This month, we want to talk about the process from girls to women. We have previously shared from girls to women, we learned 10 things , the process of growing up, is painful, but after the pain of us, grow more beautiful wings! This time we want to talk about the five kinds of bad guys we've all met, from girls to women. Is there a list of bad men in your mind right now? (Recommended reading: princesses!) Let's play our own battle.

Hey, dear you, from girls to women, there is always some pain in the heart of experience, let you feel that you grow up overnight.

From girls to women, we walk through the bumpy road of love, Love is strong, and love is broken everywhere. Just know that you love him more crazy, he does not love you can not talk about the feelings, just know that faith will lead a lifetime of hand, not until the last moment do not know who will let go first. From girls to women, we see the ugly love, or believe that love, or enjoy the madness of love, but again and again after the heartbreak, early learned to take their own back good love, he did not, I also want it.

The wave of these bad lovers, after they left, we gradually found: break up, not we do not deserve, but he is not worthy of such a good person, or, two unsuitable people, no longer should reluctantly think of the reason to tie each other together. Goodbye Bad Man, "thank you for not loving me, I know I deserve a better person." 」

The following five kinds of bad lovers, you may also be very sympathetic to it ...

Bad lover Number one: You're never the most important person.

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There is a lover, the mouth will remember to say love you, but you will never feel your weight in this relationship, even his mobile phone of the Magic Tower to win you. The day you break up, he is not a perfunctory.

Before we fall in love, we are an individual first, so of course everyone will have something to care about, and the important things are different from each other. Love is not the whole of life, loving a person does not have to revolve around this person, but when you find that you are not in this person's life orbit, that is another thing.

He may not love you, just do not love you love to care about your feelings. before you, there is always a lot of things, friends, electric, work, family, every one to win you.

"I do not love you, but without you, my world will not be how." "Finally, one day, he shrugs, and then he goes back to playing his League of Heroes as if the world were calm." The day you saw yourself in his heart, you suddenly wake up, the original relationship, has always been only "you", there is no "you". (Recommended reading: love, is his future with you )

What you learned in a bad Valentine: Falling in love is always a matter of two people.

In every relationship, even if you fail, you always learn something. Yes, in love, it's always been two people. One person to work hard, the other said don't just don't, there is no room for a turnaround. So thousand Song said met one you like, he also likes you the person, very rare. We feel that it is worthwhile to meet someone who is willing to work hard for each other.

Bad Lover No. Second: Pretending to be an innocent prodigal son

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There is a kind of man, convinced that men are not bad women do not love. The surface looks harmless, secretly desperately bad, as if all this is justified. Finally, you want it, it's not up to me.

Bad doesn't matter, but he's too good to hide himself so harmless. He wrapped himself so pure and good, as if accidentally fell in love with you, is his good record of the only special case. When he said "falling in love with you is my fault" as if condemning himself, only he knew he was laughing.

The women around him did love him, but love vanished so quickly that he loved himself more than anyone else. in a relationship, he satiation too fast, if the two people in the world a little unhappy, he even communicate lazy, directly to replace a relatively fast.

One day, you may bump into him on campus, grinning at the shoulder of another sister, even not to explain to you. You just found that before you, there are too many predecessors once like you standing in the scene of the crime, everyone in the next person to see their shadow. You thought you were his salvation, but after all, you overestimated yourself, you can't even save yourself. (Darling, be ruthless, be an irresponsible lover )

What you learned in the bad lover Second: Don't take love as a cure

Love, it turns out, has nothing to do with salvation. You used to hold out your hand and pull him out of a mud, and finally it became his next quagmire. In love, we all have to learn to save ourselves. More difficult, all have to learn to crawl from the mud to climb out, do not like him, to talk about a love as a cure for the specific. (same field Gayon: Play the truth: we never thought of Forever )

Bad Valentine number third: All I want to do is sleep.

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There is a kind of lover, except to go to bed, the other time all down-hearted to you. Sex seems to be the only way he could express his love. He says he loves you, but you don't feel his love for the time outside of sex.

There are many ways to love, but for him it seems to be only a way of doing it. At first you'll think, at least that's the way he says "You", at least your love is passionate. But after a few moments, you suddenly feel that he cares only for his own pleasure.

