single Diary is a new unit of female fans, with 500 words to write tempting's single thoughts. Single Diary: This day you decide to take care of yourself , single diary: You patiently wait for a person worthy of your sincerity , chapter Three, we are more open to ourselves, in fact, still will be lonely, but loneliness is not a sin.

In fact, still will be lonely.

Probably is which overtime late night, you stagger to walk home, even did not wash the bath to lie in the bed, suddenly longed for a strong arm, a warm hug, a sweet greasy kiss, you still want to in front of who like ignorant child, need not exhausted to struggle with this world.

You can not help but cry, you still will be lonely, this night how so long.

Loneliness is probably so to find the door, the world sold into a double imagination, to the cup of pillow or double tickets? You feel like you've been forgotten by the world, you're alone, and everyone tells you how not enough people live in the world.

But you are not lack of people who want to be with you, often people start to Hello, you think about it, you are not sure you like him or just because of the loneliness of the door, like with the boundaries of loneliness in the drink become blurred, you pour another glass of wine, pushed over the hands, tonight or with their own bar.

Lonely days, you cherish yourself more than others cherish you, you hug yourself more than others hug you harder, you kiss yourself more than others kiss you closer. You tell yourself, my heart does not need to sell cheap, no one can take advantage of my loneliness forced to live in, say come, said to go. You are a poem waiting for the end, you write it at the end.

Single You and loneliness repeatedly fight, loneliness or pain, but you will eventually become a resolute woman, tough very tough. Admit loneliness, not what evil thing, you in the loneliness of the dense wine, slowly understand yourself, slowly strong up.