single diary with 500 words to write tempting single mind. In retrospect of the discrete of each relationship, is there a person who is always there? He is your dearest, best friend, sister , childhood sweetheart. There is such a friend in life, Love's heartbreak, is not too hurtful. (Recommended reading: Single Diary: The original We always love ourselves )

My dear

I don't need to think of you, because I never forget you.

Some people ask me to talk about so many failed feelings, what is the greatest harvest? Climb comb the memory to find every lover, each love is not absent you, the original is my most important possession.

We always hate each other's lover, perhaps in our eyes which dog son is not worthy. The throbbing of adolescence you pour cold water on my ambiguous, Ituge when your ruthless is my best fever medicine; first time lovelorn, you cry than I also distressed, we drank the first wine thought grew up, did not think ten years after drinking spirits will still frown, drunk or will heartache.

People in the loneliness to know whose hands are the most warm, quarreled to understand whose heart is the most soft.

I call you in the bustling Taipei Street and cry to say you want to go home; you have been in a very persistent relationship for one months (it turns out you are right); The first time you bring him to meet me, I am happier than I am; we'll flip through each other's faces. View the status of our predecessors we will not be able to talk about the future without a climate.

Later, we still did not learn how to love more not hurt, how the eyes clear to see a good person. Just in the years of the desolate flow of more peace of mind, because there is always a person to accompany me around the displaced to go, with my righteously live.

My heart let you see, your scars, your confusion, your panic, have my share. Your heart let me see, my mistake, my confused, all let you occupy. 」

Karen Mok "See"

Since the youth love can not stay, fortunately, the old life of your accompany.