Recently participated in the Cannes Film Festival, the international Film Critics of "Sex Love" came to Taiwan , but the film grading review will refuse to consider the grading. At the same time, seeing Taiwanese singer HUSH being banned by television has made people wonder about the double standards of the deliberative mechanism, what is pornography and what is nudity ? (Recommended reading: Why can't I show you two points?) Written after #freethenipple was "given death" by his Facebook book.

This year, the premiere film "Sex Love" came to Taiwan, not only banned, but also refused to consider grading. Narrow cutting desire and reality of the dividing line, the cultural bureau for the erotic made a sentimental alibi, all too true and profound, are prohibited. (Recommended reading: The erotic freedom of being castrated by the government: Why did sex love let the Ministry of Culture refuse to consider it?) )

At the same time, only last year because of the MV revealed genital tattoo of the banned singer HUSH, this month to "I want to know all about you" to win the second Zhang Gong ban. "I want to know everything about you." is the director of Chenhongyi's New world, like a century of gorgeous splicing, to confront the naked dogma, but still with "involved in nudity" by television ban, is undoubtedly a joke in the field of cultural public.

False world: The media reappearance of the mainstream referee

Image is a variety of personality of the body, neutral, thorn color and life texture of the body, let leathers bundle of body, dry flat mellow, mature immature, all kinds of body has the right to express, for their own faded clothes, appreciate and identify with the different ethnic groups.

The fringe of these categories is, in fact, the edge of the "mainstream vision" referee. The director Lou Ye, who is also often banned from filming by the Chinese government, said: "I'm not sure if my movie is" bottom "or" little guy ", and I'm surrounded by a lot of people and things like that, and we're in it, so the easiest way is to pick up the camera and shoot the people and things around you. 」

the appearance of the media, whether it is the world's true appearance? who is hiding behind the scrutiny mechanism of those eyes? Who decides the boundaries between normality and deformity? There's no bold sex screen. I want to know everything about you, the subtext is more like a blind eye to pluralism. Our generalization of the cultural market secretly decided who to become an advantage, secretly happy to have the right to trial normal. (Recommended reading:sheforshe Emmahuasen: I want to use my privileges, for the forgotten edge of voice )

Double standard of "unsuitable for children"

" If you cannot identify yourself with your body, How can you convince others to believe in your soul?" "

deep living in the image of all kinds of expression, the child's confusion, love and hate is entangled in the rope difficult, in your ear breath of warmth, alone crawling loneliness and swarm of thirst, each face, are living life. The size, age, gender gap we see, at best, is just a label. faded clothing, character wearing flesh-colored chest stickers, underwear, director and singer to the ginseng through the soul of the admission volume, we are not sure, willing to naked ground to each other's regrets?

Perhaps the real challenge to the review committee is not nudity (in fact, the content of the film three point does not show), but a multicultural perspective of value. From the ban on film scale to television universal redlight screen, inevitably let people get the double standard of censorship, why Jolin Tsai 〈play me to play mosaic of the body to watch, put on the chest stickers of the non-mainstream body is not suitable for children? (Recommended reading: "Wang Yu" "I am a witch" Why make social anxiety?) )

( Play me pooh screenshot

I want to know everything about you. screenshot

The hidden rules that leave the stage to the mainstream media are ubiquitous, comparing the sex imbalance between women trafficking and materialization in advertisements, banning I want to know everything about you. The power relationship of patriarchal incorporation--we can gaze at youthful beauty and wear exposed female body, masculine and strong small meat, but can not see the so-called "bare edge" of other body image. Deliberation mechanism weighing weighing scale of the imagination of the lust, the society into a unified curriculum, such a review system, who is more curious?

Every existence should be justly

mainstream view (I want to know everything about you) body image is listed as "Restricted-level screen" at the same time let the culture appear ignorant, we wonder why the censors mind not the same body? Why fear to look straight into those magnanimous pride and desire?

The world, ready to give a variety of communities a place to settle down? When we talk about the hands of angels, there are many people in the world who dare not look directly at the sexual weakness and sex addiction. "Thin girl is very good, fat girl is also very happy", "heterosexual love, comrades also want marriage equality", when we continue to use two yuan opposition advocated "inclusive", they are just "also" existence, is a subsidiary, second, insignificant. (Same field Gayon: The definition of "home" to the people in love: My family is unfortunate but very real )

But that world is not real, the world has 7.3 billion people, no one is exactly the same, we need more smell and touch to perceive identity, to face those differences of the righteous.

I want to know everything about you, about the things they say that are unsightly; I want to know everything about you, you are judged grotesque and barren; I want to know everything about you, the wrinkles and sadness underneath the orange peel; I want to know all about you, why bundle you always no more than heartache; I want to know all about you, who makes your eyes angry I want to know all about you, your birthmark, a tattoo, a intangible history.

MV can be banned, but clothes must be off after all, whether it is the cultural bureau, or you and me.