The Iranian girl, Jabali, was sentenced to death for resisting a violent act of self-defence. Before she died, she left a recording of her mother, accusing the world of injustice. "I was executed because I wouldn't let him rape me." The most naked confession of an Iranian girl leaves the world with the deepest pain. (Extended reading:"is the woman deserved to be found dead?" "The ubiquitous culture of violence Rape Culture."

" This world does not love us, so I surrender to meet death." "The man who said this was a victim in a rape case, but was executed by an Iranian woman, Jabali (Reyhaneh Jabbari).

Jabali died of resistance to rape on October 25 last year, and was 26 years old. She was accused of murdering former Iranian intelligence officer Sarbandi (Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi) in 2007, even though she tried to claim that the other's death was an accident, and he tried to stun Jabali and rape him with drugged drugs. She tried to stab the other with a knife, completely out of self-defense. At the age of 19, she was sentenced to murder and hanged after spending seven years in prison. (same field Gayon:"She should shut up and let us sexually invade" "daughter of India" documentary to uncover the truth of the Indian round of violence )

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It's her fault a woman gets raped.

Jabali 's mother said: "The court said that if a woman was raped, it was their fault." They say that Jabali 's sin was to refuse to be drugged and raped, and she was told by Justice that she was a mean and selfish son of a woman. 」

Jabali was accused of following Sarbandi's abduction home, accused of refusing to be raped and blamed for her self-defense. In the case of rape in Iran, women are often subjected to "moral censorship": do you seduce each other? Are you behaving in a disorderly light? Why do you drink and dance with men? If an Iranian woman is charged with adultery (abduction of her husband, adultery), she may even be sentenced to "stoning", which means burying the woman under her breasts and then stoning her with rubble. Iran's unequal legal treatment of women is not only so that virgins in Iran are not to be executed, that they do not pardon those women, but rather that the jailer acts as a "temporary husband" to rape criminals and then to death. (Recommended reading: Angelina Jolie Jolie: The victim is not disgraced, shameful is the person who hurt you )

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No justice to be done: to be a murderer or a dead man?

During the seven-year period in which Jabali was imprisoned , the judge ruled that the death penalty could be waived if the family members of the victim were forgiven. But the family of the deceased refused to forgive Jabali, saying that if she wanted to live she would have to apologize to them and confess the truth of the killings. The matter has aroused a condemnation from both inside and outside Iran. While the United Nations and several international human rights groups have been rescued, the court has been accused of not Jabali the crucial evidence in favour of her in the trial.

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At the age of 26, Jabali was sentenced to death and before leaving, she recorded the last confession of her life to her mother:

Dear Mother,

Today I learned that I was about to be executed by the Iranian law, and I was sad, why don't you let me know that my life has turned to the last page? You don't think I should know? I am sorry I let your life be ashamed, can you replace me, kiss you and dad's hand?

The world has kept me alive for 19 years, and in fact I should have died on that nightmare night. I should have been raped and killed, the body was dumped somewhere in the city, and a few days later, the police will take you to the corner to confirm my body, and know that I was raped and killed. But the murderer will always live well, because we don't have power and wherewithal like him. You will live with shame for the rest of your life, and in a few years you will be surrounded by the pain.

I think I was cursed, my story is not so. I have not been dumped in the wilderness, but into a prison like a grave. I can only accept the fate of the arrangement, to believe that death is not the end of life.

since I came to this world, you taught me to learn responsibility, learned from experience, I became a person who knows how to fight back. I still remember you telling me the story of Nietzsche and the Coachman, Nietzsche tried to stop the coachman from whipping his horse, but was beaten black and blue by the coachman. You 're the one who told me to have my own values, some principles to stick to even death.

You told me to be a lady at school even in the face of competition and complaining, mom, do you remember how much you pay attention to our upbringing? I want to tell you that you are wrong. When the accident happened, these good upbringing had no use for me, and my calmness made me look like a cold-blooded murderer in court. I did not cry, I did not beg, because I told myself that I believe in law. (Extended reading: "public" spaces that do not belong to women: ubiquitous sexual harassment )

They said I had no regrets about the crime and imprisoned me. Mom, you know, I don't even have a mosquito to kill, see cockroaches I carry their tentacles to move away. Now, I'm a murderer, and I was read by the judge that I behaved like a boy to animals, and they didn't even see the fact, even though I kept a long nail with a beautiful, nail polish.

How optimistic those who want a judge to make a fair verdict! The judge did not even notice that my hand was not as rough as a female athlete's hand, full of thick cocoons. The country you want me to love doesn't want me to live. When I was tears to torture, there was a great abuse in my ear, and at last I had a reward for 11 days of solitary confinement, with the only beautiful long hair I had left.

Dear mother, please don't cry for what you hear. The first day at the police station, an unmarried policeman who hurt my nails, I know that beauty does not exist in this area. I have lived for seven years there is no beautiful things, beautiful wishes, beautiful handwriting, beautiful eyes and vision, beautiful voice, everything is not there.

Dear mother, my thoughts have changed, and it is not your responsibility. I secretly handed this recording to someone so that when I was executed you wouldn't know it was the only thing I could do for you. I will leave my last footprints in this world to you.

I want to ask you to do something for me before I die. I hope you can do your best to help me finish, this is my world, this country and your only wish. Please don't cry, listen to me, I want you to come to court and say my request, I can't write to you in prison, because I need the warden's approval, so you will suffer for me. These requirements may require you to go to the toiled, please others to complete, but I hope you will try to complete for me, although I have told you not to ask for my pardon to others begging. (same field Gayon: an average of 92 people are raped every day!) Priya Shakti, a cartoon heroine determined to reverse the brutal state of India

My loving mother, dear you, is more precious to you than my life! I do not want to rot in the mud, do not want my eyes and my young soul into dust, please arrange after I die, let my heart, kidneys, eyes, bones and any transplant organs, to the needy people. I don't want the recipient to know my name, please do not send flowers to me, do not pray for me, please do not build a grave for me, I do not want to see you come to the grave mourning, suffering pain; please don't wear black for me, you need to try to forget me in such a hard day, let the wind take me away.

The world does not love us, I do not want such a fate, so I surrender to meet death. In the presence of God, I will sue prosecutors, I will sue Shamlou prosecutors, judges, and those who constantly beat me up in the Supreme Court when I am sober. I will accuse Qassem Shabani, and those who accuse me of lying and trampling my power.

My dearest, mother, in the other world we can speak out those accusations and injustices, let's see what God will do. Let me hug you before I die, I want to hold you until I die, I love you.

Jabali and mother
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Dear Jabali, please let us hold you again.