A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. They say you have a pride, and would rather be alone than fall in love easily. You say, that is in order to meet the good people, you have margin can be desperate to choose Love . (Recommended reading: Love is not independent also does not matter: dedicated to the habit of your strong you )

Your co-workers are off duty, and you're still preparing for tomorrow's briefing. They always tease you that you are single really good, exaggerated to work overtime, you in the endless gossip firmly go your own way, not the length of the person, the boss has used a word to let you a suicide note, but also that sentence to make you now strong yourself.

You have been working hard, just because you have exhausted all the preparation, when the reality of the day pressed your bread and love choice, you can apart the love hold Steady, you can ask him to exclude material to you the best, clear love.

Your independence is not because of pride , but to have a good day to rely on a person, your strength is not born with, but experience a variety of life dilemma, your intentions will not hurt people, you strive for a down-to-earth ordinary.

You cultivate yourself in the years of Binghuangmaluan to become a graceful magnanimous person, only in the sea of people finally met that pair of eyes, can calmly gentle laugh.

You do not want a complete love to be cut by class or economy, you have to keep the goodness of love. Whether he is rich or poor, you have the ability to feed yourself, the longer it is to be entangled with conditions, they want you to see the high point far more points, but you know that the person does not need to seek, as long as a rub body you will understand.

"Blow and Blow, my pride and indulgence, blow not destroy my pure garden, let the wind blow, let it disorderly, destroyed is my end of the outlook." 」

Always go in the direction of the gale, you know there is a beautiful stability in the storm, there is soft sunshine after the rain. Those are the truth come, you will stand in front of a person, say to each other: thank us for coming here with all our difficulties.