A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. After leaving you, I unconsciously become like you, I love my body vaguely have your shadow, know that they can not walk out of you, can not walk out of us, but it does not matter, I by their own body and habits of memory we have been closely dependent on the day. (Recommended reading: the memory of a deeply loved three movie confession: I like you to myself are afraid)

After you have gone, some habits will no longer quit.

I always know that we have many similarities, just a long time, also can not tell whether it is because of you and I was similar, or because we have touched each other's breath, so that our smell more and more similar, and make everything become sticky and lengthy. The only certainty is that those habits are proof of the close overlap of our lives, and I don't want to quit right now.

we're so much alike . , like you and I have. in the illusion of being in love with myself, and more frustrating is , human beings The hardest thing to live for just in the face of their own ugliness and unbearable. So we really know each other, but at the same time also embrace the heart is understood stumbling walk, in the word between the words, to pursue the most sensitive text prison. We are too harsh on each other's demands. I know how your lies are presented, often the same as mine.

Are you going to forget the stories that haven't been finished yet? I don't know yet, because I don't even understand myself. I sometimes want to escape, sometimes want to chase, so Gaga after the balance of the reduction, probably I am now like this. these days, sometimes, subconsciously do only with you when the things that will be done, those careless gestures, more often, is to say you often say the mantra, laugh you often laugh that kind of joke.

Then I suddenly found that I was gone, but in fact I can not go anywhere. I will smile in the bottom of my heart, and then a little angry to say to myself, yes, I go, but I accidentally took a part of you to go, so just.