Australia's famous model, Esena · ' Neill, has publicly released a video to counterattack social media and open up the "false culture" of the Internet generation.She deleted the photos taken on the instagram of instagram and decided to go out of the network as a true self !Society has taught us how to become a delightful child, how to make a beautiful picture, and forget to tell us that, besides pretty, you actually have more.(Recommended reading: The real story of an actor in New York: "I feel free to do a different type of determination I feel free" )

" I don't want to waste my youth in pursuit of more Likes!"

Australia's famous Essena · 'Neill has publicly released a video of the social media, and anger in the language has led to a lack of imagination. She denounced social media for countless tribal visitors, but also destroyed many of the girls' lives.Essena said that she relied on the beautiful composition and effort to build an Instagram close to 69,000 fans, YouTube 250,000 followers, and was thus found to be a model job in Los Angeles in the Brands.But now she is not happy at all.

Essena: "16-year-old, I might say to myself," Oh, my God, that's the life you dream of!"But now I feel lost, lonely and miserable."On the side of Essena, it was accompanied by a nose that was accompanied by sorrow.


Operating a non-existent self

" At the time I just cared about people's views, and the more people liked me, the more I felt, the more I realized that I was left with only my identity in the social network, and I didn't know who I was."

In a high school age of 16 to 18 years, Essena spent more than 50 hours a week to respond to fans, upload Instagram photos, make YouTube videos, and run a "non-existent".Do you have a similar feeling?We are anxious to identify with, and we forget to explore ourselves.We like to be a reference object for others, and the more people like it, and they get instant satisfaction.Don't photograph, it's as if there is no communication in the world, feeling desperate alone.(Recommended reading: Facebook also rigged your life?Is the social software a show of showing off or sharing?)

Essena unveiled a picture of her beautiful image with a strong commercial purpose as long as there was a brand of hashtag, which was sponsored by an ad. said that she was not so perfect in life. She came out so that she could uncover the business interests behind the beautiful photos, that is, she wanted girls to not easily fall into the photo's sweet traps.

Many netizens have criticized Essena's immorality, opening up their own cards after enjoying the , and also with netizens, saying, " Thank you for strong strength of frankness and fragility, and I am proud of your actions."I wasn't a fan of yours, but now it is."Thank you for your pragmatic response to the social media."

The perfect life is painful.

How is Essena to run your own fan group?" Every time I take a picture, I'm not holding my breath, and I'm just squeezing my chest and squeezing my chest.When I took this picture, I didn't enjoy it at all.There were more than 100 pictures taken before and after, and there was such a small stomach that was not obvious.In order not to let the belly come out, I hadn't eaten all day that day.Essena said the photos appeared to be casual, mostly intended to be uploaded to the social website.

Maybe we've all had the pain of a "perfect picture": spend an hour looking for a perfect filter, eating a delicious food, and getting a friend to take a picture of a natural picture that looks unintended to capture.This is a perfect tire, and Essena decided to delete more than 2,000 Instagram photos, and those fake marks make her painful: " When you see the Internet red people, you might envy them and hope that they can live a life like that, but what you see is what they want you to see." (Extended reading: Are you ashamed of me?The model tells you the truth.)

Hey, real life has never been so good, not a lightenable bikini photograph. Essena says, " I've had enough, and those pictures aren't real me, people don't know who I am.Real life isn't perfect."

True is a sense of bitterness and a sense of bitterness, a sense of inferiity in Adler's imperfect courage to talk about interpersonal relationships: "A hero is another manifestation of inferiity, not trying to" look strong, "but trying to" become very strong."" We have been swollen and swollen for sure.Society has always taught us how to be a delightful child, but we have forgotten to tell us how to show our fragile and imperfect self.

Turn off the filter, live life

Following the film's attention, Essena set up the website to encourage others to confront the "true self" and to live in the present and link with the real world.I look again in the film Esena, where the guilt and anguish of the face is so bitter that she reveals so much of the truth that the contemporary man who has been using the community again doesn't want to face it. This kind of courage makes me feel that that face is particularly beautiful and profound, far more than every photograph she filmed and covered a refined filter.

Essena says, " I don't want to live on other people's like-&Share.I don't want a young girl to look at my picture and say that I want to be like me." Always wear clothes that don't belong to her, take a picture of a business, and try to show the best curvilinear, diet three days, let others worship their own, spend the whole adolescence on their network relationships.(Recommended reading: "I love my meat flesh" and we love Jennifer Lawrence for the reason )

Who am I?"

We should all ask ourselves.If one day there is no social media, how do we interact with people?If one day we do not like this, how can we identify with the construction sector?If one day there is no Facebook account, who will we be?

We all like the beauty of ourselves, the loved one, the beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the beauty, the beauty of your own, the ones that are all you, but you have more than that.In addition to the photos, you have a pair of heartwing eyes, a pair of hands with a touch of temperature, a pair of hands raised by the wind, and a feeling of the changing skin of the four seasons.Your real sense, your way of getting along with the world, the way you look at things, is the sign of your existence.

In addition to good, nothing?

All you can do is show your own social network as a stretch, and our every move is no longer simple, uploading every single image, writing every word, and caring about how others think about themselves.At the time of the explosion, anyone can become a public figure at any time.Other people give you a liking, and suddenly it seems like a cheap thing; the more people like you, the more likely it is to attract sponsorship from the ads.Everyone is a capitalist who is a Facebook porter, and transport is misinterpreted.(Extended reading: A book that can't be dropped: Who is happy to be happy with the unending dynamic of Facebook?)

Ko Wen-che ran for mayor: " When a person who says the truth is a hero, it means that the whole community is lying.This sentence has always placed me in the heart of Essena, which may have been a great concern, perhaps because of the fact that it was a lie. The technology network is right. It's just that we're ignoring the possibility of two-way communication, and we're going to use it as a window to show ourselves.Treat the Internet as a real society, it is no longer virtual. One line of speech deeply influences the pulse of survival. Each statement may become a kind of education, one communication, and every imaging is a self-white and a statement of life.

In this beautiful social communication model, can we possibly have another way out?I think Esena gives us another way of thinking: putting aside social vanity to have a real life.

Drop a community vanity: Less liked, more than a stranger, say a few words; use the time of the war to read a book; use prelenses for fewer times, give narcissism to topics of interest; walk out the beautiful colors of the scene and touch the dark gray of chaos in the society.

Besides pretty, you actually have more.