Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial flying geese plan " Female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk . What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, on the Entrepreneurial road with a little rebellious soul, brave in the Dream road Mercedes-Benz Gaohuihua, how to say her story! (Recommended to you:"This time, the answer in the young person" interview creative work Liu Xuan )

From the international trade to the baking department, from catering to entrepreneurship, Gaohuihua life seems to be full of impulse and adventure. The original embrace of the love of baking, regardless of the mother's doubts, from the international trade to change bread master. Also because interlacing as Foster, facing the first time in life "retake". With the relevant license and excellent performance for their wayward responsibility, and at the age of 30 decided to give up the catering division teacher's career, with the enthusiasm of hot, will devote themselves to "entrepreneurship" in.

Always creating impossible possibilities.

Starting point of entrepreneurship, from the Gaohuihua and learn from the joke between the younger brother: "What to do after graduation?" Or I'll open the shop! "An opportunity, two months preparation, heads, propped up a Paris Shakespeare bookstore for the blueprint of the Dream bakery ──" Shakespeare Bakery. "

When it comes to the idea of creation, Gaohuihua is very thoughtful. When we all think that Taiwan is the most "rich" is the super business, in fact, more is bakery bakery.

"Part of the impulse, partly the long gestation of the lock is untied." "Love baking, insist on only healthy products." Compared to Taiwanese people who prefer to eat bread, Gaohuihua offers another way to taste bread, with sugar and high oil products on the market, without artificial additions and trans-fatty acids, which are the pride of Shakespeare's Bakery. Many people laugh at her silly, but she believes in their own life baking, with a little rebellious entrepreneurial spirit in the Dream Road Mercedes Benz. (You should know:"natural yeast" is a hoax!) Teach you to recognize good bread

"The mission must be reached, always create impossible, others say No, is Yes." 」

The word of man is two-handed; it is toil and happiness.

"Hard as a sweet burden, like a delicious apple pie: Enjoy the present sweet taste, but the mind has to run out at night to run a few more kilometers!" 」

From the tone of Gaohuihua, feel full of "back to Gan." She said that the company will be taken as a "Happy new Life Limited", the purpose is to create a new state different from the traditional industry, and bring consumers, employees, shareholders three win the happiness. As long as the store is still open, this spirit is always a mission. (Recommended to you: to do a good job, "mission" is more important than "passion" )

"Every day of entrepreneurship is a surprise and a creation, because you never know what will happen in the next second." 」

She is more afraid of "people don't know where they are" than an oven failure or a product that can't be sold. People and people together are fate, only a good team, can build a good business body. When people do not know their position, the base of the enterprise will be shaken, her heart is also. So for the need to spend a lot of effort and time to operate, communicate, understand the "people", Gaohuihua enjoys.

Operating Sal (Gaohuihua's nickname for Shakespeare's Bakery) five years, she said that a lot of happiness, are accompanied by the tears moved by hard. The most difficult is the person, the happiest is also the person. Whether it is a team partner who overcomes the differences in ideas, look to the same goal, together to achieve like a deal with more than 3,000 boxes of moon cakes "impossible task", the customer bite the happy expression of bread, or watching the child from the full moon, to the opening shout "bread aunt", every moment, are happy. Every happiness, is the power of little Sally Forward. (Recommended to you: uninterrupted moving moment, thank you for giving women the power to go down )

Everyone in mind, the team of "encouragement" and "Company" is to lead them to challenge the limit, the completion of the limit of the begotten, and therefore Gaohuihua insist every year to have a challenge to the physical travel staff travel, footprints all over the Shimen mountain, Ladder, stream first class.

"I want to leave the team with memorable and meaningful travel, the process is always hard, like the business, but with companionship, encouragement is the warmest move." 」

I want to run a business is like writing articles, only touched themselves, can move others, only sincere embrace your partner, the company's temperature can be passed to the heart of consumers.

Setbacks and lows have never been less, and enthusiasm is

As the first generation of entrepreneurs, everything from zero to there, and then strive from 1 to 99, setbacks and lows, in these five years have never been interrupted. The constant surge in food and safety, raw materials and oil power, so that Gaohuihua every decision more step-by-step. The crisis is a turning point, although the problem of food and security in the community panic, but also more profound understanding of the importance of food choices. In the highly competitive Taiwan bakery market, adhere to the staff, the consumer gatekeeper, is the most important Gaohuihua insist. The more the problem of food and safety, the better the business of Rosa, because insist, because of honesty, because not compromise. (More uncompromising story: photographer: She presses the shutter button without compromising )

"The idea is the most fundamental business."

Gaohuihua believe that there must be a philosophy, but behind the idea, we must endure many difficulties, study, test and criticism. Willful choice, will be responsible for toughness! Gaohuihua said: "Everyone's praise and encouragement, than their own sincere affirmation of their own." "A lot of challenges and fears are from the heart of that, to learn to love themselves, affirmation of their own, in order to achieve their own."

Show a soft and resolute posture on your own stage

In the relatively masculine baking industry, I wonder if Gaohuihua will encounter gender discrimination in the workplace. She blushes to say that the world's baking female masters are very few, so on the road according to their own characteristics do a different division. Know oneself, only then can find the most suitable way for oneself. Gentleness is the advantage of women, for "female force", her interpretation is very different: "Life to strive instead of force, life to be beautiful full of luster, create their own stage, gentle show soft and resolute posture." 」

We may not be able to radically change the unequal treatment of the world's men and women, but we can start with ourselves. Gaohuihua in the industry with the female role of "with softness", with the brand and professional establishment of the unlimited possibilities for women, non-discriminatory treatment.

Entrepreneurship on the road, Gaohuihua is like a rebellious child, also like waiting for the child to return to the mother. Because of understanding, so willing to listen to the voice of the heart, so that "rebellious self" brave to break through, because of understanding, so that "kindly mother" will warm and insist, through the bread to everyone. The two mutually reinforcing fortress, the Guardian Gaohuihua enthusiasm is invincible.

"Happy New Life Co., Ltd.: To create a global sync with the healthy baking delicious!" 】

The Shakespeare Baking Workshop was founded in 2010, located in the great Kaohsiung area of the literary powerhouse, emphasizing the use of less sugar, less oil, without artificial additives, health baking products as the main positioning, the current baking market high sugar, high oil baking products for consumers to bring profound senses (five sense of enjoyment), Thinking (which in turn induces its taste-seeking curiosity) and the emotional experience associated with it (like being in the streets of Paris) strives to push the Taiwanese bakery industry to communicate with the international baking arena so that the delicacy is delivered. And in 2013 won the fourth French World Bread Competition Silver Award and the first prize for the Art of Bread, 2015 guide Taiwan Athletes to participate in the Fifth World bread Competition won the gold Medal Award.

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