Share this film to you, about a teacher Zengjia the core degeneration, she experienced not only "he" into "her" physiological process, but life more freedom a long way.

When we met her, she was a Zengjia with a smiley face, even though she had barely lived for the rest of her life in Zeng, struggling and sometimes heartbroken.

She has experienced adolescence of her own physical characteristics of the reactionary, she heard of school students to her suspicion and puzzled, but in the first put on her eye shadow and blush at that time, she felt the body died a long time to live.

"When puberty starts to change, sometimes you really want to take a knife, but there's no way." "Zengjia core to the lens wry smile, those years is like this, the soul was Ann in a body, can not agree with society or push her forward, she can't resist, also don't know her wish to tell who."

Later, she married, knowing that his wife wanted children, they tried to do IVF, and finally because the wife had breast cancer, not a blessing for a long time together. "I am now the girl you told me before, I hope you can support me in the days, maybe next life we can be a good sister." "They met like Rock godmother Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, and some of them were more romantic than men and women.

Into the campus, there are students confess "the first time I just started to see the feeling of the teacher, I think it's strange ..." My family was beginning to disagree, and he felt it was not to be agreed ... "Zengjia Core continued to walk when others told her that the road was" incorrect "or" Askew, she only knows that this road is what she likes and is what she chooses. (Recommended to you:"We, is the soul can not find home" the story of transgender small South )

"You wouldn't know how much courage to do yourself. "After all, the clouds are light," but I prefer to become a girl, even if the short-lived ten years does not matter. 」

August 13, 2015 afternoon, Zengjia core into the surgery room, that day she remembers well, that day after her identity card the first number from one to two, all the small and important things slowly loose change, the world can identify her want to be a woman's wish.

November 5, Jolin Tsai Concert invited Zengjia to attend, Jolin in the stage shouted: "Kevin Core teacher you are my idol, I heard you just want to shoot left face, but the right face is also very beautiful." After the meeting, Jolin wrote on his face book: "Do not abuse the freedom of speech, put the criticism behind." True freedom is to have a free heart. A completely free from the framework of the inclusive heart and acceptance of the heart. 」

ID card size from one to two this road

I looked at the Zengjia core with the identity card smile brilliant, the picture in my mind for a long time not to go, that seems to be the birth of the process, realize that life is their own, she has been a woman, and finally find the body to get back. Family dearly she suffered degeneration of these knives, but will these knives do not have the chaos of the past to make her pain? (same field Gayon:"To be the true self, is a very free thing" the life story of Australian transgender Jazz )

It was a good risk that everything was gone.

Niece to the lens share: "Grandma is a knife mouth tofu heart of people, secretly ran to the north to see Auntie, but also brought good nutrition fish soup." Kevin Core aunt and grandma not too much talk, the whole process is good quiet, but there are a lot of moved inside. 」

The real world many times malicious and good intentions are quiet, there is a secret poke you a knife also has a shy outstretched hands, people's wounds and love most of the time is also internal, pain layers of overlap, moved gradually. There is such a song, singing a different and what, let us more righteous.

This is not only from "he" into "her" physiological surgery, Zengjia core experience is not only "brave" emotion, she like to foot in the two world of cables, loosen the reins of public opinion, with beautiful escape posture, touched more free himself. (Recommended to you: from Zeng to Zengjia core: I always had a woman living in my heart )

That kind of she, in the beautiful outside, embraced herself more and more.