11/8, Jolin Tsai in Taipei to hold the "play" concert Taipei final, often sing "different and how" before the screen will play a variety of stories. Written in the Zengjia core and Ye Yongji story, this time, Jolin in the final field with us to share the story of Zeng Yingzi: imperfect, so that we become extraordinary people. (Recommended reading: Jolin Tsai Concert reread Rose Youth: Ye Yongji died, but the world has more Ye Yongji )

Zeng Ying QI, National small was diagnosed with "Jiu Xin type muscular atrophy", doctors said he was 10 years old can not walk, 20 years ago will die. Zeng Yingzi from Jolin 2000 's "Show YOUR Love" on her collection of each album. Zeng Dad through friends to contact Jolin Tsai, she visited south. In the 2011, Zeng Yingzi left the world when he was 28 years old, and will make him live the age of medical prophecy of death.

The weight of Zeng Yingzi's life is 20 kilograms, but he is not the same. When we are afraid to disturb Zeng Yingzi's only remaining peace of life, Zeng Yingzi in his lifetime to do his best to participate in the speech to share life optimistically. Even in the remaining days with a slender hands on the keyboard on a word-by-word beat; completed 50,000 words of autobiography, "My Muscle wilt wine" witty talk about life; before he left, he held a farewell in medical school, declaring that the general return to society, Love will remain in everyone's heart.

Every different person, behind a person who loves him

Behind the fragile skeleton of the United Kingdom is selfless love. When Zeng Yingzi's parents could not find the precedent of taking care of such a rare child, they thought that instead of fighting their own, the Father Zengjin in 1996 set up the "Republic of China Association of Muscular Dystrophy Patients", the couple take pains, they carry British-Qi door-to-door visit to encourage families with special difficulties.

" the performance of my son's life has made me feel very admired," said Papa. He left us for four years, the heart seems to be missing something, are missing him. The hat was on his body and he wanted to be with us. When he went to climb the mountain, he turned into a cool breeze and he was blowing. "British Qi's father for him to learn one hand massage good workmanship, only in order to relieve the burden of pain for his son, such a palm care is 20 years, never stop."

When Zeng Yingzi was alive, he said, "I see a lower view of my wheelchair than others, and my parents still take me to the heights of my life." "He did not lose the opportunity to experience life because of the inconvenience of action. Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, West America, Australia, Zeng Yingzi parents with him, such as 28 years of follow the footsteps. (Recommended reading: The widow's love letter!) Lin Shuyu: Learn to say goodbye, have the courage to go down

Ying Qi's mother: "If Ying Qi is an ordinary child, maybe we will live an ordinary day." But the British have enriched us for the past 28 years, I think I deserve it. 」

Not perfect, make our life more worthwhile

Because of Qi's extraordinary, so they are worth the whole life. In the film, see Jolin Tsai appeared, shy shy smile, two people sit, listen to the father singing, that bright afternoon like life is not impermanent.

Jolin Tsai in the concert final field said: "In the film, I see Is true love, that kind of love is from the whole heart to give, I believe that today Ying Qi is also accompany parents together." They taught us one thing, love is to use the perfect eye, to look at the imperfect person, we each have a small defect, but not because you break up with him, forget him, and lost, like the film in the former father, the same mother, feel the British qi in their side! For me, the love I see is acceptance, tolerance, and once again thank you once again. [Recommend you: How much time do you spend in your life to please others?] Do not pursue the exact same perfect )

Everyone has a small shortcoming, Zeng Yingzi with his story tells us: imperfect, life will not be unhappy. His parents used the action to say: Accept imperfect, life will have different heights. Imperfect is a gift, let a person put down what should be the appearance of the world, let people know There are people who are deeply in love with your flaws, and let people walk more slopes make us stronger, an extraordinary person.

A child we think is forgotten by God, perhaps more than anyone who has loved the world, his soul we even can not bear to touch, let people worry about the pure texture of the dirty. Tolstoy wrote in War and Peace: "Everyone is flawed, like an apple bitten by God, and some people are flawed because God especially likes his fragrance." 」

True love is to accept, like Zeng Yingzi to embrace the world's incomplete, true love is unconditional, like Yingzi parents beyond time and space to love the child, True love is to have a free heart, is beyond the medical judgment of the death of willpower.

Not the same let us fall in love with each other's fragrance, Love makes us all the same.