After saying good morning song , we want to say goodnight to you sweet. Good night is so important, this moment every day, we would like to invite you to calm down, slow down, imagine yourself being embraced by the stars , do a soft dream, tomorrow can continue to be brave. (Recommended reading: What does a successful night owl do before he sleeps? )

"I want to say good night to you, because that is the last whisper before I go to sleep, only to be reserved for important people." I want to say good night to myself, because I want to give myself the softest greeting before bedtime, there is a long way to go tomorrow. 」

One day is over, you come home, take off your heels with all your tight arms, and hold the pause for a whole day's battle, at this moment you can be vulnerable or helpless, you and yourself together, first wash a comfortable and undisturbed bath, then slowly lie down, your bed loose soft, waiting for you to do a flying dream. (Recommended to you: drinking before bedtime can really help you sleep?) Break nine myths, change a sweet dream

Such a moment, always make you feel very happy.

You put down your cell phone, slowly close your eyes, imagine a whole sky above your head, your bed is a wet meadow, the breeze blows your cheeks, and you are expecting a meteor to flash like a child. You feel all the troubles are light, you are kissed by the stars, feel that they are only the universe between good small and small people.

Uninterrupted good song, want to take you to the distant stars, inviting you gently close your eyes, the stars are waiting for you to bless all your dreams.

Hey, did you sleep too? Let ' s sleep under the stars:)