How much do you know about Chuze? Don't be anxious to define him, after reading this interview, you will find Chuze angular and sharp cute, and his professional efforts to adhere to the actor, listen to Chuze said: I am not a gifted actor , but I have absolute efforts . (Welcome together to say that you think love is God's arrangement or the probability of the result: a woman obsessed X will marry a woman woman's happiness of their own rob? )

Taiwan idol Drama is taking off in those years, there is a boy shuttling between the major television stations, his young figure of rushing to leave a girl to love scenes of fantasy. He is "original Summer" in the summer, "Invincible Shan Bao Sister" in the Zhao Green, "Petty girl Shong" in the Qinzichi-Chuze.

For some time, Chuze in the Taiwanese showbiz comeback after, everyone said that the boy is not so adapted to the entertainment ecology. Chuze never taboo to talk about his own loner, such a character for the showbiz seems too real.

Dive for a while, 2011 "Petty girl Shong" in the Qinzichi of the playful image let him turn red again. After the red is not urgent to take the play, he slowly walk the way of acting, empty Sometimes, stop the play sometimes, consider the script become his biggest consideration.

19-Year-old to help the family early into the entertainment society, the appearance of the Big Boy now 34 years old. Those rumors Chuze the unique edges and corners of the body, in today's interview as if still bright, but look lovely.

Marriage and bread? You're not happy.

New play "Will marry a woman" after 30 years old love: "On average, every 550,000 single men, only one, is your love Object!" than meteorites hit the Earth's chance--470,000 points 1 lower! 」

Love so hard, we also panic "marry not go out", Chuze to the contemporary marriage phenomenon said: "Now this era should not have marriageable age, as long as you have the economic base, a few years old to get married." "Refute the modern woman said," he encouraged all the socially condemned single women: "Do not live in other people's opinion, fast unhappy only you know. "(Recommended reading:" Marriage is not marriage illustration column "We love, still embrace" one person "integrity )

"I am more and more sure of the face of the family, the previous love will not think so much, in fact there are many realistic needs to overcome the conditions, small to trivial necessities." 」

Accustomed to a person's life he still has the imagination of the family, but not anxious. Shimen in the play is a man who does not trust marriage, the reality of the Chuze said: "I was in love with the dubious, now more and more fate, do not force a paragraph not suitable for each other's relationship." When you are a child, you will see the love very heavy. 」

How small were you when you were a child? I replied. He responded with a mischievous response: "Before this moment was a child." "It's a joke, and it seems to be very realistic," he said. Every moment is growing up, of course, the past is a child.

In the past ten years, Chuze sometimes reveal the responsibility of men, and sometimes with the naughty boy. Years did not take away from him too much naïve, I always feel that they say "distance Chuze" actually does not exist, because Chuze is too real. He did not want to deceive the man, so near. (Extended reading: men and boys Dialogue actor Cheng: "Love is courage, Love is intelligent")

A character has a challenge, even if it's a sentence.

In "Will marry the woman" Chuze and Kojia two times cooperation, he said and Kojia kind of old tacit understanding, two people always help each other grow in the play. Before and after the two yards, Qinzichi and "will marry the woman" Shimen all let him special into the play: "I have a character in the face is very similar to the Qinzichi, children, do not want to grow up." Shimen for me is a more challenging role, he is a relatively calm person, superfluous action will become other meaning, to discard the past habits of the acting way, so profound. 」

In the face of so many characters, Taiwan film, Chuze Heart has the most expected role image? He said: "For the actors, where the film is not important, play what role is second, the script story is always the most important." A character has a challenge space even if it is a sentence. 」

Chuze: "The emphasis is not on the weight of the play, but on the role given by the actor." 」

He said a word, deep weight. Chuze This person's actor image is more vivid in front of me, he is not only the screen laughing like the whole day sunshine of the boy, but also the trick when life is grinding actor. (Recommended reading: No decision not to do, do not go this way!) To New York as an actress after the dream introduction )

I'm an actor who works hard and I expect to work harder.

To try to figure out a new role, Chuze will repeatedly at home to walk the scene, there are people who can not quiet heart: "Someone will be distracted, I need a lot of solitude of state." "Solitude is of particular importance to Chuze, who often gathers crowds and is in a disturbed environment, so that he cherishes a person more."

Solitude is the way he has always faced himself, and because of this, Chuze the focus of life following the transfer of thinking, now Chuze to work: "The previous view of work instead of so cautious, go all out." I was still studying before the army, and the work was fun for me, acting and playing. Being a soldier is no longer a child, I feel that I should do a good job after the discharge, I choose acting, I want to support myself by acting. 」

Soldier for Chuze is the life of the interchange station: "Do a lot of routine, the body has been doing without thinking of the labor, the more quiet in the heart." 」

Acting is sacred to Chuze, and in so many interests, why does he choose acting? "The actor is my vocation," he said decisively. It may be wishful thinking, but I think this is the task that God gave me. (same field Gayon: Learn to lose this class!) Interview May days Stone: "Death so close, more to be forced to live")

"I believe in genius, but I am not, I am a hard-working actor, I hope I am more diligent." 」

Such a remark is very touching. Can a man with no talent dream? Dream Job may exist only for hardworking people.

