After Mark Zuckerberg Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who had asked for two months of family leave, daughter, Max, was determined to make a better world for the world.In 12/2, he announced that he would donate 99 % of his Facebook share in the future, in the direction of "optimizing human potential" and "promoting equal rights", and convinced that the children of the future should be more free, more open, and better than we are.The following translation is translated from Mark Zuckerberg " A Letter To Our Daughter " (recommended reading: My father's love affair for my daughter

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's daughter, Max, was born, wrote a letter to his daughter, and launched a more beautiful picture of the future.

In the letter, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would donate 99 % of his Facebook share, with a market value of about $45 billion, to establish the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation, not just to allow her daughter to live in a better generation, but to bravely imagine a more equal, more open, and better future.In that future, as long as we can connect to the Internet, people will have equal opportunities and interests in learning. We are no longer worried about the suffering of the disease. We can become a person of our own imagination more freely.(Recommended reading: Growth subject after 30 years of age: what parents we can choose to be)

Mark Zuckerberg is not just for Max, but for all of the children that will be born in the future.Let's look at his letters to his daughter, and on the other hand, imagine what kind of world we can leave for the next generation.

Dear Max,

Your mother and I cannot speak with words that describe your birth as our hope, and your new life is full of light. We want to be happy and healthy, to explore life as much as possible.You gave us the absolute reason to think, what kind of world we want you to live in.

Just like all your parents, we want you to live a better world than we are now.

The world is getting better and better in many aspects, despite news headlines that focus on bad things around the world.The healthcare system is improving, the poverty index is shrinking, knowledge spreading is growing, and people are beginning to cooperate with people.Scientific and technological progress in all fields means that your future lives will be better than it is now.

As your parents, we come up with an effort to make the vision happen early, not just because we love you, but also because we have moral responsibility for the children of the next generation.

We are convinced that all life is equal, not just contemporary, but also of all children coming out of the future.Society has an obligation to invest more than just the present, and to invest in the next generation.Now, however, most of the resources are devoted to emergency situations, rather than to the problems that may be encountered in addressing future generations.

Let's talk about diseases first.Our approach is short-sighted, and we spend 50 times as many resources as we spend in the first aid of our medical research in the future.Drug treatment is a science in the last 100 years, and we have witnessed many medical miracles.When the medical technology accelerates, we do have the technology to prevent, treat, and deal with diseases in the next 100 years.

Today's people often die of five things: heart disease, cancer, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, infectious diseases, and we can make significant progress in this area.Once you realize that the next generation or next generation no longer needs to suffer from these diseases, we all have a responsibility to invest in the next generation to make this a reality faster.

Your mother and I want to do what we have to do.

It takes time to heal a disease, and in a short period of five to ten years, it doesn't seem to be a significant difference.But in the long term, the seeds of the plant grow, and one day, you and your children will live in a better world that we think of in this generation: a world that no longer needs to be affected by disease.

We have many opportunities to invest in the future.If our society can invest more resources in the drive for a "future change," we can leave it to you, it's really a better world.(Recommended reading: A human-based business model!The 600 Miss Avon brought health and the future into the slum of Africa.

Two directions for investing in the future: Optimizing human potential, promoting equal benefits

With respect to investing in the future, we have two main directions: Optimizing Human Potential and "Promotion of Equal Lean" .

Optimizes human potential, and we are committed to moving across the fence to a better world.

Will your experience and learning experience be a hundred times as many as today?Can we cure diseases that enable us to have longer and healthier lives?

Can we connect the world and give you an opportunity to come into contact with any idea, any one person, and any chance?Can we protect more clean energy so that you can imagine more inventions that we can't think of today, while protecting the environment?Can we create a culture of entrepreneurship, so that in the future you can create business and solve all the challenges to promote peace and progress in the world?

The promotion of equal rights ensures equal opportunities for all, regardless of nationality, family, and any other differences.

Our society should do its best to promote equal rights, not only for charity and justice, but also for the future of human development.Today we live in an era of unequal opportunities, undeveloped potential.The way that human potential is fully alive is to make the world's talents, inspiration, and contributions visible.

Can our generation eliminate poverty and famine?Can we provide the most basic health care for everyone?

Can we create a more selfless and open community?Can we nurture a more peaceful and interracial relationship between different nationalities and races?Can we empower all people, women, children, today's disadvantaged groups, immigrants, forgotten people in the world?(Sibling Read: Hidden name under European refugee tide!)"Our dream is dead")

If we have invested in this generation, the answers to all of the above questions will be positive, and you may have a chance to see them in your children's lives.

Put your eyes farther!A new era requires new approaches

The tasks of "optimizing human potential" and "promoting equal rights" require new initiatives.

  1. We have to invest in 25 years, 50 years, and even 100 years, a longer-term future: Short-line thinking can't solve a longer time axis and a bigger problem.
  2. We want more direct contact with the people in the service: If we don't understand the community's needs and desires, the empowerment will never be achieved.
  3. We want to invest in technology that enables change: many institutions have invested in technology that has led to change, but most of the progress is still reflected in efficiency gains.
  4. We are taking part in the political resolution and opening up more debates and discussions: many agencies are still reluctant to do so, but we are able to make steady progress by supporting us.
  5. We need to support a strong and independent leader in all fields: we must align ourselves and work together for a better future.
  6. We want to take risks and learn about the future: We are all groping in the early stages, and many initiatives will fail, but we will continue to listen, learn, and improve.

