Don't want to use sex to decide whether to love a person deeply, we choose to believe in destiny. Select three movies that give gay lovers a confession to celebrate each appearance of love.

"We were caught in the same storm, and the soul was drenched, knowing that there was no shortcut to the road." You try to put my pain into my body, I also want to walk you through this distant road. But my dear lovers, we all can only know their own pain, some words one exit is the thorn buried in the road, some words like a kiss deeply imprinted in the heart. "---Song Shangqi these paths that can't take you."

We're going through the same storm. We have believed forever, we have promised later, we have comforted the heartbeat of the riot, we have buried the vanished love.

Chiuxin in the "Montmartre Suicide" wrote "Meet you that moment, that fate fell down, one second also do not allow me to" choose "; Robing in" Paradise Map "wrote:" Leather shoes casual trousers and knitted blouses, buttocks behind the back in a beautiful arc. " He's like an eagle, trying to catch me. 」

Choose our destiny, Tu es le mien, je suis le tien, you look at that walk into your destiny, the eyes of tenderness like water, you have to hug and want to kiss the impulse, it is the same, no gender.

Love Will hurt, love is not clean and transparent bubble, love is you look at the high wall in front of the decision to climb up, love is you realize your enthusiasts heartbeat, decided never to pretend. The gay confession in three movies, we start from knowing ourselves, meet each kind of love. (Recommended to you: five copies of lesbian love and Daily Book list )

"The Blue Gate" before becoming a grown-up.

"I always thought that if I could pass the kiss with the boys ... I'm not. The world is in fact very unfair. 」

The Blue Gate is a song commemorating the youth, like the gentle kiss that falls before the forehead, the lust is budding who can not stop. Maiden Menkro The first time to find their love of the shape and desire of the object of television, novels, people around you say is not the same, how to do? The month Jean with her dancing in her ear whispered, she heard her frantic heartbeat, she had to wear Zhangshau mask hide expression, in the mind that this world how unfair ah, I like the girls. "If, Zhangshau, you are 17 years old, you think just can go to university, no longer a virgin, urine can always line words, you should be how happy children ah." 」

"There's always something left." Leave nothing, we become what kind of adult. 」

For Zhangshau, left is the first time lovelorn, for Menkro, left is the first time to their own confession. I am such a girl, I like is also a girl.

Started out by doubting yourself. You look at the film also bitterly think why you can not love magnanimous, why they even want to hold hands to hide, why can not be the same as everyone else? (Recommended to you:"Cool Notes" your bra, is my path to your bottom of the tunnel )

"Blue Is the Warmest Color" after a breakup.

"We love, because love gives us freedom, and we speak of words that never have the courage to whisper to ourselves." "---Paul. Colt (Paulo Coelho)

It was a blue, deep sea, a world she did not know, waiting to devour her. Adèle in the street and Emma Pass, forget her a Lan Fa and stare at their eyes. Emma walked into Adèle's life and put a cold fire, "actually you like me",emma kissed Adèle Dusk, light and light hit in the face, time is slow down, this kiss is long and very long. "

Loving a person forces you to be more honest with yourself. What is the color of blue? Blue is the color of facing your love. You want to make each other happy, you want to know her world more than you exist in the world. (same field recommendation:"Blue Is the Warmest Color" taught me seven things )

"I'm with someone else, you know ... But I will remember all of us clearly, remember, forever. 」

Emma left, Adèle tears with a runny nose fell down, but she wanted not to be remembered after parting forever, she wanted to try again, the other side has begun a new life. Two people who once attracted each other, said goodbye, Sweet kissed the dusk behind is a long night of running-in.

After watching this film, you ate a whole week of meat sauce pasta. This is not only the story of the "bend", Adèle licked the sauce on his mouth, Emma elegant taste of raw oysters, you exhausted the strength, some of the world is more and more distant from you. Two people to live together after, only love and sexual attraction is not enough. (Recommended reading: write to a life partner at this moment: you don't need to be "someone who won't abandon me")

If we could close our eyes "The Look of Love"

"Imagine how cool it is to be in a place where no one knows you, and you can even create a new personality." Don't you like your personality now? "I like it, but it's not the problem ..."

I like it, but what do people don't like? The 17-year-old blind-eyed boy, Leo, also frets about whose lips the first kiss will fall, Guebrioux pushed the door into his world, unprepared. You have such a memory, that person through your life, your sensory pores slips open, you still too late to open, your body can not wait to welcome him.

"The appearance of Love" has the triangle of the youth film, but also Leo's dark but gradually translucent perspective. Leo and Guebrioux into the cinema, the blind eyes became the reason for whispering; Guebrioux led Leo home, the body close to good near, Leo and Guebrioux sneak out to see the lunar eclipse, riding on the night of the bicycle Kakia, old Austrian holding a Guebrioux hooded jacket, to his body smell special lust, love is the touch of the fingertips, And the light of the Night in darkness.

"We should share each other's feelings, not hidden in the bottom of our hearts."

Love a person, let us have the courage to the world than the middle finger. If we all close our eyes and look, regardless of sex or age, will we love more frankly and honestly? You close your eyes, and the shape of love becomes clearer. (same field Gayon: bravery is not synonymous with comrades!) Allempe: We make ourselves a trend .