Golden Horse 52 Big winners! Taiwan's outstanding film workers, the best director, the best plot of Hou Hsiao-hsien , for decades with a long shot of stubbornness has not changed, the wayward film. Listen to his acceptance speech: "The film for so long, the whole process has only one idea: willingly." "(Recommended you see:(Award real time update) Golden Horse 520 movie Golden sentence: Can remember a person is lucky, can be remembered is more fortunate )

Golden Horse 52, Hou Hsiao-hsien won the annual Taiwan Outstanding film workers, Golden Horse award chairman Sylvia and Zhu Yanping director as the recipient of special interesting, two years ago, 50 Taiwan middle-aged cadres three generations, assembled 20 directors in a film-"10+10", Zhu Yanping Director said: "We also went to the Berlin Film Festival." At that time the young director to Sylvia, Hou Hsiao-hsien we three title-Fu Lu Shou. Sylvia said it was not easy to stand here today with two, a Taiwanese business leader and a winning leader. (same field Gayon: acting as a woman's love and pain!) Shu Qi, Karena Lam, Sylvia, Song, Zhao Tao, who will pick Golden Horse 52-year movie Queen? )

"We talk about the director is really not easy, when I was in the lead actress Lihangyi director's play, he was just a continuity." I am very curious about what kind of man Hou Hsiao-hsien is in director Zhu's heart. "Sylvia asked Zhu Yanping.

Zhu Yanping said: "When he was young, he was a quack, like a brother." Like to eat betel nut, sing, drink, drink wine must sing, will sing the Revenge of men. The prize is not like a brother, like a master. 」

Hou Hsiao-Hsien made the director from continuity and made the master from his brother. We all know that Hou Hsiao-hsien's team is very difficult to disperse, he likes to cooperate with old friends, many people in his life so with stupidity peculiar with him to film, Hou Hsiao-Hsien's partners around how to see him?

Sylvia said: "Now everyone in the most feared may be the director of Hou Hsiao-hsien, not only his temper, but also his perseverance, his contribution to the film in Taiwan." 」

Gao Jie said: "Hou never taught the show, his play did not show traces." 」

Shu Qi said: "He patted transtextuality Niang when the pressure is very big, we often see him in the scene, behind him are grasping head." 」

Liao Qingsong said: "He wants to set the recruit to like no recruit, use us these professionals to use as if no one." I've been working for more than 30 years and we've had one day to find out, ah, we've been working together for so long. 」

To describe Hou Hsiao-hsien in one sentence, they pondered for a while, but the same answer:

Hou Hsiao-hsien is Hou Hsiao-hsien, Hou Hsiao-hsien.

Then, to share with you

The 52nd annual Golden Horse Award Taiwan outstanding Film worker -Hou Hsiao-hsien's acceptance speech:

Today, the first time I brought my wife to the Golden Horse Award, the film So long, the whole process has only one idea: willingly.

Making movies is my job, my dream, is also my life to do not finish. It's 70 this year, but I think it's going to be a ten-year spell. But making movies takes physical strength. Fortunately, I began to climb the Yangming mountain from Young, now every morning to go to the day Mother playground, has become accustomed to, you do not have the strength to film.

The movie is infinite, now this time is more, the digitization has the advantage to be able to keep filming, I encourage young people, digitized, you also want so many, quickly clap. But with digital, I will find much, there is a good thing is that you can add different filters, can always change to go, here hope to be the director of friends, I hope you insist on the film continues. (same field Gayon: Make a movie with the most humble gesture! Ang Lee: My Weakness is my film's strength.

In addition, he also "assassin Transtextuality Niang" won the Golden Horse 52 of the Best Director award, from the director of Ang Lee received the prize seat, not with the significance of the Times, the team won the best Plot film award, symbolizing the together of the filmmakers.

(Photo: Golden Horse Film Festival)

Best Director's speech: Make a movie, it's a thing you'll never forget.

"Thank you for the Golden Horse Award, for a long time no Best director award, I thank my crew, they have cooperated with me for a very long time, some twenty or thirty years." I often forget my name (the crew), but I don't forget to make a movie. Thank you, we worked hard in mainland Taiwan for so long, this film I actually shoot quite happy, frankly speaking, I hope I will continue to shoot the Tang Dynasty, because very young when the Tang Dynasty's novels see too much, now have this opportunity to start, I think may continue to shoot. Thanks to my crew, thanks to my family, thank you for the Golden Horse Award. 」

Won the Golden Horse Award Best Drama: The most important thing is to take a good film

Hou Hsiao-hsien: Thanks to Transtextuality's cast, especially behind these few because they are partners for years of cooperation, here to get the best film, I thank the Golden Horse award judges. For us, the most important thing is to continue to make the best film. Thank you. 」

In addition to thanks or thanks, the three horse Hou Hsiao-hsien, with a stubborn heart, said the honest story, from "The Story of Little Bi" came, 32 consistent.

Hou Hsiao-hsien is Hou Hsiao-hsien, Hou Hsiao-hsien. to Taiwan movies.