On December 3, Google Play announced the charts for 2015 on the Taiwan 2015 heat-load application, of which one quarter of the Taiwanese developers' products! Women's Mudds , MZ + Current magazine, EatMe, and the Taiwan App are particularly favored by Taiwanese users!Take a look at the seven Google Play reviews best applications that can grow with you .(Recommended reading: My Heart, Rosy with roses: Meet my Five App's Five apps )

On December 3, Google Play announced 50 applications and games, 25 books, and 10 best-selling movies in the Taiwan area's most downloaded content, of which Taiwan's products from Taiwan approximately 12, almost a quarter of their content .Eat, EatMe, EatMe, VoiceTube Dictionary Video Dictionary, MZ + current magazine, women's fan-reading app to read experiences and needs to create an interesting, interesting, and more experienced application for life.

Before the end of 2015, did you download the quality app for Google Play reviews? At the same time, the more we rely on technology, let's introduce you to the seven Google Play Best Applications that you can grow up with!

Women membrate : Put the text in your palm.

"You can hear the healing song, the warm text, the writing, the right people, you'll believe in the warmth, the beliefs, the dreams, the wordings that look like this, because you are like this."" — — Luz Hao

Go to Choose Google 2015 Best Taiwan Manufacturing app, with the weight and depth of the text, seven articles in one day of fragmented and messy information, giving you a good love.In this era of reading, you can also have a good taste.(Recommended reading: Put your text temperature in your palm!The Six Promises for Women )

Women's memes are not information, but communication, a feminist saying goes through the interface every day, supporting gender flows, creating a better quality of life, creating a better quality of life for people, connecting the world, and making a slow reading in the era of the world, and not being hurried into a better one.(You'll like: Your heart of your heart!You need five reasons for the red app. )

iOS Download Point This
Android Download Point This

MZ + Current magazine: Meeting Your Reading Desire

"Reading a book that doesn't fit your own reading is worse than not reading."We have to be able to choose the most valuable and most appropriate reading material that you need." — — belinsky

The download of MZ + as a date is of charge, free of charge for your favorite magazine, including gourmet tourism, financial affairs, investment finance, masculine fashion, feminine fashion, computer learning, and interior design options.

The MZ + Magazine + Time magazine, also selected the " Taiwanese Manufacturing Applications", has a quick and intuitive reading experience, with a reading of the magazine's original chart, and also be read in a limited time exclusive of the exclusive use of the exclusive zone.

Pocket: Fully Containing Your Retail Time

" Time is a gentle hand hidden in the dark, between a trance and a trance, and the object moves in the stars." — — Lung Ying-tai

Pocket, selected for Best Tool Applications, is like a bookshelf that contains an article you want to read.Articles saved to Pocket will enter the "reading mode", with only text and pictures, and the screen is cool.Pocket is a multiplatform integration that can be seen by a computer after being archived, or by a computer, when it is on a car-by-car.

Take your own time to take your time to take your life into Pocket and try to make good use of your time. Pocket will be your best friend!

HelloPal: Free multinational language teacher

The most generous thing in the world is the ocean, more spacious than the sea, and more spacious than the sky is the human mind.' — — Hugo

HelloPal is an application for voice chat with foreigners!It helps you connect people around the world, talk to people in different languages, and let you talk to them.Relying on unique permanent language manuals, translation engines, and other tools has created an unprecedented platform for social platform and language sharing, and foreign language communication can be easily achieved!

HelloPal helps you accelerate your language skills if you also like to extend your reach to the world and want to open an international perspective!A person traveling abroad was very nervous before traveling abroad?Go around the world with HelloPal voice.(Recommended reading: CEOs who want to be in the "High Year" > must understand!Ball in Workplace English )

Forest: Improve self-awareness

"People need to have something to focus on. People will continue to challenge more in their lifetime. If you change every day, I will be afraid of you."— — Cloud

Forest is a mobile app that allows you to stay focused and unbowed.When you need to focus, you just have to set the seeds, and in the next 30 minutes, it will grow into a big tree.Instead, if you can't resist the temptation to pick up a cell phone and leave the Forest app, the tree will immediately flatten up, and your focus will fail, and the more quietly the forest will become more dense.

Escorting your dreams with a small tree!The program will record every day your focus on your own, and you can always look back and play your game every day, practicing your own dedication day and day one day.(Recommended reading: Wake up your first step!focus on the most valuable thing )

My Diet Coaches: Doing Your Close Coach

"No more paper people will be able to enjoy a light weight, a true cuisine, a proper diet, and a dynamic curve and a pace of life that I really have a real confidence in."— — Wang Liya

My Diet Coaches are a dietary instrumentation application.It knows that you can't resist the afternoon tea, the midnight snack, the image of a coach in the interface accompanied by your side motivator you to self-discipline. More Temperature Shapper App!{\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000:

My Diet Coaches through Lie Quotes to Your Shaped Challenges!It helps you find your motivations, stay on track, cultivate a healthy lifestyle and the desire to resist junk food, emotional eating, and avoid steeking.(Sibling: Real, Shapper, Core Muscle!-Ten minutes to get rid of meat.

Brain Dots: Play Your Logical and Creative Power

" You know there's no answer in life, but all kinds of life scripts are in the book, different life experiences, cultural feelings are in the books, and you know, you know, creativity is the fruit of reading up, and culture is built up.— — Li Xining

Brain Dots is a brainstorming game!As long as the graphics and lines are drawn along the screen, and the graphics and lines drawn by themselves allow the red balls on the screen to collide with the two balls of the blue ball, the creativity and analysis of the players will be fully tested if the drawing line is to be drawn to the drawing line.

There is no standard answer, no mystery, and use your logic and imagination to create your own game world!

Seven apps, seven step by step with your growing practice, from your body to your self-awareness, your reading quality, your taste in life, your independent thinking and the ability to learn from outside, and find your comfort in the commotion.Make good apps company yourself better yourself, the faster the times, and you can slow it down.

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