaps it is such a pure force, without any prejudice, will each shot as the first time, in many types of movies to find their own moving place.

"We can find the intelligence of life and the meaning of life only in the structure of the story." 」

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"

Polar Bear Alpha: Maybe one day he'll be looking for us: "Penguin rice slurry and polar bear alpha Fantasy drifting"!
Penguin Rice pulp: I would like to take a Qinggong action film "Crouching Bear Tibetan geese"!

October 24, Jackie number 42nd forever. Happy Birthday, Robinson.

Not to say that you may not have found out. Major League Baseball in addition to the New York Yankees former rescue pitcher Livaira, there are no other players wearing the number 42nd jersey.

It's all for a legendary player-Jackie. Robinson

Jackie Robinson is the first black player in the big leagues. The United States was seriously racist, from the moment it was announced to join the Dodgers, the crowding out of the team, the 3 K-party threat from the south, the taunts of the fans and the size of the court attacks. But instead of giving up baseball, he showed "baseball has nothing to do with race" with his eye-lighting scores.

As Robinson enters the 50 anniversary of the Great League, in honor of the Great Race revolutionary fighter, all major league teams retire the 42nd jersey and all new entrants are not allowed to use the back number to commemorate this equal civil rights fighter. (Don't let "racial superiority" stand in front of love and equality: pervasive Discrimination: "Import marriage" and "foreign bride" four words how hurtful )

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"

Penguin Rice Pulp: Even if we all discriminate against my small wings, I will certainly learn to fly!
Polar Bear Alpha: Robinson said, "If you are an audience for a lifetime, you are wasting your life." "He can do it, you must also (hold)

October 25, civilian composer Bizet Happy birthday

George Bizet's fame is much lower than his work, "Carmen Carmen." Adapted from the French realist writer Prospe. Merimee's novel, the opera Carmen, profoundly depicts the love and hatred of the civilian class in the Saiviller (Seville) region of Spain in the 1820 era.

With the gypsy girl Carmen as the protagonist, strong personality, the courage to pursue freedom, bold to sing "Love Like birds L ' amour est un oiseau", show and contemporary conservative ethos distinct autonomy consciousness. " Carmen was not favored at the premiere, and was even criticized for its vulgar work. It was only after the death of the throat and heart disease that he received a warm applause.

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar bear Alpha: Love is like the delicious coffee recipe I want to pursue
Penguin Rice Pulp: Love is like the free soul I want to fly