A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. The predecessor is always a difficult task, they are in our single day like haunted, occasionally let you doubt yourself, fear no one can love you. when We are single, we must live in the shadow of our predecessors. (Recommended reading: Single Diary: The original We always love ourselves )

N said she met the ex-boyfriend at the airport K, far from looking at the original want to pretend not to see, those past she is no intention to pass, K instead came, said: "Long time no See, you changed a lot." "Now, as if he had forgotten how quickly he packed all his baggage and asked N not to contact him again.

N The black coffee with half a cube of sugar on one side said: "Frankly I do not regret, but sympathize with him." She cocked her little finger's inertia like 10 years ago, and N didn't change. She said she would not forget 10 years ago K naked to protect the wedding plan for their new secret: "You are really good, I do not deserve you." "n is very good, after graduating from college, she determined to marry K for his laundry cooking rice; he rubbed against K ask you want to marry me, while buying all the bridal room furniture, then all that all, do not belong to her, N just move a carton through Taipei block, one side pass a lot of rotten men working hard, rather than find a right person, She wants to find something more reliable.

K, beside a girl who seems to be ten years younger than N holding his hand, du Mouth shouted: "I'm hungry Oh, go home you cook for me to eat it." 」

"I didn't even fry an egg before." "The man she had complied with was walking the way she had come."

After leaving the airport, K sent a few text messages, left a few voice, nothing more than a entangled, said the sea of the crowd or N Special. N steps 5 inches. High neat hands with shoes a credit card for Lady ' s Night the bill:"He was right, he's not good enough for me." He It's the worst time I've ever had. "will not, the man experienced N not the worst time, but one of the most real time."