More equal learning benefits, closer to each person's imagination

Our generation grew up in the same classroom, and we were forced to talk about our personal interests and needs, and we were forced to study the same disciplines at the same pace.

And the child, your generation will be more focused on what you want to be, perhaps an engineer, a health care worker, a writer, or a community leader.You're going to have science and technology to help you learn, and to help you find your most interest in drilling.You can make rapid progress in the categories of interest and get the help you need in categories that you're not good at.You're going to explore subjects that don't exist in any school now, and your teachers will get better tools and materials to help you meet your expectations.

Even students around the world can share online tools for personal learning, even though they are not living near the good school.Of course, it is not only technology that we need to provide a more equitable starting point for all.But "personal learning" is a viable way to give all children better education and more equal opportunities.

Now FB is planning to start with this technology, and we are looking forward to the results.Students will not only have better examination performance, but they will also have the skills and confidence to learn any knowledge they want to understand.This trip is just about to begin.Every year you teach in school, the quality and skills of teaching can be improved greatly.

Your mother and I have taught students, we know the effort that needs to be made to make this happen.We need to join hands with the strongest leaders in the education sector to let the world begin to adopt a teaching approach to "personal learning".We need to work with community groups, and this is why we started the San Francisco Bay Area community.We need to build new technologies and try new ways, and we know that we are going to make mistakes and learn continuously until we achieve the above goals.

And once we understand that we can build a better world for your generation, we will be responsible for our social responsibility to invest in the future and make this vision a reality.If we're together, we can do it.When we do this, Personal Learning will no longer serve only the students of the prestigious schools, but will provide all the same opportunities for people who can connect to the Internet.(Recommended reading: Every child needs a champion trophy: six TEDTalks to make you a different yourself )

Make equal benefits available to each child

Technology cannot solve the problem on its own.A better world must start with a robust community.

When children can learn, they have the best chance.And when they're physically and mentally healthy, they can learn the best.

Physical and mental health begins to affect children very early on, depending on whether he loves his family, good nutrition, and a safe and secure living environment.The early traumatic experience of a child could have a negative impact on his mind and his body.Research has shown that such experience will reduce his cognitive abilities.

The child, your mother is a doctor and an educator, and she can understand that again.

As a child, if you have an unhealthy childhood; if you need to worry about not enough food, or to worry about abuse or crime; you will find it difficult to realize your full potential.If you have to grow up in prison rather than school because of your skin color, or if you have to worry that your family will be deported only because you are a migrant, or if you are a victim of violence because of religion, sexuality, gender identity, and so on, it's very difficult to realize your full potential.(Recommended thinking: "Don't dream of dreaming, don't open your eyes to see the world")

We need to set up a body to be resolved and discussed together with all issues.This is the new type of school that your mother is trying to build.

By working with schools, health centers, correctional institutions, and local governments, we need to ensure that all children have the food and care they need from childhood, and we can deal with all the inequalities together.That is the first step in creating a more equal environment.

It takes many years for this model of education to be shaped.But it also shows how we can tie the goals of "optimizing human potential" to the goal of "promoting equal rights."We want to achieve any goal, and we must first establish open and healthy communities.

Technology revolution for the next generation of happiness

In order for your generation to live in a better world, there are too many things that we can do in this generation.

From today, your mother and I will do everything we can to make this happen.Years later, I'd still be the CEO of Facebook, but I couldn't wait until you or we were older to regret that I didn't invest in the future.

When you were born as the Chan Zuckerberg family, we also started the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to invite different agencies to work together to "optimize human potential" and "promote equal rights." We will give priority to three directions: Personal Learning, Disease Suppression, Concatenate People and Create Community.

We'll take 99 % of the Facebook page, and we're going to have a market value of about $45 billion to make this happen.We are well aware that this may not be a significant number and contribution when compared to the people who have already been working in this area for a long time.But we want to make a contribution to all that we can do, and to work with those who have been working for a long time.

Once we capture the rhythm of the family and end the maternity leave, we will have to share more details in the next few months.Dear child, I know that you must be very curious about all this.

When we become our parents and start a new chapter in our lives, we realize that we are grateful for our predecessors in building a better world.

We know that there is a global community of support behind our backs, and the creation of Facebook allows us to improve the direction of the next generation of world.Friends of all Facebook communities have contributed to this goal.

When we stand on the shoulders of giants, and work hard with our long-established partners, we can make more of the world change.Let us be focused on the reasons for this project and thank our families, friends, colleagues.We look forward to the creation of these wonderful links in your child's life.

Dear Max, we love you, and because of your strong sense of responsibility, we want you to live in a better world with more children in the future.We expect that you will give us the same love, hope and joy in your life.We can't wait. You have brought more change to the world.

Love your father and mother