From Copenhagen , New Zealand and Macao to Cape Hampton, Paris , Karen Rosetzsky with the most exquisite eyes to capture lovers ' whispers. Take a look at "Young Love" photography collection, think back to the original heart of the Peng people heartbeat! (Recommended reading:20 illustrations to capture the moment of love: a person, let you have the feeling of home )

"Probably when you are young, you always think that you will meet many people in your future life, and you will find a lot of others who can link with you and really communicate with each other." Until the years are long, you will understand that is only a handful. --"Before Sunset"

We think that the world can not afford us to be so romantic, naïve, until one day forget the enthusiasts, just understand the original childish how rare. Danish photographer Karen Rosetzsky the most intimate moments of young lovers around the world, from Copenhagen, New Orleans to Cape Hampton and Paris, with the shutter recording the Whispers of Lovers. (Read on:"When you hug me, I'm in the safest place in the world .)

Karen Rosetzsky, 23 years old, said: "It is my lover who brings me out of my own little world and feels so much beautiful young love." 」

Next, let's take a look at Karen Rosetzsky's intense footage:

When the good things come, you will naturally close your eyes

Wake up in the morning, want to be close to hold you more

Thank you for having seen love like fireworks bloom

I'm going to slow down and enjoy the smell of you

Love, don't need rules

Love is being able to be a child in your arms.

Love is a dawn in the cold Dawn

"If I were to pick out one of my children's favorites, this one, the couple holding their rotating black-and-white photos, I could feel a lot of freedom and love from the images." 」

Love is like a bed, it's fascinating.

Your honesty has made my world bright

Young love, is crazy infatuated with your finger unique flavor, is not to leave the hatchet love you all; I am in your little heart feel unprecedented freedom, is able to kiss can not speak, can use eye communication do not have a mouth; is in your house downstairs for a night rain still love you, is holding your angular and small problems, softly said: Thank you for coming. (Recommended reading: Love does not talk about conditions, suitable for you is the best )