A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Last chapter single diary, we say single is to obey their own heart, chapter two, single you, please be patient to understand you of that person . (Recommended reading: single diary: This day you decide to take care of yourself than anyone else )

You are used to the early two bus stops, take a long way to reach the city corner of the small suites, as you expect someone to read the days of the difficult, hiking to your heart. You will walk slowly, because you know not to travel, the eight-ping small room Only you waiting for yourself. So you take advantage of the moonlight, buy a bottle of customary kylin, sitting in the park Corner, the city no Stars, you count the days home.

Because I love, because I am alive, because of loneliness, I explore.

Chan (52 Hz)

There is such a whale in the world, and the United States NOAA detects its frequency by night and day, and its voice is so unique that 52 hertz is the only solitary thing that can be heard. The whale is still somewhere in the deep sea waiting to find its companion.

If you're alone for too long, don't worry that no one sees you, it's just because you're so different.

single life is like this, you will be lonely when you smell the unique fragrance of the city, you will be on some obscure street corner to see the past, listen to a song think of someone. Loneliness is valuable, nostalgia is beautiful, can listen to a song to think of a person's day is happy.

you go through a lot of wrong scenery, see the Storm center of the magnificent, before know love so painful also It was confusing . . So you are not anxious, calm waiting, not panic life alone out of the time. As Kangyong wrote: "Unless that person can make you better than being single, why not be single for that person." 」

You are single because you are patient and wait for someone who deserves your heart.

(Welcome to the end of the message write your single diary, let us write to celebrate single!) )