Acting means something to me like breathing.

While working, one side is to cultivate oneself in the play. The first play is the 21-year-old "Snow Star", when Chuze hated acting. He said that Langzu teacher deeply influenced the way of acting: "I was graduated from Chun Wo Theater, I was the performance of the stage play training, Langzu teacher to my later performance has great inspiration, without her no Qinzichi comedy rhythm." We often think that most of the actors have the taste to interpret the performance, but most of the rhythm is designed. 」

Talk about the performance, Chuze eyes with light, like talking about a marriage, and sometimes get up to perform a bridge, and sometimes the eyes stagnate talk about a drama concept.

Chuze said: "Acting means something to me like breathing." It exists, but there is no trace of hope. "Chuze actors is an omnipresent, just like breathing, to make it happen naturally." He always said some esoteric words, put people's thoughts to the new dimensions of the empty climb.

You really just have to be yourself.

In addition to acting, Chuze in private never give up his favorite music, photography. For him, these interests do not need to set a limit: "Don't set goals for what you love." When you play basketball, others will you become Micheal Jorden; others expect you to be Micheal Jackson. Like "who" seems to have become our dream. No one ever told you that you just need to be yourself, that's all. (Recommended reading: Nine of the movies love themselves practice: Learn to be the most honest self )

Chuze words often punctuation in the unexpected position, I listen to his thick voice, especially at ease, he often think for a long time, only to reveal the next sentence, I think even if he is an actor, are not easy to lie, he likes to live very true, live steadfast.

"Is there one thing in life that you don't ask why?" You do a thing others want to label you, you also want to give oneself goal, all is very boring. Look at what you see, do what you want to do, don't fall into teleology, and be happiest. --Chuze

Not just the boys, the big Boy.

Chuze's caprice may be a bit big for brokerage firms. He said that if he lived to 34, still childish, unwilling to grow up: "For example, I go to the car, sign the life and death is very capricious, we all feel very dangerous." But I would like to try it on the permissible. A car is a sport that you can get along with yourself. "(You will like: Nine in the movie Love Yourself to Practice: Learn to be the most honest yourself )

All of Chuze's interests seem to exist to get along with themselves: "I like to find myself through different ways." In fact, most of the people who do it seem like this, your work will reflect your appearance. 」

Nearby staff also described Chuze's childish: "often makeup painting to half he thought something would laugh himself." One time I watched Monitor saw him grasping the eyelid, very much like caught something to eat, I think he is very much in the ground, he is actually very close to living people. "Words a play Chuze excited to talk about:" He just said that eat, in fact, adults will say that the eyelids have been jumping when they read "Good things, bad things to" and then eat the doom. Or lashes off to make a wish; When you say something bad, you knock on wood. Three said: "Bah bah child words mowgli"; When I was a kid, I believed that 100 planes could make a wish. 」

Chuze side chat, the memories seem to return, his innocence let staff immediately chat open, full of laughter. If your impression of Chuze is still in the eye of the American boys, it is time to look at his childish side.

Pentium and quiet: racing with Reading

Chuze like racing outside, love the life of all the possibilities of adventure. He says Mountain racing is just an interest: "My Love Adventure is a challenge, whether it's an interest or an act." "There is an absolute in Chuze life, he pursues the feeling of hot and cold in life."

He likes the speed of adventure, but also love to calm down to read the story. Talk about the recent Qing Shan seven hui "parting voice": seemingly prosaic, clear light, the strength is very deep, in the heart left Echo. "Chuze Love Japanese Literature, for example Tsujitani Ren Cheng, three island Yukio, too slaughter, white stone, he is very excited, talking." Speaking of the first place in his mind, he blurted out an unexpected answer: "The Little Prince." "(recommend: Read the Little Prince: the world is beautiful because of the people you love )

Chuze in essence a kind of pure sadness, sadness in his world, is clean and transparent. Chatted with Chuze for an hour, always feel about reading he still have a lot to say, he said like reading, because these force is not imprinted into his heart, I think like this night Chuze as an actor seriously, as a person's sincere hard to hit our hearts general.

It's a story about a big boy who likes to be alone, he has a cat, after the play home and the cat to see one side of life can be treated; he read and photographed, with a word image carved his life track; he was in a scene in the big city, and he was convinced that he could always work harder. Chuze This name, we are going to have a new acquaintance.