Do you remember the moment when you were in love?

It was he who pulled your hand and said, "We are not allowed to be separated." Is you looking at his eyes and eyes to find himself incredibly giggle non-stop; she suddenly leaned in front of you with a small child's breath, is your hand to twist his tight eyebrows said "Don't be afraid of me".

You love someone, and that person gives you the illusion of coming home.

Nidhi Chanani, an artist born in India who grew up in California, created a series of illustrations called Everyday Love Art , which is the art of everyday life, and we salute the ordinary but happy days. (Recommended to you: "partnership" Back to love: Marriage is not the only answer to love )

We're the best combination of two.

We listen to the same song, in the same world

The first time we kissed, time slowed down

We stay up all night greedy, like to see you eat noodles eat to gobble up

You poke my hair, I'm your baby

Laughing so hard for a silly little thing

The rice cooked together became so delicious.

You go home, I can't wait to give you a hug with two pets in my family.

We're not afraid to show weakness in front of each other.

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You don't expect to take me away from this city

We'll have a long chat before we go to bed.

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I think, how you make me like this

We'll always owe each other a hug.

You suddenly pull me to give me a flower

We danced in the rain

We take the MRT and snuggle up to each other

A picnic with only two people, not boring.

We always find happiness in ordinary life.

We agreed not to separate.

Meeting you makes me want to grow old together

Met you I just know, originally I so yearning insipid happiness, so longing for a name "we" after. (same field recommendation: Even if not perfect, still can love Ah )