single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Who has never met a few scum in his life? The meaning of the rotten man in life is not love, but growth . Thank those people, taught us a person's freedom and rare! (Recommended reading: from girls to women, we must have met the five kinds of bad men )

Some people, not suitable for collection, not suitable for memory, only suitable for growth.

Life has not met a few slag, it is a pity. If it weren't for him, you wouldn't know it. Love is rare, you will not grow up overnight, from the girl who is circling around him into a criterion. Thanks to a period of lovelorn, you mercilessly beat your own achievements in the cause, how thankful that the predecessor did not marry, you have not lost life to a guy who does not make progress.

You are such a woman, again strong wine have drunk, should not lead hand also led, so rugged road, also has gone so long.

Before you look forward to rain someone for you to send an umbrella, after a period of rain you will understand that life can not cry, such as rain stop; Before you envy those who have a boyfriend in the morning and evening transfer of colleagues, now you have a car to travel, thought not to waste a person overtime late night.

Want to earn their own, can afford to put down, the life of those slag men give you the best life feedback, not love, but growth. Now you'd rather be a love-body than a bad man .

Perhaps you do not really love him, you love only to conquer his vanity, otherwise how can you see his bad time feel at ease? It is not a pity, do not owe who, the peaceful way to go down.

"I gave my heart to you, and the body gave it to him, preferring nothing to leave, no more cares." If I still have sadness, let the wind scatter it. --Faye Wong (no stay)

Do not stay, do not stop, do not look forward to the past, the refuse to say good-bye, is to the right to live after you.