2015, the key words for women are: EMPOWER .POWER in EMPOWER represents power, and the preceding EM represents an important mission of influence and empowerment.The premise is superior communication capability, as long as you have an impact on the labor.Many people emphasize the vocabulary, the tone of voice, and the sound of communication. The key to communication is also indispensable.

11/17 Women's fans invited French professional coaches with more than 30 years of sound analysis, Fang Shangyao, the first English sharing session to lead women fans, and let us learn from listening to and deciphering their own voices to learn more effectively express themselves !

EMPOWER SPEAK UP voice is the key to

On any occasion: meetings, telephone interviews, interviews, business gatherings, private gatherings, and regardless of your identity: professionals, students, freelists, and everyone who needs to enhance their own voice and listening skills.

The most effective and healthy way to communicate is to use the right words and sound to express that, in addition to the words, the messages disclosed by the sound can be all-encompassing.The emotions contained in the sound are: depressing, joyfully, restless, healing, healing, and moving.(Sibling: Listen to the Heart voice and discover your unique charm )

France's latest nuclear magnetic resonance study shows that the block of a listener's brain image shows, or is large or small, that is influenced by the voice of the speaker. The voice of today's teachers, doctors, and entrepreneurs is enough to cause strong physical and mental health effects, communication tools, or a leadership goal. In fact, a Chinese Tang dynasty doctor, Sun Si-miao, has long raised similar views.

This unique workshopp will help all participants to become aware of what they can do immediately to communicate better and health.

Bisides the words, the voice of anyone can be borrowed, captivating, controlling, confusing, discarding … or engaging, enjoyable, interesting, peaceful, health and revealing.

The most efficient, healthy and ethical communication is reached with both the right words and the right voice.

Many techniques have been developed and taght in the last 50 years focused on training leaders to maximise their non-verbal communication skills. The quality of the voice radiates an energy, which remains the most effective tool of communication and leadship.

Recent MRI studies carried out in France have resulted in Magnetic Resonance Imaging showing that the voice of the speaker activates a small or a larger area in the brain of the listener, depending on the speaker ’ s vocality quality.

The voice of Teachers, Doctors, and CES is now being scientially measured and recognized as a major tool for change management and achiving leadership goals.

This breakthrough information implies that impeving the quality of the voice of the learners is the most effective way to increase the listening capabilities of the audience.

Principles of sound analysis

So what is the principle behind sound analysis?The sound is like a symphony, a piece of music that is performed jointly by the musical instruments represented by five different elements.When these five elements are balanced, they can be harmonious, whether they work, live, express themselves, or be creative.(You will also like: The Beautiful Origins of Music, starting with the Natural Sound Orders )

And these five elements: earth, water, air, fire, and space (called gold and wood in the traditional Chinese Five-Element Air and Space) respectively correspond to five different organs: stomach/pancreas, kidney/bladder, lungs/liver, heart/small intestine, liver/gall bladder.Each organ is governed by a sense of touch, hearing, vision, smell.

When any element becomes unbalanced, this symphony sounds crude, depressing, hypnotic.On the contrary, when the five elements are balanced, the sound of sound and harmony will be characterized by:

  1. Sincture, trusting
  2. clear, pleasant and easy to understand
  3. interesting, deep, capable
  4. rhythm, screen,
  5. peace, stability,

How does this work?

The voice can be compared to the magic played by an orchesta. A melodic musical composition, in harm with the five elements, measures and helps you on 5 levels: to work, to enjoy life, to express yourself, to be creative and to be at peace.

This magic of an orchestra comes from 5 groups of instruments playing in harmony: the brass, the strings, the woodwindss, the percentages and the coordinators.

The voice is also an energy created by 5 groups of organizations-instruments playing together, called: Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas, Kidneys/Bladder, Lungs/Colon, Heart/Small Intestine, Liver/Gall Bladder.

These 5 groups are in relation with the 5 senses: Taste, Hearing, Smyr, Sight, Touch, and the 5 Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether (in Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy, Air and Ether are called Metal and Wood).

This is why and how a voice can be a health or a collective music:

A negative voice can be hypnotic, anesthetic, cenching, through, depressing, controlling ... Pushing people away from their identity, their integrity and bringing sickness.

A positive voice helps revealing the best in others, in a healthy and ethical way. A health voice is the one coming from a healthy and balanced body.

The 5 energy criteria to decode a health voice, coming from a billanced body, are in relation with 5 sounds, which could be described with the following words:

  1. Concrete, true, and factual, credible
  2. Clear, enjoyable, modulated, easy to hear and understand
  3. Personalized, interest
  4. Rhythmic, rom, motive, conceptual, using word/images
  5. Peaceful, Coherent, consistent, concise and complete

Course in progress

We believe that the best learning effect is through hands-on experience.The sharing session begins with a brief introduction to the body of the body, followed by a brief introduction of a one-minute self-introduction by all participants in any language.

