A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. You become accustomed to a person, wherever you want to go, a person is very busy. In this life, you accidentally met a pair of eyes that know how to stare, like your past lover's eyes, so you finally put down, you finally thanked the pair of eyes that have been to stare at you . (Recommended reading:"read Poems for You" rain directly into the eyes )

In the afternoon, the sky under the winter warming sun is still wayward, already December ah, you think so. Walking around the streets of Taipei, a person's weekend afternoon, how long has it been that you can enjoy yourself with your life, a person you are very busy with.

You know, the grass and the sky will not betray you, a person, you are not afraid of nowhere to go. You hide in the city, you live as a city's Pisces, and you don't panic, because you know it's only temporary. You a dodged into the North American pavilion, into Alice's rabbit hole, where there are six of mysterious door, every day will only open together.

"Only one person enters" the door says. It's for me to go in, you are secretly self-deprecating. A lot of people in line, you see lovers make fun, friends push each other, but in front of the queue, but only a person into the. What about you? You're a little bit insecure when you walk in, and you're not sure what you're going to get when you walk three meters away.

Until you come to the end of the road, stop and greet a woman's gaze. She looks at you deeply, the eyes are understanding, tolerant, and sad, you seem to be in that eyes understand. You've been watching for a few minutes, but it's like a century. She slowly takes out a card, and then more slowly writes the point at which you end up gazing at each other.

Out of the little room, you look at the time on the card and shed tears. Originally, stare at sometimes, discrete sometimes.

Thank you for staring at me, even let me feel your life has a moment, just to stare at me and exist.