Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the Dream . The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's take a look at the Lin You, who is always "precise and resolute" in the execution of the goal, how to write her entrepreneurial story! (Recommended reading: Director: Before the dream hand, never let go "ambition" Zhang Buri )

Have you ever thought about where to run when the fire came? 2011, Lin You and her husband Chen Shuhong team with the "intelligent disaster-prevention guidance system IES (Intelligent Emergency System)" and the first generation model "right, this way!" Won the global champion in Microsoft's creative competition, thinking that 300,000 people died every year in the global fire, they think, if the use of technology to effectively develop an escape system, can help the world, the number of casualties to a minimum?

Hoping to extend the prize to a mission to save more lives, the Lin You team decided to realize the value of their lives through entrepreneurship. After estimating the effectiveness and efficiency of products, they invest more research and development and commercialization, the "intelligent evacuation system" into the current fire safety industry (especially fire equipment), hope to be able to provide more help in disaster prevention and rescue work.

Rescue the fire front, they use technology to break the rut

The traditional fire protection system of the Escape guide lights are fixed direction, if the direction of the guide just point to the point of fire, but will let the escape into danger. As a result, Red's perception of technology's "intelligent evacuation system" breaks the tradition, the "Real-time Fire scene navigation" technology into the disaster relief system, so that the direction of the indicator can be dynamically adjusted, in the event of a fire, the system will immediately plan out a safest escape path, let the trapped people grasp the gold escape time.

In addition, the sensors all over the building will return the smoke and temperature information from the fire site, and the host system can automatically calculate and display the location, building information, floor plan, danger range and fire scale. In addition, through the field data on the cloud management platform, the front-line rescuers can use mobile devices to understand the real-time dynamic information of the fire scene of the target building.

"The previous approach may have been to send a fire engine to the scene before they can start to judge, but now by cloud computing can be dispatched before dispatching the fire burning direction and the location of fire, can greatly improve the success of the rescue and fire disposal rate." "Chen Shuhong, the founder, said.

In fact, breaking the tradition is not so difficult, is to start from the problems found in daily life, to play a little creative, more than a step.

"Those who make me miserable will make me strong."

Of course, from the idea to the implementation there is still a way to go, "Shing" is everyone knows the truth. Lin You said all the way, let her feel the most hard also most anxious, than the financial statements on the profit and loss of the moment before the mood!

"Financial balance" is the founder of each new cause of the largest black hole, because you never know how much effort to pay, how much youth to be depleted, to the ideal and the reality of the gap gradually become smaller to achieve financial balance, or even to achieve profit goals. 」

But often in the face of pain, Lin You will not evade to give up, but learn to adjust the plight of themselves, to convince themselves to the good side think: "Good risk I can meet these difficulties at a young age!" Let me have the opportunity to get the ability, experience and method of solving difficulties early. 」

"Those who make me miserable will make me strong." "Is Lin You always keep in mind a word." Entrepreneurship is both a happy and hard journey, in addition to the courage to have from zero to an innovation bureau, but also the test of personal will of the protracted war. However, since we set foot on this road, we only have to learn to coexist with difficulties, focus on the positive ground for it, solve it, in order to continue to move forward. (same field Gayon:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

"Choose to do the right thing and find a way to do the right thing."

At the end of the interview, we asked Lin You, what would she say if he described his work in a sentence?

Is "Choose to do the right thing, and find a way to do the right thing." Lin You said firmly.

This reminds me of the management guru Peter Drucker once said: "Do the Right Thing" (do things) is the efficiency (efficiency), and "Do the Thing" (do thing) is the effectiveness (effectiveness). Her this words, not only both the efficiency and effectiveness of management, but also explained that she has a certain degree of precision in the target mastery, as well as in the right way, with perseverance and not pull out of the heart.

There are many entrepreneurs in the world, but they all share a common trait: "Having the makings or influence that people want to follow." "Leaders with such qualities often help their followers to have the challenge, the desire to realize themselves, and the ability to find their own value," he said. (also recommended:"Female leadership column" Don't be afraid to be the light because the world is dark. )

In Lin You body, is that share "determine the goal, resolute execution" of the tolerance let people admire. Do the right thing is the choice, the right thing to do is adhere to, in the choice and insist between, only have their own careful to learn, from every little things in life, can let this attitude, become a part of their own life.

"Rui de Perception Technology Co., Ltd.: The whole Taiwan Initiative dynamic guidance, to give you a more secure guidance."

Reed senses the use of cutting-edge technology and fire life and safety industry combined with the introduction of "intelligent evacuation system", is the first dynamic guidance log active dynamic Signage (ADS) and fire-certified fire evacuation equipment, the fire casualties to a minimum. Director Lin You said: "To make buildings have life, feeling and will protect." "Intelligent evacuation system combined with safety and disaster-prevention materials networking, the rapid development of science and technology industry and the traditional closed fire industry, the use of cutting-edge technology to upgrade the safety standards of home and public places, innovation and technology to solve problems, create social value to bring a safe life."

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