Hey!Honey, are you involved in every month of the women's sports series? From July of Bpelvis Movement , August Dance Course , September's Running Women's Running Share will , October New Life Philosophy and SPACE CYCLE Charming Experience , In November, the "Empower" will be co-hosted with True Yoga exclusive breathing course for "Empower Yourself: gentle forces training class".Starting from 2015/11/4 (three), the four breathing yoga meditation class, my dear, let us take a breath and walk through the chaos and the busy day of the day.

Hey!Honey, have you noticed that women are quietly planning different physical courses every month, looking forward to giving you a chance to have access to different campaigns every month, and to think of your own health in the way you like it best.

From July's Bpelvis movement , August's Dance course , September's Good Women Running Share meeting , October's New Life Philosophy , and SPACE CYCLE Charming Experience , November will bring you a "deep breathing" quietness.(Extended offer: release pressure, love health, one spit and feel at ease )

As Barbara Ann Khiv , "In a busy high pressure life, we tend to accelerate our breath without being able to breathe, to reduce stress, to enhance our focus, to optimize sleep quality, to promote metabolism, to reduce blood pressure, to enhance our immunity, and to enhance the vitality and energy of our bodies and minds."

The women are convinced that the strongest force is from the heart.11/4 ~ 11/25 Every Wednesday at 19 :30pm, True Yoga , a decade of deep plowing health in Asian countries, providing different yoga, meditation, and Pilatis deep relaxation, and finding time to clear negative energy for itself in a busy week of work, focusing on the comfort of the regression and the comfort of the body.(You still want to read: yoga lets you find the inner peace

[Course Planning]

11/4 (3) 19:30 soul relaxation

You have been tense all day long, emptie!You don't want to, close your eyes, slowly accumulate the backlogs in your mind, spit out. Now, you are the master of your own head!During the process of absorbing one's puke, the shoulder gradually began to drop, and the impatient mood was touched. (Sibling: Me Time Develop a practice!You love yourself to start with practice breathing )

Through the comfort of the comfort of the comfort of the comfort of the yoga + base meditation, the release of physical and mental relief is achieved through the movement of the body through the expansion of the body.Through the softer yoga posture, the slow rhythms, and the underlying meditation exercise, the physical and mental health of the body can be relaxed.

11/11 (3) 19:30 promotion cycle

Have you often felt that your hands and feet were cold and weak in your office?My dear, it is time to activate each and every part of my body.It does not need to be sweat, through the foundation " of Piratiss which is slowly and forceful, and together strengthens the most difficult core muscle to help the lymphatic cycle and enhance the immunity.In conjunction with the deep breath of the diaphragm, the ability to relax is increased, so that the blood can be replenated with enough oxygen to stabilize the pulse blood pressure, so that you are no longer prone to being fainted in the cold and cold.

11/18 (3) 19:30 willpower exercise

If there is a will, there is an undetermined willpower to reach a

Listen to your heart and believe in your power.The third lesson, with the spirit of triumph/deep release breathing, and with gratitude and respect, learned to thank you for everything you own, and to practice your inner voice more firmly.The "Beige" method is a classic representative of the yoga position, which expresses the respect for the world's light and energy, while also using solar energy to activate physical and mental health.It helps to improve the quality of breathing and help focus the will and stability of the body.

11/25 (3) 19:30 Good Posture

Wake up to the work of the job?Maybe it's your sitting posture with a camel-backed hump.When you have a rigid shoulder and a chest depression, you breathe in a shorter breather, and the inhaled air turns into the chest, and it lacks a deep breath of breath and gives you a feeling of chest distress and palpitations. Abdominal bumps are always convex?It could be the influence of sitting posture.The habitual recline lying on the chair, with the abdomen being squeezed into a group of cramped, unmovable, extended, and deep breathing, it is hard to eliminate the fat of the abdomen.

Last lesson, using mid-level Pilatis practice to exercise deeper muscles, to make the unstretched muscles stretch, and the lines become finer.At the same time, core muscle strengthening can improve the sense of balance and correct the damage caused by bad habits such as the bending of the spine. The deep cross-membrane-abdominal respiration helps in the lymph circulation, enhances the immunity, and effectively improves the color and skin quality.

[About Instructors]

For more than a decade of practice and teaching, the Iris teacher will help the body, mind, spirit, and emotions reach the perfect balance of yoga practice, share it to all students, and encourage the exploration of the possibilities of self-potential.Yoga can be softer and powerful, and it is a kind of dialogue and spiritual settlement with the body. It is also a beautiful process of finding a self.I'm looking forward to being able to find a better one in yoga's world!


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[Certification Eligibility]

AFAA MAT SCIENCE pads on coaching coaching
AFAA PFT international private instructors
AFAA PILATES specialized
YOGA FIT qualified teachers
YOGA FIT child qualified teacher
The Republic of China yoga accocation
SPACE TT 200 hour yoga instructor
U.S. yoga alliance 200-hour certification

[About True Yoga

The TRUE group is Mr. Elton. Founded by Patrick Wee-Group Founder and President, the provides the best-in-class yoga, fitness, SPA, and medical cosmetically integrated health services throughout Asia, a diverse and comprehensive health and beauty service to consumers.Since its inception in 2004, the TRUE group has successfully become one of the largest health and yoga health groups in Asia, providing the most professional yoga and the best fitness equipment, and helping to achieve a healthy living goal.

At the end of 2005, expanded the business map of the Bay Area [ TRUE YOGA ] due to a professional course of international vision and diversity.In October 2005, [ TRUE YOGA ] set up the first position in the Hsinyi District of Taiwan, the largest number of years of the club's success has been set up, and the establishment of the most large-scale yoga professional hall is established In the spirit of long-term store and yoga, the special yoga "team of Indian professional yoga teachers and Indian dance instructors, the professional yoga teams in the Internet, pushed the concept of the" Taiwan yoga " to another peak, and forward to moving into line with the international trend of development.

[enrollment course]

In addition to sports, you encourage you to bring health home.A friend who buys a new book Barbara Ann: " Breath Perception: Practice every Day Practice " is also entitled to a discount on the course (see in the program)!

A friend who has a discount on books remembers to bring books into the classroom in the first lesson and let the staff verify.

The class needs to be prepared: yoga mat, sweaty towel

Active place: Women's Beat Paradise (on the second section of Peace East Road, Taipei City, United States, 50)