Because when he wants it, it's not up to you, you have little room for negotiation, you feel like you're about to lose your body, your relationship is becoming more and more of a dangerous bet, the chip is your body.

One day you hear someone mention Stamborg Sternberg put forward the three elements of love, intimate intimacy, passion Passion, commitment commitment, the three development, in order to form the triangle of love. Somewhere in your heart you hurt secretly, your love shape is only a line, the top marks the fleeting passion.

What you learned in the bad lover Third: A Man Loves you, and he doesn't just love you.

If he loves you, he doesn't just want to know you from a single point of view. He will want to know more about your world, he would like to have not only you in bed, but also wearing glasses with sharks chuck hair you, stay up to do the report but don't shout a tired you, in order to insist on the matter and stubborn you. Love, of course, will not always be the same Love mode, but should be two of people continue, and constantly fall in love with the new appearance of each other. (same field Gayon: a letter to my future boyfriend, will your love make Me grow?) )

Bad Valentine number fourth: Do not love you and do not let go

There is a kind of lover, do not love and not let go. Take the nostalgic as fun, drag procrastination as a feeling, and love as a charity game.

You remember when he said, "I don't seem to love you so much", but feel like he's still around you, Zooey to call you, pretending to be indifferent to ask if you want to go out for a walk. So every time you see him, you can not help but in the heart to laugh, you think "next, we will be old flame!" 」

"If he doesn't love me, why are you so worried about me?" "You keep flashing the idea, but it took you a long time to know that this man, not good at all, is called cowardice." He is not distressed you, he is only afraid of loneliness . He feeds himself with the elation of your liking for him. He can not control his loneliness, so one time to find his recent, dead not to walk you.

He said afraid you hurt, but in fact you know, he is most afraid of injury, always only his own, because he can not afford to be labeled as a bad person's label. (same field Gayon: Frankly do not love, actually not so hurt people )

What you learned in Bad lover Fourth: to admit your meanness in love is to love your own atmosphere.

Because in love, we are not great, but we learn in their own rotation of life, put on the weight of another person, but in painting their own future blueprint, the other person is also taken into account. After breaking up, do not force yourself to be friends, because you are not bad for this one friend. Instead of being his chicken, it's better to start looking for someone more suitable for you.

Bad Valentine number fifth: With a wife and say love you

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There is a man, very greedy, the left hand to embrace the wife, the right hand to hug you. You can't figure out why he's so allotted time, or why he has to give two people a heart.

With him, to tell you the truth, you have never felt happier. He is mature and stable, not with your age men's recklessness, he knows you, always hear your overtones, he does not specifically ask you to go out with who, because he always believe you, so you have been deeply believe him. Until very later, you found that he was not free every Friday night reason, originally it is their family's fixed party, he took the wife and children a sweet together to attend.

Family: He, his wife, and a pair of his sons and daughters, you find that you are always outside his world. You remember every time you talk to get married, he always has the expression of a hesitant face. You hate the cross knife to take the love, but inexplicably became the SAN.

He said he loved you, the family is only the responsibility, you look at the man in front of him, he said, you think he is very strange. These three person's game, you play very tired very tired, you do not want to fight again and again only in order to change his love, you do not want again to use black and blue to change a feeling. When you leave, you finally think of yourself. (same field Gayon: father to son's marriage motto: Marriage, not just for you alone )

From the bad lover Fifth learned: Love, should not be without you I can not live, but you, I more complete.

Don't gamble your whole life on a person, don't take your own bets to exchange whose love. Love, there will be sacrifices, but not from beginning to end only one person in the injury, a person in pain.

Love, some things can be tasted, some people, love even.

From girls to women, there are many lessons, we are in tears, and better meet ourselves. When you grow up, look back and feel thankful for the bad guys you've met. In fact, who in love has not done a few bad men or bad women?

Every tear, is our experience, every scar, is the proof of love. Then we evolved to be better people in a time of lovelorn.

Hey girls, what bad lovers Have you met? Let's leave a message and discuss it with us! Finally send this first Leona Lewis's Better in time to you, girl, will be better!