single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Sometimes breaking up , not always with hate. Hate is too short, love is longer. I thank you for coming to my life, but there are always some way I must go alone, do not allow you to accompany, finally I can in the future, not sensational thinking of us. (Recommended reading: Final Push after breakup: Our feelings are still good after parting )

After you left, I had a big illness.

My body is hot, but my heart is cold. My hands and feet weak, visceral pain, my body so painful, but did not break up uncomfortable. I do vomit, want to toss the virus and love once together spit out, in order to say good-bye to you.

For a while, you don't know, I almost gave up on myself. I almost forget how happy I can be. I would rather be ill all the time, I don't know whether I am sorry for you or sick.

And you know, I moved out from our shared memories and practiced a person's life. I do not go back to walk seems very free and easy, but do not overdo it, I know that they are in fact very fragile, but also lost the reason to be strong.

I vaguely remember you came when the body burned to the point of insanity. You come, then you go, you transition my bed, I check-out from your world, we in each other's lives for a short journey, take away some scattered remembrance, have their own way to go, gradually distant.

Then my illness is good, burn back, emotional stability, many of our time has passed. You left me a person can live alone, and I love you as warm, is the memory of separation.

I was always grateful, finally, can finally use not sensational way to miss us.

Such a time as this afternoon
I know where you're going, what you're doing.
But I don't have to find you.
Not ever.
It's like knowing a wild lily on an unknown hillside is quietly opening
You don't have to pick him up.
There are small fishes in a clear river swimming in the free style
No need to intercept him.
I can choose my own destiny.
Choose not to find you

-Lin Wanyu ( many times are passing by )