Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's take a look, embrace childhood dream of the sea, and take the family business Chenliling, how to create the peak of it! (also recommend you: don't be confused!) You're on your way to the dream.

Located in freshwater Eight, the big boat is Chenliling's family business. In the early years, his grandfather built a sampan ship, and then gradually expanded the business from wooden sailing boats and power yachts. Chenliling and his sister is like a factory raised children, looking at the father, uncles, every effort to carry out the cause, each summer and winter vacation no second choice, is to the factory to help, of course, from the office sister began to learn.

However, after the father passed away, the family separation, factory technicians have dissolved, faced with a major crisis close to the factory, holding the hope that the father's cause to inherit the continuation of the idea, Chenliling duty to stand up to take responsibility, become the third generation of the general manager of the boat.

"To me, the big boat is like a ship, we are only the ship's share of the sailor, listen to the captain of the command desperately forward, then one day, suddenly found that we have, thinking this is also a good ship, then continue to row it!" 」

"The sea is so beautiful, hope to have more people to enjoy together!" 」

In order to inherit the Hundred years shipyard's craft and the Spirit, Chenliling after the family enterprise, does not have the time to consider the road ahead to have how hard, is diligently, rushes forward.

The beginning of the day Chenliling and sister around every day, visit the director and some of the old master, for the cause of reconstruction busy. As the number of visits more and more, in her and sister sincere invitation, the Factory director and the Old masters were finally moved by their sincerity, and they return to the big boat to fight together!

"After the rebuilding of the shipyard, we were almost all focused on our work," he said. But can with the family work together, can see father life painstaking efforts in our hands continue to carry forward, are the source of happiness in the job. 」

However, the tougher test is just about to begin. The 2008 financial tsunami seriously affected the shipbuilding industry, the global economy in the wind and rain, the operation of the big boat has also been a great impact, Chenliling also in this moment profoundly realized that even if the Taiwan yacht manufacturing in the world has a representative status, but also must continue to go at the forefront of the development of enterprises to develop direction, the company can be sustainable operation.

Therefore, in order to further expand the future direction of the big boat, in order to complete his father's unfulfilled wish-after retirement and his mother two and a group of friends to sail around the world, Chenliling decided to change from the yacht manufacturing to the development of yacht tourism, from the yacht manufacturing, management, run-trip planning, to develop the yacht industry through one-stop concept.

"We were very close to the river, and we lived and worked at the Riverside and sailed at sea." The ocean really has a magic, every time sitting on the boat, watching the spray beat let the water flow through the feet, watching the sail agitation raised, watching the lights on the shore and the night sky, will let people feel relaxed, as if all fatigue can be washed, this is our hope to promote the original intention of yacht leisure. 」

To catch the traffic convenience of nearby Kuantu Bridge, now the boat brings a different kind of freshwater trip to the tourists, you can enjoy the pleasure of sailing in the Freshwater river, or sail to the Haikou to enjoy the sunset, or to the north coast with 35 friends to spend a pleasant holiday, can be easily completed. The big boat is not only the show of exquisite craft, but also the contact and recollection of the human emotion with the friend's family.

Hundred Years of enterprise transformation is not easy, but Chenliling with the original intention of childhood, willing to fight for their dreams once. (Guess you like: Super Model Natalie: Dream, after the Chase is counted!) )

Female power, sail the Sea

Inheriting the family business, guarding and carrying forward the heart of the parents for many years, is a sweet load, and the shipbuilding industry is male-led industry, as a female leader of the Chenliling, although the process encountered many difficulties, but in order to inherit the Hundred years shipyard's craft and spirit, she always dares to accept the challenge

In shipbuilding, at home, from the captain, the crew, the ship master almost all male, as a female director, to lead the group of male staff is quite challenging, foreign, regardless of domestic or foreign related areas of meetings, shipbuilding industry, female managers are also rare. Therefore, in communication, ideas, often need more effort to running-in and coordination.

Although the process needs to spend more effort, but Chenliling said, as long as the preparation of their own, with sufficient professional knowledge and sincere attitude, you can gain the respect and trust of others! As a result, she has not been discriminated against because of her female identity, but she has been respected by her professional and sincere attitude. (Recommended reading:"Female leadership column" We are not born with self-confidence, but can exercise confidence in ourselves )

Not fighting with the sea, but the big boat with the sea

Review the boat from the brink of closing the factory to the process of sailing again, as if in the stormy sea still insist on sailing, the process is to use how much laughter and sweat to fight over. At the end of the interview we asked Chenliling to share what it looked like in a big boat, and she felt that the boat represented a solid, rounded attitude and the core value of integrity.

The ship is sailing at sea, not to fight with the sea, but to live in harmony with the sea.

From shipbuilding to Enterprise management, for Chenliling, "honesty, sureness", is her most adhere to the core attitude. Therefore, when building each ship, the big boat will be able to accurately demand every detail, with the most practical attitude, the most sophisticated technology, as well as safety first consideration, to meet the needs of each owner. (Recommended reading: Down-to-earth living!) Xu Yu Ning: Does not strengthen oneself, the opportunity comes when self-willed also did not use

All the way, Chenliling always with her childhood dreams continue to advance, this "do not forget the original intention" of the insistence, so that the big boat can still stand in the waves in the wave, such as high hanging the sky North Star, become a shining pointer in the industry.

Hey, do you remember the dreams you had when you were little? Is the dream still there, or is it far from me? In fact, childhood dreams are not so difficult, most of the time is our own first feel difficult, just let the dream seem so distant. Perhaps we all should study well Chenliling this kind of spirit that does not forget the original intention, let the former dream become possible, become the real practice now in progress!

"Tai Zhou Enterprise Co., Ltd: The sea is boat to service best"

Big Boat, from 1919 to build a wooden sampan ship started, and then sailing and yacht world-famous, whether in Taiwan or the world's shipbuilding lanes, have its steadfast beautiful figure. Located in the eight river bank of the big boat, near the Kuantu bridge traffic location convenient, whether it is in the Freshwater river to enjoy the pleasure of sailing, or sailing to the Haikou to enjoy the famous sunset Beauty, or to the north coast with 35 friends to spend a pleasant holiday together, can easily be completed. "To get more people to feel the ocean's charm. "Because of the simple original intention, let big boat from hundred years Shipbuilding Foundation, combine ocean recreation, step by step practice" The sea navigate, boat to service good "beautiful dream.

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