After the introduction of the self-introduction, the instructor will invite the player and audience to present the energy/information disclosed in the voice and provide practical advice and practice to enable the sharing to continue to pay attention to and improve the way they communicate.(Extended reading: Feedback is not critical!Carnegie taught you about the workplace communication skills

The women's fascination team first tried to analyze the appeal of voice analysis, while others tried to use multiple languages, others to introduce themselves to what they liked, and some to introduce themselves in English for the first time.After each individual's introduction, we will be able to express our views well and better in our own presentation.And the coach, after listening to our share, also offers our own insights, let's try, for example:

"Try to introduce yourself in the foreign language, not to use English names, and to use your original Chinese name, you will be more comfortable"

" Your voice reveals a lot of fire elements, and when you communicate, you communicate a rich emotion, maybe you can practice more slowly, more stable presentation of your own

What's amazing is that in the past, it used to let people use their English names to try to use their Chinese names to introduce their own Chinese names, and found that their voice sounds certain to be certain.In the past, when I never realized that I was in communication, I would reveal a wealth of emotional partners, and I deeply share the views of the coach and decided to strengthen the stability of our own expression.

Although each individual has only one minute of time, through the experience of his coach, W is learning from sound analysis not only a new knowledge, but also from its own partners and partners who have never consciously expressed their habit of expressing themselves and thus digging into their own internal balance of elements.

Pupp Art Master Andy Warhol once said:

always say that time changes everything, but the real change starts with

The first time a woman fan has an English language sharing session, he has invited the most professional overseas coaches to tailor your skills to improve your skills. I hope you can learn more about yourself from your own voice.

This INTRODUCTION SESSION starts with a 15/30 minutes PowerPoint presentation introducing the new scientific discoveries about the communication with the 5 senses and the voice analysis. However, more than learning facts, it is only the practical exercises that can help any participant to decode and integrate the information concerned their own voice. Therebefore the real value of the workshop is the practical exercises of listening and speaking made by all participants.

In one hour or more, each volunteer participant, in turn, express themselves to the group during one minute. The goal of this introduction is to help all volunteer participants to experience “ How to introduce yourself or your project in one minute, in any language, with the 5 senuses ”.

The coaches ask then the participant to check his/her own identity and balance with easy couching tools. Then the coaches ask the audience what soounds true in the voice, what are the positive parts of the presentation and what can be improved?

The coaches answer all questions, give their own feedback and guide the participant to hear the presence or the rack of each of the five senses with the “ guideline ” given at the beginning at the session.

Then the coaches suggest immediate easy covering exercises to help the participant to improve the quality of their communication using the five senses, which reflect on the voice of the participants and their listening capabilities.

At the end of the session, all participants have improved their listening capabilities and learned new expertise to increase their ability to speak in private and in public.

For this session, participants can choose any situation to have their voice tested. They can also prerecord their voice and send it to voice-analysis@wholistic-communication.com For instance, it can be a sales call or a private call … during one minute maximum.

About Coach

Jean-Lop FAYOLLE, CEO of Wholistic Communication , General Manager,

Wholistic Communication specialize in “ Communication with the five senses ” and developing the EQ (Emotional Quotient) for learners, CEOs and their employees/partners.

The full-person training is focused on the training of leaders, business executives and their employees and their partners' 5-sense communication and EQ.

We achive this through training coaches and sharing the benefits of our extended unique experience in learning how to listen to the truth in voices.

Share the truth in your voice through our trainers and sharing with our unique experience.

Our “ Voice energy analysis ” and our “ Assessments of the use of the five ses in communication ” can help anyone to improve any “ one minute presentation ” in order to get an approach, introduce oneself, speak in public or reach an agreement.

Our Voice Energy Analytics and the Five-sense Communications Instrumented can help anyone improve their one-minute presentation for successful appointment, self-introduction, public speaking, or an agreement.

Jean-Loup Fayolle, MBA and organizational farmer, is bringing 30 years of experience working with leading CEOs, movie stars, political leaders, astronaut as well as University/Business School students and all employee levels.

Jean-Loup Fayolle, who holds a master's degree in MBA, is also an organic farmer with his 30 years of experience working with key business executives, movie stars, political leaders, astronauts, business school students, and all levels of work.

He has performed hundreds of customized references and workshopps in the United States, Asia and Europe. He specializes on health for wondo in business.

There have been hundreds of customised workshops and workshops in the United States, Asia and Europe, and he is good at the issue of women's health at the mall.

He is the author of Driving One ’ s Life (2001) and Joy over Fear (2007) and many articles in Taiwan magazine (2013).


Activity Time: 11/17 (2) 19:30 ~ 21:0-00
Place of activity: Women's Paradise (No. 2, Peace East Road, Taipei, United States, 50)