Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the Dream . The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, from strong image to gentle leadership, this entrepreneurial process Chen Shewen is how to change and grow it! (Recommended reading: The gentle philosophy of strong women: listening to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

The box hides the cat Funcube, is by the Taiwan Aluminum cabinet production and sales factory--Xin Lee Aluminum industry in 2011 the creation of the home life fashion creative aluminum cabinet brand. In Taiwan North, Middle and south of the new three-Yue, HOLA Special Force and music, Special Force House, Prudential Goods Eslite and other large department stores can see its figure. And this interesting name, the glorious era of multi-channel, is Chen Shewen took over the family business, their own play out,

After taking over the Xin Lee aluminum industry, Chen Shewen immediately faced with the severe challenge of the transformation of traditional industries. At that time, the network is ramming, the impact and impact on the traditional industry is growing, in the case of declining sales figures, Chen Shewen know they must change, products to change, access to more, must go out to do.

Remember to take over, do not understand anything! Non-stop classes, and constantly seek expert help, in the heart to know: Taiwan's industrial piece of the Red Sea, to kill a day, only one way-to build a brand.

Therefore, Chen Shewen from the establishment of brand "cabini small flying Elephant" start, please product designers, marketing personnel, for the product affixed to the label, the product named "Arumi cabinet. As if there is a good image, a good name, the product does not need to change also can box-office.

"As a result, we didn't make the business better, but we got busier. 」

Ignore the brand positioning and identity, not only sales figures did not grow, market identification is also very inadequate, then they learned that-do not label labels on the brand can be. (Recommended reading: oneself is the best brand!) Planning the 4 golden rules of Life to know

Meet the noble, the box to avoid the cat was born!

Understand that the operating brand is not just labeling, Chen Shewen more actively seek the assistance of different brand consultants. She talked passionately about her products and her desire for a better vision, and did not expect that the response was almost all negative and pessimistic.

The consultant always said: "Your product is not good, many places need to be corrected." "But we are not big companies, we can't do market research, do research and development." So the response is often not in a clear direction and let me know where we are going next. "Chen Shewen words, with a bit of emotion.

In the abyss of wall and despair, she met the noble in her career. At that time in seeking government counseling, she met the teacher Lilian and Ron, they not only love Chen Shewen existing products, and constantly affirmed the possibility of products, and even on the spot as a new furniture Lego play up!

For Chen Shewen, who has been used to receiving negative reviews, this is a complete miracle of falling from the sky. I thought to myself, "Do you really want to take this case and say so?" Is this a scam? Everyone is criticized, how only you praise! 」

Of course, in the end, sincerity will eventually respond to results. The two teachers in depth to understand Chen Shewen their journey, after each other has a lot of consensus, first gave the new "box to hide the cat funcube" This name, also brings together a bit of story to give product vitality, and through consumer feedback, the product for potential customers heart to build. "

With the perfect new product and story, Chen Shewen also actively participate in the exhibition, did not expect such a exposure, access to a succession of unsolicited invitations stationed!

"From Xin Lee aluminum to the box to avoid the cat, Lilian and Ron Two teachers are the people I have been very thankful for this way," Chen Shewen said, emotionally. 」

From the strong to the gentle, understand the moderate decentralization is the true leadership

After receiving the transformation with the enterprise, I feel that Chen Shewen is a positive and not easily compromise the characters, so we are also curious, for her, a successful leader should be what it looks like?

Chen Shewen said without hesitation: "To have open-mind ideas, know how to moderate decentralization!" She smiled and said that she used to be a dragon, because the ability is very strong, will be all the work picked up to do, but also afraid of employees do not good, so often oneself one person from beginning to end.

"But that's not going to work!" The result will often be that everything will be stuck on its own side and not handled well. If you do not trust them, you need to broaden the curriculum, or encourage employees to actively study! Pull everyone and grow with themselves. "Chen Shewen firmly said.

Therefore, she later, tenderly. Perhaps also because of the birth of the child, let her know that only trust employees, to the different roles well balanced. She would have picked it up and turned it into a YES, as long as her employees had said no, and now she would be careful to understand the reasons behind the staff's failure, and to empower employees to work independently by communicating and encouraging them to learn the challenges. (also recommended: Five career women leaders tell you: Tear into your soft power )

"Learning to change is a lifelong task!" 」

From the strong image of the strong woman, to the gentle still with perseverance, Chen Shewen said his life is in practice in the sentence is: "Always in learning change." 」

Chen Shewen as a leader, she is very strong, in the process of transformation, criticized by the time, still have an endless forbearance and perseverance, but also very strong, not because the staff said no, they easily give up, more in the later leadership with gentleness, through communication and cooperation, she led the team to let everyone ascend together.

Such continuous learning and transformation not only makes Chen Shewen more sleek and remarkable, but also gives her employees the greatest trust:

"I am very touched that every time as long as one needs to work overtime, we will be apart to stay, or to the evening of the matter first discharged; At work, even if no background, no technology, regardless of the old people, people will start self-study, only in order to complete the task." 」

Looking at the story of Chen Shewen all the way, is the spirit of "maintain flexibility", so that she can at each stage to achieve their own life goals. In different stages of life, we always encounter different life issues, like the role of the transformation, the conversion of work, or the great impact of others, when the original oneself can not adapt to the new changes, perhaps we do not use the urgent, and do not have to face head-on to the insistence, but, open their hearts, to confront, to think, To adjust.

If we all can maintain a little elasticity, open minded to face the inevitable change of life, believe can and Chen Shewen like, in different stages of life, are still alive with their own wonderful.

"Xin Lee Aluminum Co., Ltd.: Hundred Variable space." New Aluminum Fashion "

Used to be a tea car, Alifang pots and pans cabinets have become a fairy tale of the mobile castle, from an aluminum ark accompanied by Chen Shewen in the Palm Xin Lee Aluminum industry, determined to share the secrets of space magic. Xin Lee Aluminum Company from old to new brand, traditional aluminum cabinet transformation for fashionable home, not only is the design of the renovation and ingenuity, named "funcube box to hide the cat," to create a "new aluminum fashion" of the Hundred change space, but also witnessed the boundless life space wide! In the box Dodge Cat's Ingenuity Scalpels, lets the lightweight, durable, waterproof, the safe storage aluminum cabinet jumps the body fashionable furniture, enriches your living space.

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