The film "Chasing Marriage Diary" narrowly domineering come, in this era of competition, everyone than the cause, than feelings, but also better than who can marry. Ariel , Chen Bailin, Zhou the 30-year-old Life of the project. 30 Life begins, celebrating your 30-year-old after puberty, full of gas field. (Recommended reading: grow more chic!) 30 years old, 15 things that don't mean to be happier.

The cause is mine, you are mine too!

The film "Chasing Marriage Diary" narrowly domineering come, in this era of competition, everyone than the cause, than feelings, but also better than who can marry.

30 years old, a 10-face ambush in the workplace and love

"The workplace is also in love, there are always a few of the next." --"Lala The marriage Record"

At the age of 33, Lala (Ariel), who was promoted to work, only lost his marriage. Work, on the Devil Boss (Guang Junmei adorn) ruthless oppression, under the beauty of the United States under the sand when (Nana adorn) eyeing, 30-year-old career that Sprint or run away? the arrogance of the new boss is difficult to please, new subordinates Shing to climb, struggling career women how to firepower? (Recommended reading: both men and women should learn the workplace success: soft to others, to their own vicious )

in love, steady contact photographer male friend Wang Wei (Zhou adorn) delay not to propose, the Elder's concern let two people quarrel endlessly, but just know amorous Gaofu (Chen Bailin adorn) but launched fierce pursuit ... The tenderness of waiting and the pursuit of passion, 5 years of love should insist or abandon?

30 years old three subjects, wrote to let strong and fragile gentle coexistence of women.

Workplace topics: grasp what really matters

Written in the first, no longer in the mood for love you have also thought: want to sprint forward, trying to heart big expansion, but also worried about the age, the side of his delay to propose, where can not figure a stable.

You used to be a young can-do and lined up career, but the young girl was on top. You've got a boss who wants you to know the accident. Harmony, under a sister laugh you do not know novel flexible. It's hard for a 30-year-old woman to do it, you can't help but sigh.

"No matter what you do, remember to do it for yourself, there is no complaint." Also Shu

Don't ask why others have been hurting you, ask why you have allowed others to hurt you. Although there are thousands of voices in this world, only one kind of echo will always accompany you, that is the truth of your heart. 30-year-old communication, harmony and not sophisticated, is your way to the intelligent accumulation. You are not easy to change for whom a project, you do not listen to the small report in the pantry, leisurely than the aggressive more people surrender. Promise me that you will grasp the things that really matter, and pursue the happiness that is plainly in your heart. (Recommended reading: gossip is chewed and sucked: why do we judge others behind the scenes? )

Love topic: not win or lose

"The pain is actually a kind of wealth, it lets you learn better to grasp and cherish the person you love." 」——

"Lala The marriage Record"

Drama 30-year-old Lala career on a small score, love seems stable but Anchao surging. The person next to me nervously asked: When are you going to get married? Only played Wang Wei Zhou to the delay , in order to pursue the cause he admitted not ready to marry at this stage, nor understanding Lala forced marriage attitude. halfway to kill a passionate pursuit of high handsome Chen Bailin (decorated Chenfong ), let her in love dilemma.

Perhaps at this time, we abandon the unwritten marriageable age, is the best way to maintain the relationship. Sanmao wrote: "Casual, even less trifling, this kind of love games only the world's most boring people will do." If you really have a temperament, seriously do a household wine, just call a hero Rijo. "As a hero Rijo, seriously really put into a relationship, far more than the idea of the wedding venue specification is too important." (Extended reading: a letter addressed to Sanmao: Every woman has a stray gene. )

Not unmarried, just haven't met the right person. We can disappoint, perfect, reunion, just like Sanmao and Jose Love, six years of time they used to disappoint each other, seven years to love each other, for a lifetime, they take to good bye. Perhaps love this thing, after all, who does not owe who, not win or lose, uncertain, is love in the present.

The topic of gas field: the smile of the resilient

"Before you love others, respect yourself first." If you are just a part of his life, then please don't think of him as the whole of life. --"Lala The marriage Record"

After 30 years old woman, the other people always said that either has the child, either with a group of 90 fresh flowers in the working field to compete vigorously, diligently superior. We think that women's workplace love is never a choice problem, we do not have to contend with WHO. 30 after the bearing is more understanding of their own so understand that you need to fall back on the goal of life, is a setback to understand that giving up is always easier than insisting too much. So you are more tolerant of the tea between the length of the person, office corner of the jealous, you can not afford a big scene of the momentum or public face. (same field Gayon: The brutal confession of a male director: Emotional is a woman's career Achilles heel )

Chinese poet Wang Guozhen write down: "The head hanging down just to let the thought raise, if you have an unyielding soul, under the foot will have a solid land." "

30 after the full open, not only in the workplace do not credit not demerit. Also love is not to care about not demanding, know how to let go of the vast, leaving the comfortable, cherish the warmth of hugs, the intimacy of living together. You thank the people who left you to teach you life, you thank the present he and you live daily necessities.

Happy, is 30 years old after the life lesson. Chai Jing once said: "People from the dust, can laugh behind the sorrow and sorrow, but also know that humor is the face of imperfect life the best to do well." "Life is so, in spite of sadness, we are willing to be kind to understand."

Celebrate your 30-year-old post-puberty, full air field.